Terms of Service


Check-in is 4pm and Check-out time is 11 am for all accommodation and all camp and RV sites (except for timeshare guests) . For timeshare owners and Interval International Trade-ins, Check-in is 4pm and Check-out time is 10am.  An exception will arise only with prepayment of amounts set out below IF an extension of time is made available by management in exchange for such prepayment.  Guest agrees that charges for late checkout will be levied at $25 plus tax per half hour or part thereof and paid by Guest via credit card provided.

No pets are allowed in villas, motel units, rental trailers or cabins (accommodation). Guest agrees that if any pet enters accommodation a charge of $250 plus taxes will be levied and paid by Guest via credit card provided.

For guests who pay the site-lock fee, you will get your desired site (unless special circumstances arise). For guests who do not pay the site-lock fee, we will provide the site or accommodation type you selected, but cannot guarantee a specific site for you. 

Smoking in any form, including tobacco and cannabis, electronic cigarettes or vaping is not permitted in any accommodation. If Guest or anyone in Guest’s party smokes within accommodation a charge of $150 plus tax will be levied and Guest agrees to pay that charge via credit card provided.

Prior to check-out, Accommodation guests are required to clean dishes in unit and to take garbage & recycling to disposal area. If there is extra cleaning due to the way the unit has been left, there will be extra fees. If furniture is moved and not put back, there will be a minimum charge of $25 per item. Guest agrees to pay any applicable charges via credit card provided.

All accommodation and camping facilities have a defined maximum occupancy for rate charged.  Accommodation rates are higher during peak season.  Guest agrees to pay for extra occupants via credit card provided in accordance with the schedule below:

    Villas and Motel units during Peak Season - $40 plus tax per person per night for term of booked stay

    Villas and Motel units during Off Peak Season - $30 plus tax per person per night for term of booked stay

    Rental Trailers and Cabins during Peak Season $30 plus tax per person per night for term of booked stay.

    Rental Trailers and Cabins during Off Peak $15 per person per night for term of booked stay.

    Campsites - $10 per person per night for term of booked stay.

Guest authorizes Logos Land Resort to charge Guest’s credit card in accordance with circumstances and amounts described above.

USE AT OWN RISK; INDEMNIFICATION: By making your booking, guests hereby waive, release, indemnify, hold harmless and forever discharge Oaks of Cobden Inc. and any of its affiliates, contractors, present/former and future supervisors, staff, officers, employees, representatives, agents  for any and all liability, claims, lawsuits, actions, suits or demands, whether known or unknown, in law or equity, by an individual of any age, or any corporation or other entity, for any and all loss, personal injury, accidents, real or personal property damage, theft, expenses (including legal fees, costs and other expenses for investigation and defense in connection with, among other proceedings, alternative dispute resolution, trial and appellate proceedings) or any other claim arising out of or in connection with the guests’ use of the rental property or any harm of any kind or nature arising out of, or in connection with, the participation in the use of any on site amenities or activities (meaning use of the amenities or engagement in any contest, game, function, exercise, competition, sport, events or other activity operated, organized, arranged or sponsored by Oaks of Cobden Inc., its contractors or third parties authorized by Oaks of Cobden Inc., by said patron, guest or other person, and any of his or her guests and any members of his or her family.

Alcoholic beverages may not be consumed in common areas.  Intoxicated guests are subject to removal from the property without refund. 


Guests who refuse to comply with rules will be evicted from the property without refund.

All visitors are required to stop at the Admissions building and pay the Park Entrance (General Admission) fee. Fee payable at main office located in the Ark building during the off-season.

Visitors must park in visitor's parking lot and leave the property by 11pm.

Camp Site and RV site pricing based on 5 people per site. Additional fees apply if more than 5 people stay.

On tent sites, a maximum of 2 sleeping tents, 1 dining tent & 1 motorized vehicle are permitted per tent campsite.
On RV sites, a maximum of 1 RV, 1 dining or sleeping tent and 1 motorized vehicle are permitted per RV site. 

$25 charge for garbage left on your site.

Quiet hours are 11pm until 7am. Kids under 18 must be on your site by 10pm.

ONLY overnight guests are entitled to a discount at the Water Park and Zip Lines. 

Guests are expected to behave responsibly regarding language, property other camper's rights, and park policy.

Campfires must be contained within fireplace areas, attended at all times and extinguished before retiring. 

No outside firewood permitted. All firewood must be purchased at Logos Land Admissions building.

Licensed Motor vehicles shall be operated only on roads and parking areas constructed for motor vehicles use. 

Dirt bikes, ATV's, mopeds etc. are not allowed. Employees only are allowed to use golf carts.

No animals in the water park area, lake, beach area or buildings. Pets must be on leash on Logos Land property. Owners must clean up after pets and are responsible for their safe and quiet behaviour. Aggressive dogs not allowed.

Do not deface, debark, damage, or remove trees, flowers or other vegetation.

Waterfront-NO littering, NO pets, NO glass, NO gas motor boats on the lake & NO washing clothing or dishes in lake. 

Current fishing licenses must be available for inspection by those wishing to fish at Logos Land. The Ministry of Natural Resources does monitor the lake and will issue fines if you do not have the required documents.

Life jackets must be worn when boating.

Absolutely no firearms, explosives, or weapons are permitted on Logos Land property.

Additional Activities
Every Sunday morning at 10:30 there will be a service at our "Outdoor Chapel" during July and August. 
We have great speakers who will deliver an inspiring message.