Terms of Service

Reminders: Railroad tracks run near our premises

Wild Cat Sanctuary located next door. If you hear roaring, don’t be alarmed.

Rattle snakes have been sighted in the canyon, please exercise reasonable caution.

There is poor cell phone reception throughout the campground, please understand this is out of our control

WiFi service is free, but we cannot guarantee the quality of WiFi and you cannot ask us refund because of the quality of WiFi.

1.     QUIET HOURS:  10pm – 7:30AM. Please keep noise level for your site only at ALL times. 

2.     CHECK IN/OUT TIME:    11AM Check-out/2PM Check-in: If you check out after 11 AM, you will automatically be charged to your credit card for an extra night. Early check-in (if available) between 9 AM and 2 PM, we charge $10 per person for Cabin and $10 for RV & Tent site.

3.     SPEED LIMIT:  5 MPH throughout the park. You must stop at all posted stop signs, and yield to any pedestrians. Gate timed for only one vehicle. Management is not responsible for damage to vehicle. You may be responsible for repairs to gate if damaged. 

4.     VISITORS:  All visitors of registered guests must register with office and obtain a car pass.  A $20 day use fee will be charged for unregistered guests. Guests must follow campground rules. 

5.     KIDS:  Under 12 are to be supervised at all time, especially in the pool area.

6.     PETS:  Pets are not allowed inside any building. Please keep them leashed and pick up after them.  Dogs of any breed that are hostile or show aggressive behavior will be asked to leave. Service dogs are welcome (leash and aggressive behavior rules apply). 

7.     POOL:  Seasonal only. Summer hours 10AM – 8PM. NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY! Only swimwear allowed in pool. No pool toys larger than a beach ball. Pool is not guaranteed during your visit, refunds will not be issued.  NO Food, drinks, or smoking in the pool area. No children under 18 allowed in the spa.

8.     WI-FI INTERNET: Due to our location, Wi-Fi is not guaranteed. Please do not stream/ download movies/videos. 

9.    Propane Gas, Fire Ring, Bicycle: Our service time for these items between 9 AM and 5 PM at Front Desk. You can ask at the Front Desk. (Propane Gas: $5.25/gallon, Fire Ring: $30/night, Bicycle: $10/hour)

10.   RV SITES:  Only two vehicles per site, extra vehicle charge is $5 per night. No tents allowed on RV sites. Please keep your site tidy at all times. Outdoor items are limited to bicycles, barbecue pits, satellite dish, & RV patio furniture. Per standards, NO large storage items are allowed in RV Sites (sheds, plastic storage bins, tarps, etc.) Vehicles are to park in designated areas only. 

11.     TENT SITES:  Only one vehicle per site, extra vehicle charge is $5 per night. There is NO electricity included with our regular tent sites, you will be charged automatically if you use another site’s electricity.

12.   IN CASE OF EMERGENCY:  ALL vehicles and guests in park must be able to vacate within 1 hour time.  

13.   SMOKE-FREE:  Per Los Angeles County municipal, there is absolutely NO SMOKING in any building in the campground including the restrooms, laundry room, office buildings and decks. Do not discard cigarette butts anywhere in the park except in ashtrays, and be sure that all butts are completely extinguished.

14.   PERSONAL PROPERTY: Action Camp is not liable for any stolen/lost/damaged personal property. 

15.   VEHICLES:  No motorcycles, ATV, etc. are to be driven in the park.  

16.   DRUGS: No person shall possess, use or consume any illegal drugs. No person shall overtly and publicly consume or display the presence of any beer or intoxicating liquor, or provide alcoholic beverages to minors.

17.   PLEASE NO:   Generators, electric coolers, and Fireworks. No Residential appliances outside RV or on site. No residential A/C or heating units affixed to RV.

18.   WOOD FIRES:  Absolutely no wood fires.  Per 2002 Los Angeles County Title 22, Fire Code, Article 11 & 2001 California Fire Code Div. 17, App. 11A Sect 12, 13, 14 Suppression & control of Hazardous Fire Areas. This resort is located in Fire Zone 4, which is south of the aqueduct and currently is in a RED ZONE.  This rule is for your own safety and for the preservation of the canyon.  Charcoal or Propane may be used only for cooking. 

19.   Cancellation Policy: Please refer to the website for cancellation terms and conditions


Action Camp has the right to refuse service to anyone and to ask anyone to leave the premises (without refund) if they are not obeying these rules and other posted campground rules. By signing this document I agree to release from liability and to indemnify and hold harmless Action Camp, and any of its employees. I am aware that this is a release of liability and a contract and I sign it of my own free will.