Terms of Service

The reservation holder agrees to the total reservation charges and payments as listed on the reservation confirmation page. The reservation holder understands Powder Horn Family Camping Resort (PHFCR) staff may be taking photographs/videos of guests during their stay for promotional use by the campground, unless written notice is given otherwise by a site holder. The reservation holder understands we offer no refunds or credits for early departure, inclement weather, or other situations which may arise. The reservation holder agrees that they are responsible for anything that happens on their site, or with anyone registered to their site. The reservation holder agrees to follow all rules and regulations listed on our arrival map, which is given at time of check-in. The reservation holder agrees that they will register and pay for all guests and extra vehicles. The reservation holder agrees to remove all personal belongings, vacate the campsite, and exit the premises at or before 11AM on departure date. 

Family Campground: Powder Horn Family Camping Resort is designed for families and / or couples wishing to vacation .  We cannot accommodate groups of friends, single campers, or guests on work trips.  We accept reservations for any family, any couple.  If you arrive to the park and we identify that you are not a couple or a family, we will reserve the right to cancel your reservation without refund.

Liability Policy: It is mutually understood and agreed that Powder Horn Family Camping Resort (PHFCR) shall not be liable for personal injury or loss of life to Occupant(s) and/or visitors nor shall Powder Horn Family Camping Resort be responsible for damage to Occupant’s RV, trailers, tents, additions, etc. due to electrical failure, power outage, wind, rain, flood, terrorist act or other casualty loss. The Occupants will indemnify and hold Powder Horn Family Camping Resort harmless from any loss, claim or action which Powder Horn Family Camping Resort may be subject to, with respect to such loss, claim or action including Powder Horn Family Camping Resort’s attorney’s fees. 

Under Age 21: All people in the party must be 18 years or older and a couple. We reserve the right to refuse entry or remove person(s) we determine to not meet the criteria without refund.  We are a Family Campground and would like to maintain a welcoming and safe atmosphere for all of our guests; keeping this in mind.  All members of a party with any person(s) under the age of 21 will be required to provide official state identification upon registration.  Anyone under the age of 21 found consuming or under the influence of alcohol will permit a call to Old Orchard Beach Police as well as face immediate termination of occupancy and removal without refund. 

Pet Policy: We understand that your pet is part of your family and we want to ensure a safe and pleasant vacation for it as well.  Unfortunately, we have found that pets are one of our most frequent complaints. We still welcome your pet(s) as long as the following policies are followed. 

•    Pet(s) will be on a leash at all times both at site and during walks by person 13 years or older.

•    Pet(s) will not be brought to the swimming pool areas, playgrounds, or in buildings.

•    Pet(s) will be cleaned up after with the proper equipment and disposed of properly.

•    Pet(s) will not be allowed to disturb your neighbors in any manner.

•    Pet(s) will not be left unattended at the site or anywhere in the park at any time.

•    Pet(s) are not allowed to camp in tents. They must be kept in a camper that has a full hard door.

•    Cabin Rental - Pets are not permitted at any time.  Evidence of pets will result in immediate termination your reservation, removal and loss of deposit.


A $75.00 service fee will be applied to all cancellations, or date changes before any refund will be issued. Reservation cancellations or date changes processed with 30 or more days notification will receive a refund. Credit card payments will only be refunded to the card that was originally charged for deposit. Cancellations made 29 to 1 day(s) prior to arrival date are not eligible for a refund, and all deposits will be forfeited. All cancellations must be submitted via the cancellation request form on our website. All cancellations must be submitted by the reservation holder, regardless of who made the reservation. Failure to check-in on the scheduled arrival date, without notice, will forfeit your site and deposit as of 11AM the following day.  Date changes are only allowed in the same season, dates cannot be forwarded to future seasons.