Terms of Service

Welcome to Maple Ridge RV Park. The following Rules and Regulations are designed to maintain the standards and lifestyle of this private RV Park. All reasonable means have been taken to ensure that your stay is safe, pleasant and enjoyable. 

Please read these rules and regulations carefully:

Check in: 2:00 PM – 6:00PM (No later than 9:00PM, but you must call the office for approval) 

Optional express check-in – pick up an envelope from the office front door and go straight to your site.. Please contact our office beforehand to set up an express check-in for your reservation.

Please contact our office if checking in after 6:00PM. We do not mind if check in later, we just need to be aware of time frames. 

Check out: 11:00 AM

There will be a $25.00 fee for late check out and early check in. Approval is needed.

Quiet time: 11:00PM – 8:00AM

Visitors: Each site is allowed 2 adults, children and their pets. Visitors are limited to a 6 hour stay and must register at the office before entering the park. There will be a $5.00 charge per night for each overnight visitor.

WIFI: We do have the best WIFI in the area, but be courteous with your usage as it is limited and shared. Gaming/Skype/FaceTime/Zoom - not allowed on our WIFI. We understand many are working while on the road these days; however, we ask that you provide your own hotspot for your personal work load and entertainment purposes. Our internet bandwidth cannot hold that type of usage at this time. We do not mind minor streaming on Netflix or Amazon, but please do not leave it on while you are away from the park. 

Photography: Maple Ridge RV Park uses on-site photography for advertisement. Entrance onto this property constitutes permission to be photographed while on the premises and for any resulting photos to be used by Maple Ridge RV Park for lawful purposes without compensation or notification to the guest.

Pets: Only 3dogs per site allowed, unless previously discussed with Maple Ridge RV Park Management. We do not mind if you have additional dogs, but this must be discussed with our Management team. If proper information is not given regarding the amount of animals, you will be subject to removal. All pets must be on a leash and should not be left outside unattended for any reason. All owners must clean up & be responsible for their pets at all times. There will be a $25.00 fee for each instance.

 Fire pits: We have a gas fire pit and a several fire pits in common areas for your use. Some sites do have personal fire pits. There will be a $50.00 cleanup fee for any trash or cigarettes thrown in our fire pits. All other site fire pits must be approved by Maple Ridge RV Park before use. You may not bring an external wood fire pit, gas only. External firewood is not permitted due to issues surrounding devastating invasive species. https://www.ncforestservice.gov/forest_health/fh_firewood.htm

 Trash: Please do not throw household bags of trash in the smaller trash cans in the park. There is a large dumpster located in the back of the park for household trash.

 Litter: Do not litter the site with trash or cigarettes. There will be a $50.00 fee added to your card if this occurs.

Wildlife: We do have bears and other wildlife on site, so please clean up every evening and be bear aware. Bears do come into our park. Do not leave food outdoors.

Vehicles: One vehicle limit on each site plus your RV. Any additional vehicles, trailers, boats, ect., must be approved prior to arrival. All vehicles must be in operational condition and have current license plate, registration and inspection. No mechanical repair to be done on any vehicle without approval from Maple Ridge RV Park. No washing of any vehicles. Our speed limit is 5mph. We are a small park, so let’s keep everyone safe by abiding by our request. Parking in vacant RV sites will result in being charged the daily rate of that RV site.

Electric Vehicles: Electric vehicles cannot be charged at our facility without prior approval. A fee will be required. 

Bath & Laundry Facilities: Our facilities have been newly renovated, so we ask that you be respectful and clean up after yourself.  Pet bedding is not allowed in our washers and dryers due to potential allergies. A $200.00 cleaning fee will be charged. Do not leave laundry unattended. Laundry left in the machines is subject to removal. Pets are not allowed in any of our campground facilities. There will be a $200.00 cleanup fee if necessary. 

Rig & Site appearance:  Any unit manufactured before 2000 must be approved by Maple Ridge RV Park prior to arrival. You may send photos to mapleridgervpark@gmail.com for approval. Units must be clean and presentable at all times. Window units are not permitted. It is mandatory that your sewer & gray water hose have all proper connections, including 90 degree connection to our facility. Outdoor items should be neat and orderly at all times. Sites must remain in immaculate order without clutter, trash and or excess of material items. No generators, storage containers, freezers and refrigerators are permitted. Plants are acceptable at our park, but not in abundance – meaning 1-3 plants is acceptable.

Alcohol: Alcohol is permitted in your site or around community fire pits. Anyone that causes a disturbance will be asked to leave the next morning without a refund.

Generators: Generator use is not permitted at any time unless power outage occurs.

Damages: Maple Ridge RV Park reserves the right to charge any damages to your credit card in the instance that our property is damaged. Also we reserve the right to charge any fees for broken rules. 

Discounts: Discounts must be agreed upon at or before check out. We will not offer discounts at any time after check out. 

Additional Guest: No refunds will be given for additional guest if they cancel for any reason. 

Mail: No one may receive any mail at our facility for any reason. Please contact our local post office for assistance. 

Cancellation: We require a 10 day notice prior to your scheduled arrival date. Refunds will be issued immediately less a 20% cancellation fee. With less than a 10 day notice, you may reschedule your trip for another date within the next 12 months.

Monthly Stays: We do allow monthly stays if you are moving to the area, looking for a home, building a home, ect. Exact dates of agreements must be made at the time you book your site. Your card on file will be automatically charged monthly. Please contact our office if any other agreements need to be made. 

Deposits on monthly stays are non-refundable. 

COVID-19 cancellations are subject to our regular cancellation policy.

Maple Ridge RV Park reserves the right to refuse service to anyone and ask them to leave the resort if necessary. No refunds will be issued if we feel that there have been disturbances to the community.  

No refunds will be given for early departure, Holidays, weather or worldly issues out of our control.

General Rules: Treat your neighbors, RV park staff and our park with respect. Guest must comply to our rules and regulations, all local, state and federal laws. No disturbance to existing trees, gravel or landscape. Parents are responsible for the conduct of their children and financially responsible for any damages incurred by their children. Children under the age of 14 must always be accompanied by an adult including restroom, laundry room and the office for safety reasons. We do allow short term stays, but full time stays are prohibited. By Law, Maple Ridge RV Park is a service oriented business and therefore we do not have a tenant/landlord relationship with any guest. No firearms, explosives or fireworks of any kind are allowed on site. No drone use allowed without permission. 

Maple Ridge RV Park reserves the right to refuse service to anyone asks them to leave the resort for any reason we see fit. No refunds will be issued if we feel that there have been disturbances to the community. If our rules are not being followed as requested, we reserved the right to take photos of anything located within our park and asked you to leave. 

All guests and visitors of Maple Ridge RV Park, who stay at any site or use any of the facilities, do so at their own risk. Maple Ridge RV Park is not responsible for injuries or damages of any kind. All guests and visitors agree to release Maple Ridge RV Park, Officers and fellow campers of all liability for any and all claims. All guests agree to pay for any damages to Maple Ridge RV Park, sites, buildings, facilities, equipment, or loss of equipment that may occur. All guests agree to take full responsibility for all people in their party, including minors, pets and visitors. We have the right to change our rules at any given time without notice. It's personal responsibility to view updates on our website @ mapleridgervpark.com.