Terms of Service

By accepting this reservation, Guest hereby waives, releases and discharges and covenants not to sue Nelson’s Family Campground for all claims and liability for personal injury, accidents, property damage, any other claim arising out of or in connection with Guests’ use of the Property. Further, Guest agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Nelson’s Family Campground from all losses, claims, expenses and demands, including attorneys’ fees, that Nelson’s Family Campground may incur arising out of or in connection with Guests’ use of the Property. Guest further agrees to be responsible and liable for the actions and safety of every person in their group. The management reserves the right to remove, at our sole discretion, without refund, any person or persons who violate our camp rules. If you are asked to leave for any reason by the ­management of the campground, you must do so immediately or accept that you will be treated as a trespasser by the appropriate local authorities.

Liability: All Guest(s) agrees to hold harmless, indemnify and defend the Owner and Owner’s management for any bodily or other personal injuries to any guest as well as for any property damage sustained on the site or Campground including but not limited to natural causes (ie. Tree or limbs falling) nor for spoilage of refrigerator/freezer food due to loss of electricity. The guest(s) shall further indemnify, hold harmless and defend the Owner and Owner’s management personnel from any and all losses, damage, expense, including reasonable attorney’s fees, arising out of any claim asserted by any person from loss, damage, or injury to such person caused by any act, fault, neglect or omission of any guest(s) at the site or in the Campground. The Owner and Owner’s management are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged articles of any guest(s) under any circumstances. Guest(s) are advised to maintain their own liability, health, and property insurance covering all of their risks at the Campground.

Usage: The usage of each site and of the Campground is restricted for camping purposes only. Guest(s) may not claim the Campground as their primary residence temporarily or otherwise. All persons and guests must maintain a primary residence elsewhere. Private or commercial enterprises, trade, religious, educational, or other similar enterprises may not be conducted at the Campground. Porch, lawn, yard, or similar sales may not be conducted without Campground management’s written consent.

 Insurance: All guest(s) must provide for their property insurance covering personal belongings. The Campground’s insurance does not cover incidents occurring on a site or involving personal property belonging to a guest(s).

 Emergency: In case of an emergency which includes but is not limited to: acts of God, fire, flood, natural disaster, strikes, war or threat of war, acts or threats of terrorism, civil disorder, unauthorized strikes, governmental regulation, or advisory, disease outbreaks, epidemics, pandemics, or other similar occurrences beyond the owner’s control, the management reserves the right to close any part or all of the Campground. As soon as the emergency is remedied, it will be reopened. The Campground is not responsible for fire, theft, or damage to equipment, cars, or other personal property. The management reserves the right to go on any site for the preservation or repair of utility or natural resource and to remove any equipment etc. for that purpose, replacing the same as nearly as possible to its prior location, and to temporarily disconnect any utilities to perform this duty. The management reserves the right to remove any tree or other object from the site for safety, health, or beautification reasons. Guest(s) would be responsible for moving the unit upon request to accommodate such repairs. There shall be no compensation for loss of use if the units are moved due to repairs, upgrades, acts of God, utility companies, safety issues, etc.

Activities Waiver – Acknowledgement and Acceptance of Risk: In consideration of the Campground furnishing services and/or equipment to enable all guests to participate in any Campground activities, all guests agree as follows: All guests voluntarily choose to engage in activities, in and around the grounds and waters of the Campground. Certain risks are inherent in any recreational activity and cannot be eliminated, altered, or controlled and these risks that contribute to the unique character of the outdoor activities can also be the cause of injury, illness, death, and damages. All guests know and fully understand that outdoor activities, such as swimming, outdoor/indoor activities and games, hayrides, sports whether on a tube, hayride, paddleboat, kayak, or any other vessel are outdoor adventure activities in a wilderness environment with inherent risks and hazards where serious accidents can occur, participants can die, sustain injuries and property damage can occur. All guests acknowledge and willingly assume all risks and hazards for all Campground activities. Guests understand that they cannot make a claim, sue, or expect the Campground owner’s officers, agents, employees, and associates, or its beneficiaries to be legally responsible or pay for any damage or injuries.

The guest understands and acknowledges that the above list is not complete or exhaustive and that other risks, known or unknown, anticipated or unanticipated may also exist and result in injury, illness, disease, death, or damage. Participation in any activity is purely voluntary and to do so is always at your own risk while at the Campground.

Enforceability: Should any portion of a provision of these guidelines be determined invalid or unenforceable under the laws of this state, such as determination shall not affect the validity orenforceability of the remaining provisions herein.

Guest(s) Acknowledge that they have read these Campground Rules & Regulations, and agree to comply with them.


The following rules and regulations are designed to make your stay at the Campground as pleasant and enjoyable as possible. They have been designed to preserve nature at its best, protect the property, its guests, and conform to certain state and local requirements. It is our hope that by following these guidelines, the Campground can be a more pleasant, beautiful, and desirable place to stay.

Campground Quiet Hours: 11:00 pm. To 8:00 am. This is a family-oriented Campground. Please show
courtesy to all our guests as noises from a site can create a disturbance or interfere with
other guests’ enjoyment.

Speed Limit: The speed limit is 5 mph throughout the Campground.
 Photos: Entrance into or onto the Campground and surrounding property constitutes permission/consent for the management of the Campground to use any pictures, films, or videos of you, your relatives, or your guests for any lawful purpose without
 Amenities: These are anticipated to be available and scheduled but not guaranteedthroughout the season. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, they may need to berevised or canceled with no refund as they have no cash value.
Laundry: The Campground has one laundry room located on site and is open 24 hours aday, 7 days a week.


Guest(s) may use one RV site for one recreational vehicle. Additionally, they may have two passenger automobiles associated with the reservation. Please do not park your vehicle(s) on an empty site or the grass. Additional parking is located throughout theCampground.
1. Number of People: 2 adults and 4 children 18 and under are allowed.
2. Visitors: Guests may have visitors. All visitors must be pre-registered and pre-pay the current guest fee at the office prior to entry. Check-in and visitor entry is not permitted after 8:00 pm
3. Children: All children must be at their site by 11:00 pm. Parents or legal guardians are responsible for the whereabouts, actions, and safety of their children at all times. Children must be under adult supervision during quiet time and while in any campground building. No one under the age of 18 years of age shall be left unsupervised. All children must be accompanied by an adult to any campground sponsored activities.

 Pets: Pets are welcome in the Campground provided that they are kept quiet, on a leash and the rules and regulations below are followed:
a) Retractable leashes may not extend more than 6 feet.
b) All pets must wear a collar and a tag identifying the owner with a phone
c) Please do not tie your pet(s) outside or leave them unattended.
d) Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets at all times.
e) Pets are not allowed in Campground-owned buildings, amenities, and bathhouses.
f) All pets must be vaccinated.
g) We have no breed restrictions but any dog showing aggressive behavior must be removed from the Campground.
h) Pet owner agrees to carry insurance and to indemnify the Campground for any injury or damage caused by the pet.
i) Pets must be under direct control of the owner at all times,
j) Pets must not be a nuisance to other guests.
k) Park management may revoke the allowance of a pet at any time with or without cause.

 Usage: The usage of each site and of the Campground is restricted for camping purposes only. Guest(s) may not claim the Campground as their primary residence temporarily or otherwise. All persons and guests must maintain a primary residence elsewhere. Private or commercial enterprises, trade, religious, educational, or other similar enterprises may not be conducted at the Campground. Porch, lawn, yard, or similar sales may not be conducted without Campground management’s written consent.

 Access: Do not cut across sites, play loud music or do anything to disturb the peaceful enjoyment of all the other guests. Be considerate and respectful of your neighbors’ privacy and property at all times.

Campfires: All campfires must be fully extinguished and cooled with water before retiring for sleep or leaving your site. Campfires may be made only in approved campfire pits or rings. For your own safety, please do not use gasoline or other flammable liquids in the area of campfires. Fire pits are to be kept cleaned out and must be a minimum of 10 feet from an RV or other structure. If using charcoal grills, put ashes in the fire ring and NOT on the ground. No burning leaves or garbage of any kind. We reserve the right to monitor the size of your campfire. Fires should not be higher than 18 inches and can not be left unattended at any time.
1. Cutting Firewood: Cutting of shrubs or trees is not permitted. Firewood may be brought into the Campground in bulk only and individual bundles must be purchased from the Campground. Firewood is to be stacked in a neat and orderly manner.
2. Campfire Materials: Burning of any materials other than firewood is strictly prohibited.
3. Fire Pit and Picnic Tables: Standard fire pits and picnic tables are supplied at transient sites by the Campground. Neither should be moved without the prior consent of management.

 Not Permitted: All guests must preserve and protect the wooded area around their site. No destruction of wildlife trees, or other growth is permitted. Also not permitted, which may harm the natural beauty of the Campground is: painting on rocks or Campground
property, climbing, constructing swings, wrapping rope or wire, tying or leaning anything to or against trees. Additionally, no driving nails or screws, transplanting trees or shrubs, or cutting or picking vegetation.

A. The pool hours are as posted.
B. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
C. Accepted ratio of supervision is 1 person 21 years of age or older per 2 children under the age of 16 (unless your own). If you bring children to the pool, please remain with them as children should never be left unattended.
D. No Running, Diving, or Excessive Horseplay.
E. Only swimsuits may be worn, no cutoffs or street clothes are allowed.
F. Any child not potty trained must wear a swim diaper, not a regular diaper.
G. Absolutely no alcohol, smoking, glass containers, or eating food permitted in the pool area.
H. Please keep the music down to a reasonable level out of respect for others, If you have songs that may make others feel uncomfortable or are inappropriate to play around children, use private listening devices.
I. No lifeguard on duty, swim at your own risk. Please follow all posted pool rules.
J. No trespassing in the pool area when closed.

Alcohol: The open consumption of alcoholic beverages is discouraged in the family areas of the Campground. Where permitted, alcoholic beverages must be kept in a concealed container or in a koozie. Under no circumstances will minors be served or allowed to
consume alcoholic beverages at the Campground as determined by state and local law.

 Smoking: Smoking is not permitted in any Campground-owned buildings, amenities, andbathhouses. Smoking material must be extinguished in an appropriate fire container, not on the ground

Behavior: No illegal, destructive, threatening, abusive, or offensive activities/behaviors shall be conducted at any site, nor shall anything be done within the Campground which is or could become an unreasonable annoyance or nuisance to neighboring sites.
Examples of objectionable behavior include but are not limited to the following:
1. Loud Noises, whether mechanical, musical, or vocal
2. Use of foul or indecent language
3. Causing damage to property of the Campground or another guest’s property
4. Drunken, disorderly conduct
5. Failing to follow the rules and regulations
6. Failing to follow the directions of the Campground management or staff
7. Any behavior that results in the police being called

Violation of these or any other rules and regulations can result in expulsion and removal
from the property with no refund.

Firearms: The use, display, and possession of firearms, air arms, paintball guns, fireworks, explosives, weapons, and illegal drugs or substances are strictly prohibited. Violation of this rule will result in immediate expulsion.

A. Bicycles: For the safety of both riders and pedestrians, bicycles are not to be ridden in any Campground-owned buildings, amenities, and bathhouses or in the Campground after dark.
B. Motorcycles: Guests who use a motorcycle as a means of transportation to and from the Campground may drive it directly to and from the site. Extreme care should be taken to avoid disturbing others by causing excess noise or driving in an unsafe manner: no joy rides.
C. Deliveries: Permissions must be obtained from the management for any delivery trucks or other commercial vehicles to make deliveries to your site. If packages are sent to the Campground, it is at your own risk. Note: Any packages delivered to the campground
office must be picked up by the guest within 24 hours. Management is not responsible for the receipt or delivery of the package. The Campground does not accept incoming mail for guests. Guest may arrange with the USPS to have their mail temporarily
forwarded to the local post office or UPS store. Guests should meet food delivery drivers at the entrance.

Utilities and Other Services
 Electricity: The site will be supplied with one electric meter by the Campground. The meter shall remain at all times the property of the Campground. The Campground is responsible for the maintenance of the electric lines to the meters and pedestals located
on each site. The Campground is not responsible for lighting or power surge damage to the guest(s) appliances.

Water: Water is provided by the Campground through its own well and pressure system.
It is to be used for drinking and household use only (no car washing). There shall be no
washing of dishes or utensils in restrooms or water fountains. Water service will be
discontinued during the off-season.

Refuse Disposal: Garbage shall be at all times placed in plastic garbage bags and disposed of in the appropriate trash receptacle (dumpster/barrel) and not on top of receptacles. Large items such as furniture, mattresses, grills, etc. may not be disposed of
at the Campground and must be removed from the property by guest(s).

Sewage Treatment: Sewage treatment is provided by an on-site sewer system(s). The guest(s) is responsible for the maintenance of the water and sewer connections from the Campground riser to the recreational vehicle. Please be sure that you have a tight seal. Do not dispose of baby wipes, flushable wipes, diapers, feminine hygiene products, any form of tobacco, chemicals, garbage, condoms, coffee grounds, grease, oil, or anything else that will not dissolve or is non-biodegradable through the toilets, sinks, or drains into the
septic system.