Terms of Service

Thank you for being our guest!! 

Office hours are from 9:00 am Central Daylight Savings/Standard Time to 7:00 pm Central Daylight Savings/Standard Time. 

Check-out time:  11:00 am   Check-in time: after 12:00 pm.  All late arrivals - please call the office at 605.895.2604 for registration instructions.

Payment in full is required at the time of booking a reservation.  Payment in full will expedite the check-in process.  Credit cards are charged at the time of booking.

Online reservations will be charged a $2.00 per site online booking surcharge.

Management reserves the right to change your site location before you arrive at management's discretion.

Please take notice of the following "Camp Laws" for your safety and the consideration of your fellow campers. 

            Quiet time – 10:00 pm to 6:00 am.

            5 MPH on all driveways.           

            Please keep rigs/vehicles off grass areas.

            No patio mats on grass areas.

            Please keep pets on a leash and off the Play Area.  See campground map for designated pet areas.

            Please pickup and discard after your pets.

            No fireworks in the park.  July 4th exception.

            Please use trash receptacles for all garbage.

            Please keep your site clean and maintained.

            Please help keep our facilities clean and maintained.

            Please be respectful of your neighbor and of our other guests.

The management assumes no responsibility for accidents, injuries, or loss from any cause.  We cannot be held responsible for inclement weather, illness, change in work schedules, or other situations that may occur during your stay.

Firewood from another state may contain the Emerald Ash Borer, which have been harmful to trees in this state.  To help contain these destructive pests, we ask that you please leave out-of-state wood at home.  Firewood is available for purchase at the Office.

During your stay with us, we would ask you follow the CDC, federal, state, and local guidelines related to COVID-19.  You are the primary person responsible for your own preparedness in this time of COVID-19.  We cannot guarantee anyone's safety from any virus or sickness during a visit to our park.  This means you accept this risk for yourself and those staying with you.  If you are sick, have medical vulnerabilities, or are considered at high risk, please postpone your stay.

Please inform host of any concerns or inconvenience with your stay.