Terms of Service

Rules and Regulations

1.    PERMITS: All guests will be issued an Wristband and all vehicles (including golf cart and ATVs) will be issued a parking pass. 

·      Any guests (above 4 years of age) utilizing any facilities (dock, peninsula, pool, beach, etc.) must wear the armband provided.  (Guests without armbands will not be permitted to use facilities.  

·      Any vehicle without a visible tag will be assumed to be illegally in the park.

2.    GUESTS: The maximum number of people (over the age of 4) is six (6) per site. 

·      Four (4) people are included with your site fee.

·      The additional two (2) people are $5.00/per person per day.

3.    VEHICLES: You are permitted one (1) vehicle per site.

·      Any additional vehicles will incur a charge of $15.00, per vehicle. You MUST park any additional vehicles in our designated overflow parking areas unless you can fit (2) vehicles at one site while remaining soley on the concrete pad of your site. You cannot be blocking any area or access to the roadways or be on the grass at any time with your vehicle. 

·      If any vehicle is parked in a roadway, a site not assigned to you, or on the grass, you will be fined $50.

·      No boats, boat trailers, carry on, utility or box trailers of any kind are allowed in the RV, tent, or cabin site areas. Violation of this rule will incur a $50 fine.

·      Monthly guests are permitted two (2) vehicles per site, if both vehicles fit entirely on the site pads.  (If additional parking is needed, then you must park in the designated overflow parking area.  The second guest-owned vehicle will incur no fee.)

4.    DRIVERS: ONLY licensed drivers 16 years of age, or older, may operate any vehicle (including golf carts or ATVs) in the park.  If your child violates this rule, you will be fined $50.  If you allow an unlicensed driver to drive your vehicle, you will be fined $50. If this rule is violated a second time, you will be required to leave the park, with no refund.

5.    Quiet hours are 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM.

6.    Any guest that is vulgar to, cusses, or threatens any other guest or employee of the park will be required to leave the park immediately.  (No refunds.)

7.    No open carry of firearms permitted.

8. No rugs or mats on the grass. Please keep yard art, decorations, and temporary fencing to a minimum as they interfere with our ability to mow and weed eat. Our landscapers usually mow every Wednesday so please keep this in mind if you will be here during that time. 

9. If you need to wash your rig then there is a $10 washing fee. If you are caught washing without paying the fee it is $25. NO washing at all of vehicles or boats. 

10.   Reservations to a site are not guaraneed unless there is a site guarantee fee ($15.00) paid. This fee ensures that you cannot be moved and are guaranteed a particular/favorite site. Any site reservation may be moved to another site in the same area/location and pricing area if this fee has not been paid.

RELEASE AND WAVIER of: This property is privately owned. The Guest(s) accepts camping priviledges with the understanding that he does hereby release Stutts Investments, LLC (The Park) its officers and employees of all liability/claims from loss or damages to property and injury to his person or any member of the family or guest arising out of his/their use of its camping facilities.  I understand that there are no refunds given for reservations.  The Parks is not responsible for any damage to golf carts or ATVs or injuries due to operating such.

By signing this I agree to the rules and regulations, terms and condidtions. If these rules are broken, I understand and agree to have my credit card charged the fine(s).