Terms of Service

Osage Campground Retreat ( aka OCR) offers to lease to Guest a campsite, hereinafter defined according to terms and conditions set forth hereunder. By conditions of this Agreement hereto and made a part hereof be reference Guest further agrees to be bound by any Campground Rules and Regulations attached or set forth and assumes responsibility for adherence to these rules by family members and guests.

CAMPGROUND: The property (+/- 7.5 acres) together with improvements and amenities at 10407 Marina Road, Jefferson City, MO which specifically contains clubhouse, pavilion, roads, driveways, lawns, pond, barn, shower house, campsites and related utility infrastructure.

CAMPSITE: OCR leases to Guest, the specific campsite reserved by guest or assigned by OCR, the number of which is designated on the pedestal of the site, together with access to amenities of the Campground made available at the discretion of OCR, pavilion, roads, driveways, lawns, pond, barn, shower house and related utility infrastructure. Guest shall not have rights to use or occupy any part of the campground not specifically designated as available to Guest by this Agreement and shall not have access to any area which cannot be accessed by a road maintained by the campground. GUEST agrees to the following terms and conditions:

CANCELLATIONS:  Cancellations for RV or Tent sites made 8 days or more prior to arrival will be charged a $25 cancellation fee. Cancellations on Camper Rentals made 8 days or more prior to arrival will be charged a $50 cancellation fee.  All cancellations made 0-7 days prior to arrival will be not be refunded.  Refunds will not be given to any guests who are asked to leave the property for non compliance of campground rules and policies or who leave prior to the end of their reservation.

If you would like to move a reservation without a cancellation fee call the office at 573-469-8430 and guest will be issued a credit to use for a future reservation.

PAYMENT:  Camping fees are due in full prior to check in.  Any unpaid balances or charges incurred for additional services requested after the initial reservation are due upon check in and prior to hook up to the campsite.  Unpaid balances or additional fees incurred will be charged to the credit card on file.

 OCR reserves the right to terminate this agreement for nonpayment. Guest agrees any balances due and not paid in full will be charged to the credit card on file.  Failure to settle any remaining balances due will result in further legal action for non payment of services.

Payments made can be made by contacting the campground operations manager or placed in the office drop box.  Payment can also be accepted via Campground Venmo account or with credit card by calling the campground office number.

RULES: I agree to read and comply with all rules in this agreement and additional documents provided to me. It is my responsibility to secure a listing of all Rules and Regulations. OCR may change rules at any time.  Violation of any and all campground rules will be subject to termination of this agreement and removal from the campground without refund.

OCR Rules and Regulations:

APPEARANCE: To help maintain a certain standard of appearance: 1. Recreational vehicle must be in good condition and well maintained. 2. Campsite must remain free from trash, waste of debris of any kind.  Only wood and paper products can be burned in the firepits.  All cans, bottles and items that will not burn should be disposed of in a trash bag or trash can.  Upon departure, all trash should be disposed of the in the campground trash receptacle located in the center of the park. 3. All pet waste must be picked up and disposed in the trash or waste stations located on the campground. Failure to pick up pet waste, repair any damage caused by pets or remove trash on your site will result in a $75 cleaning fee and charged to the card on file.  All pets are to be leashed, under control and with the owner at all times. Pets are not to be left leashed or tied up outside when owner is not at their campsite.  Barking is to be kept under control to the best of owner's ability. Extended stay guests may not have refridgerators, freezers or any appliances outdoors. Site must be neat and tidy at all times.  OCR is NOT a trailer park and all campground rules outlined in these terms and conditions must be adhered to. There are no exceptions to these rules and any violations of these rules will result in removal of the campground without refund.

SPEED LIMITS AND PARKING:  Speed limit thoroughout the campground is 5 mph. For the safety of all guests, speed limits must be obeyed.  Any speeding or eratic driving through the campground will result in removal of the campground without refund.  All parking MUST be on the gravel.  Parking in the grass ANYWHERE within the park is not permitted.  Most sites should accommodate 2 vehicles on the gravel for each site.  Any visitors not able to park on the gravel at a guest's site, must park in front of the campground in the main parking lot of the grounds.  Please be considerate when pulling out of your site to ensure driving and parking are on graveled surfaces within the campground.  Any guest damage to site space and utilities; tire ruts, damaged electric pedestals, hydrants, etc, will be the responsibility of the guest and charged to the guest's card on file.

QUIET TIMES AND GUEST CONDUCT: Campground quiet times are from 10 pm to 8 am.  No loud music or parties within these hours. Be considerate of neighboring campers and do not walk through another guest's site.  Absolutely no fighting, harassment or misconduct is allowed.  Fireworks are NOT ALLOWED at our park.  Violations of the above rules will be subject to immediate removal from the campground without refund. 

AUTHORIZED VEHICLES & OCCUPANTS: The only recreational vehicle, vehicles, and occupants allowed to stay at Camper site are those registered to the guest and approved by OCR management.  Proof of ownership or registration may be requested at any time.

EXTRA VEHICLES: A boat, trailer, motorcycle or any other vehicle is subject to a $20.00 fee for occupying space outside of the guest's site.  All vehicles, boats or recreational vehicles must be parked on the site's gravel pad and NOT on the grass or other space not paid for by the guest.

INSURANCE: Guest agrees to carry their own liability and comprehensive insurance and vehicle registration during the term of this Agreement. 

AMENITIES AND UTILITIES: Electricity, water, sewer or waste services are included in site fees.  Access to water station and waste station are also included. Trickling of water will not be allowed during winter months.  If your camper is not insulated properly for winter water usage, water must be turned off or holding tanks filled.  OCR insulates each spigot with heat tape and insulation.  Heated hose and insulation from spigot to camper is the responsibility of the guest.  Guests found trickling water will be locked out of water usage until after the final freeze.  Shower house privileges and laundry facilities are included in site fees and can be used by paying guests and their approved visitors. Regular shower house operations are 24/7.  Situations may arise that may result in the shower house not being operational - OCR will make every effort to keep the shower house open during the hours as stated above. No reduction in rate shall be given if water access and shower house operations are delayed by forces beyond OCR’s control.  Shower and laundry facilities are to only be used for the purpose of what they are intended for.  No rough housing, playing or sleeping in the laundry or bathhouse is permitted.  Wifi is included and wifi password will be provided to paying guests only.  Wifi access and connection is not guaranteed and at times may be out of service due to forces beyond the control of OCR. Clubhouse facility and amenities are free to use for paying guests.  Clubhouse is not to be used for rough housing, sleeping or loud parties.  Additional clubhouse rules are posted in the clubhouse.  Any violations of any rules above or stated throughout the park will result in immediate removal from the campground without refund.

DAMAGE/SITE CLEANING:  Any damages to campground property or trash removal from camper’s site will be the responsibility of the guest.  Any damages to any properties owned by OCR will be charged to the guest via the credit card of file.  

VISITORS: Guest may host two (2) free visitors per day. OCR works to provide a safe and quiet environment for our guests. Visitors will be required to follow all campground rules. 

PERSONAL PROPERTY: Guest agrees to release all interests and claims to ownership and possession to all personal property remaining on the site, or on OCR’s grounds, at 12:00 PM (noon) the day following termination of this Agreement. Guest agrees personal property described in the proceeding sentence shall become the property of OCR immediately and, as such, OCR, at its discretion, shall have the right to dispose of said personal property within twenty-four (24) hours.  OCR will make every effort to contact guest of any valuable items left on property i.e. cellphones, jewelry, other personal items, etc and will hold for arrangement for pick up by the guest.  OCR will mail any valuable items left behind to the guest at the expense of the guest.

RELEASE AND WAIVER OF LIABLITY: Guest for themselves, family and guests hereby release, waive, discharge OCR, its owners, employees, contractors, relatives or associates, from all liability to the undersigned, their families, and guests and, assigns, heirs, and next of kin, for any and all loss or damage, and any claim for demands in consideration of being permitted to enter and use the campground and rent and occupy campsite to which admission and use by the general public is restricted or prohibited.

INDEMNIFICATION: Guest, and/or family and guests shall defend, indemnify and hold OCR, its owners, managers, agents, contractors, and employees, harmless from and against action of any kind, including any damage or injury to person or property, amounts of any judgments, penalties, interests, court costs and legal expense, including but not limited to attorney’s fees and costs of legal assistants, incurred by OCR in defense of same, arising in favor of any party or account of claims, liens, debts, personal injury or death or damages to property, and all other claims or demands of every character occurring or in any way incident to, in connection with or arising out of the conduct of Guest,  Guest’s family and/or guest’s visitors.

PHYSICAL DAMAGE INSURANCE: Guest will maintain damage insurance policies to cover the Guest from loss of any kind, on any and all of their trailer, building structures, boats, boat trailers, awnings, golf carts, etc., as well as any personal property of any description owned by the guest which may be stored at the campground. OCR shall not be deemed responsible for any loss or damage to Guest property on or at the campground. Additionally, OCR and its owners, employees, associates, and agents are not responsible for damage, vandalism or theft of Guest property and/or personal possessions at the campground, or damage or loss as a result of Acts of God or a third party not a signatory to this lease agreement. Specifically, Guest agrees and acknowledges that Guest assumes absolute responsibility for any and all damage, loss, injury or death that may result from trees which may fall at the campground or any flooding that may occur at the campground.

LIABILITY AND LIABILITY INSURANCE: Guest is completely responsible for all activities occurring at their campsite and will maintain liability insurance policy with adequate limits to cover liability claims resulting from Guest, Guest’s family and/or guest’s negligence pertaining to bodily injury or property damage from the use of the campsite, camper or RV, any trailer or building structure, boats, boat trailers, and golf carts, as well as any other personal property of any description for which the Guest owns or is responsible for. Failure to maintain proper liability insurance coverage will result in termination of this Agreement.

I have fully informed myself of the contents of this Agreement by reading it before signing. I understand that OCR is NOT a Mobile Home Park. My signature represents my total compliance with the terms set forth within this Agreement. GENERAL: Each and every term, covenant and agreement herein contained shall be deemed a condition hereof. No oral agreements have been entered into, and this Agreement shall not be modified unless such modification is reduced to writing. Waiver of any breach of any term or condition of this Agreement shall not constitute a waiver of subsequent breaches. The invalidity or partial invalidity of any provision of this Agreement shall not render the remainder of the Agreement invalid or unenforceable. Time is of the essence in this Agreement and each provision herein contained. Words used in the singular shall include the plural, and vice versa, where the context requires. The breach of any of the covenants or terms of this Agreement shall be deemed to be a material and total breach of this entire Agreement and shall give rise to all rights of termination. This Agreement shall be binding upon and shall inure to the benefit of the heirs, administrators, successors and assigns of all the parties hereto, and all of the parties hereto shall be jointly and severally liable hereunder. I, the undersigned, hereby agree to be bound by the terms, conditions and obligations of this Agreement and further acknowledge and understand that my failure to abide by the terms and conditions of this Agreement could result in the termination of this Agreement by OCR and removal from the campground.