Terms of Service


The Do’s of Happy Camping



Check in at 3:00 PM, Check out at 11:00 AM. For early check in or extended check-out time, please contact the office in advance for availability and fees.

Site Capacity: Each site allows for 2 adults and 2 children.  Fees apply for additional guests. MAXIMUM of 6 guests per site.

·       Visitors: Registered guests are welcome to entertain visitors at their site. All visitors must register at the office, pay the day or night fee, and receive a car pass. Day passes are valid up to 10:30 PM, and overnight passes until 11:00 AM the following day. Please advise your visitors in advance. Gate Cards are for registered campers only, not for visitors’ use.

·       Tent set up:  2 tents are allowed per tent site. Stakes must be no more than 6” in the ground. No tents or stakes on pull-through or camper sites. Camping rates are based on the number of people and camping tents.

Quiet hours are 10:30PM – 8:00AM. Anyone under 18 not accompanied by an adult, should be at their site by 11:00 PM.

Traffic and Parking:

·       5 MPH Speed Limit, strictly enforced. All vehicles must stay on the roadways and gravel areas, not in wet areas or in the grass, unless told otherwise by campground staff.

·       Up to 2 vehicles (in addition to your RV) are allowed at each site, if they fit in the gravel area.  A personal golf cart is considered a vehicle. Use the pavilion parking lot for vehicles that do not fit on the gravel area.

·       Please direct your visitors where to park and drive, noting these guidelines.

·       No ATV’s or mini bikes.

·       Bicycles may be ridden during daylight hours. After street lights turn on, bikes should be equipped with front and tail lights.



Pets: We welcome your well-mannered pets.  Please keep them on a leash at all times when outside your camper, clean up after them, and do not leave them unattended. No excessive barking or aggressive dogs are allowed.

·       We reserve the right to limit the number of pets per site. You are responsible for damage caused by your pet.

·       Feel free to take your dog off the leash while inside the dog park, if your pet plays well with other pets.

·       No pets are allowed in or around the swimming area, rental trailers, glamping tents, or deluxe cabin.

Campfires and Site Cleanup:  Keep your campsite clean and clear of clutter.

·       Fires must be kept within the fire rings.  DO NOT move fire rings.  Firewood is sold at the office. Do not cut or trim our trees. Please burn ONLY firewood or charcoal, not trash or scrap wood with nails.

·       Trash should be taken to the dumpster.  Dispose cigarette butts in the proper receptacles, not on the ground or in the firepit. 

·       Please do not place hot items in the dumpster.

·       Deluxe Cabin, Rental Trailers, Glamping Tents: Please clean up inside before you leave.

PROHIBITTED: Firearms, bows & arrows, BB Guns, pellet guns, fireworks or firecrackers.

Washing of trailers, vehicles or golf carts is not permitted. Seasonal guests have specified dates for washing.

If consuming alcohol, it is expected that you do so responsibly and with discretion.  Please keep glass containers at your campsite.



There is no charge for outdoor activities. Please return all activity items to their proper locations.

Swimming Area: Swimming is allowed from the beach to the rope, and only during daylight hours.

·       SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK - No lifeguard is on duty; children must be accompanied by an adult.

·       Please observe water slide rules.

·       No pets or glass containers are allowed in or around the swimming area.

Lake Access and boats:  Before boating, please read the boat rules located beside the dock.

·       A public dock is beside the miniature golf course.  Seasonal sites are private property.

·       If the boat is tied to the public dock, it is available for your use. Please return and secure boats to the dock after use. 

·       Life jackets are required on all boats – one per person.  Anyone under the age of 16 must wear a lifejacket, and all others must have one lifejacket per person in the boat.  An adult must accompany children in the boat.

·       Boating is permitted on the large lake only, during daylight. When the street lights come on, please come in.

·       Fishing is catch & release only.


Please conduct yourselves in a manner becoming of a great camper – be respectful of yourselves, others, and whatever space you utilize!  You will be responsible for everyone in your party.  Remember to maintain a family-friendly atmosphere.  Disrespectful and/or unlawful behavior may result in campers being evicted without refund.


EMERGENCY - Dial 911. Location: 1604 Housel Craft Road, Bristolville, OH.

Call the office: 330-889-3031. Make sure someone opens the security gate for emergency vehicles