Terms of Service

Our Terms and Conditions of Service are set forth to ensure the safety of all our guests, visitors, and RV Park employees, please be safe and enjoy your stay. Violations of rules may result in immediate reservation termination and ejection without warning or refund. It is imperative that all guests (and their visitors) understand and agree to abide by the rules and regulations, in their entirety, while on the RV Park premises.

Rates, rules, and regulations are subject to change without notice. It is our goal to maintain a welcoming, clean, safe, family-oriented, and pleasurable environment. Please help us by following the rules below. We want everyone to have a positive and safe camping experience. Should you have any concerns, questions or need assistance, please contact the RV Park office.

Parkside RV Park, its owners, employees, and/or affiliates are not responsible for any damages to your person, pets and/or personal property during your stay. All guests and their visitors are solely responsible for all person(s)/personal property losses, injuries, and/or accidents they are involved in.

General Rules

1.       Reservations/Occupancy/Payment

  • We offer nightly, weekly, and monthly occupancies. Reservation extensions must be processed through the RV Park office and approved by Management (includes RV Park Attendant[s]); we reserve the right to deny any reservation extension and/or terminate the guest’s stay, at any time, and eject registered guest(s), their visitors and/or non-guests if the RV Park rules and/or regulations (including full payment on the due date) are violated habitually and/or conflict of interest transpires – reservation credit/refund will be forfeited.
  • You must be 21 years of age to reserve any site in our RV Park. Registered guest(s) (including spouse, guardian and/or responsible adult) must be present while any juvenile member (17 years of age or under) of their party is onsite.
  • 4-person occupancy; children under 2 years of age are not included in the occupancy count. Management (includes RV Park Attendant[s]) must be notified if a large party is expected and/or if any visitor(s) is/are staying overnight/for an extended period.
  • Nightly and weekly reservations should be completed online at www.parksidervpark.com. Reservations greater than 21 days must be booked through the RV Park office and prospective guest(s) must complete a Monthly Applicaton and Agreement form. If necessary, please call the RV Park office for additional information and/or reservation assistance at 337-330-2288 between 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM CST, seven (7) days a week.
  • Full payment is due upon finalizing reservations - American Express, Discover, Mastercard, and Visa accepted. The RV Park office does not except cash or written check payments.

2.       Checking In/Out, Early Arrival/Late Departure Fees

  • Check In is 1:00 PM CST. Upon arrival, registered guest(s) must check-in with the front office. If arrival is outside of regular business hours, please check-in online via the Parkside RV Park “It’s Time to Check-in” email link. Early arrivals are subject to a $5.00 per incremental hour fee starting at 8:00 AM CST, nightly rate will be charged for arrivals prior to 8:00 AM CST. *Must be approved by management and is based on site availability.
  • Check Out is 12:00 PM CST. Late departures are subject to a $5.00 per incremental hour fee up until 5:00 PM CST, nightly rate will be charged for departures after 5:00 PM CST. *Must be approved by management and is based on site availability.

3.       Conduct

  • No person within the grounds shall behave in such a manner as to jeopardize the safety and health of himself/herself, others (including guests, pets, visitors & RV Park employees). Such disorderly behavior, including abusive and/or profane language, shall be grounds for reservation termination and ejection without warning and reservation credit/refund will be forfeited.
  • Excessive noise amplified or loud music, public drunkenness, profane language, cursing, use/sale/exchange of illegal drugs, nudity, explosives, fireworks, and firearms are not permitted and are subject to reservation termination and ejection and/or disconnection of utility services. Please be respectful and courteous of others during your stay.
  • Usage of alcoholic beverages should be discrete.
  • Usage of glass bottles and containers is discouraged throughout our RV Park.
  • Smoking is not permitted in any building or structure.

4.       Quiet Time

  • Quiet time is from 10:00 PM until 7:00 AM. All guests must be at their designated site, golf carts/scooters/bicycles parked, outside music turned off and inside music at a minimum volume by 10:00 pm sharp. *Nonregistered visitors must depart from the premises no later than 10:00 PM.

5.       No outside motorized recreational equipment (3- wheelers, 4-wheelers, go-carts, scooters, minibikes, or private watercrafts) is allowed on the RV Park premises. Electric golf carts are permitted (see Golf Cart Specific section below).

6.       Sugar Cane Fields

  • Individuals (including children & pets) should refrain from trespassing on the surrounding sugar cane fields.
  • Large equipment activity occurs three (3) times a year; March (seed harvesting & planting), August and December (harvesting & controlled burning).
    • During the harvesting period(s), we recommend you take preventative measures to discourage rodents from entering your RV. To ensure human and pet safety, we refrain from setting out traps and/or any type of poison.
    • Controlled burning occurs 1-2 days after harvesting for a couple hours. If concerns arise regarding location of your RV, we will do our best to relocate you to a site the front of the property. If you are concerned about your health/allergic reactions, we recommend you depart from the premises until the smoke has cleared.

RV Site Specific Rules

1.       Inspect and make certain all hoses (water and sewage) are intact and without holes/leaks. Flush/dump ALL wastewater in the sewer drain, not on the ground. Use of sewer hose donut is recommended and encouraged to ensure a good seal on the sewage drain. RV and automobile leaks should be repaired/resolved promptly.

2.       Fire pits should be utilized with caution and properly – make certain all fires are completely extinguished before retreating inside or departing from your designated site.

3.      Refrain from dumping any burned charcoal/ash/wood debris on the property grounds – must be properly disposed of, once completely cooled, and secured in aluminum foil/metal can and disposed of in the dumpster.

4.       Use of portable generators are prohibited. RV generators are permitted only if the RV Park experiences an electricity outage.

5.       Registered guest(s) (including RV occupants and visitors) are responsible for keeping their designated site and adjacent grounds orderly and free from debris (trash, pet waste, etc.).

6.       Trash must be collected in a sealed trash bag and placed in the dumpster near the front entrance. Refrain from throwing cigarette butts, cans, and/or paper debris on the ground. Courtesy trash pickup occurs once a day, place sealed bag(s) at roadside by 10:00 A.M. DO NOT put/leave trash out beyond the designated pickup time. No trash or food should be left outside after dark.

7.       Repairs, modifications, and/or washing of RVs or other vehicles are prohibited at your designated site and/or anywhere within the RV Park, unless approved by management.

Bathhouse/Washeteria Rules

1.       Facilities can be accessed by entering the designated code assigned to the registered guest upon check-in. It is your responsibility to safeguard your access code by not distributing it out to your visitors and/or any unknown person(s). You will be responsible for any damages caused by individuals utilizing your access code and future bathhouse/washeteria access may be denied.

2.       The restrooms and washeteria are to be courteously shared amongst all registered guests and visitors - please be of good timekeeping and cleanliness while utilizing these facilities.

3.       Clean dryer lint filter after each use and dispose of all trash (including empty laundry supplies and dryer sheets) in the washeteria trash can.

Use of Roadway and Parking Rules

1.       The RV Park roadway is a one-way drive through with a 10-mph speed limit that must be adhered to and will be strictly enforced to ensure proper traffic flow and safety.

2.       Refrain from cutting through and parking on vacant sites or grassy/muddy grounds – do your best to stay on the asphalt roadway. Please respect our property, nearby businesses/neighbors, and other guests.

3.       Without exception, please park your RV, vehicles (cars, trucks, golf carts, etc.) on the asphalt pad and within the white line of your designated site. Do not park on the grassy/muddy areas. Visitors and/or extra vehicles must park as to not obstruct the flow of traffic or impose on other guests – there is overflow parking near the bathhouse and RV Park office. Vehicle owners are responsible for all towing fees for improperly parked vehicle removal.

Child Supervision Rules

1.       Parents/guardians are fully and solely responsible for the behavior and safety of their children.

2.       Children must ALWAYS be under adult supervision and accompanied while riding bicycles, scooters, playing, and/or walking around the RV Park. Children at play on or near the roadway must be watchful of vehicles and not impede the flow of traffic nor should bicycles and scooters be ridden after dark. 

3.       Children should refrain from roughhousing in/near the front office, storage shed, bathhouse/washeteria building, electrical boxes/transformers and/or on/near occupied camp sites.

4.       A repair/replacement fee will be assessed to the registered guest for any RV Park damage caused by the misconduct of any child/children (including visiting child/children). The registered guest(s), parents/guardians assume full responsibility for the repair/replacement cost which will be charged to the guest’s credit card on file.

Pet Specific Rules

1.       Pets are allowed – 2 pet limit. Aggressive breeds are prohibited – management will determine if breed is allowed.

2.       Pet owners are fully and solely responsible for the behavior, safety, and waste cleanup of their pets. Uncontrollable behavior or excessive barking is prohibited. All pets must be on a leash when outside the RV.

3.       Pets are not to be left tied up and/or left outside (crated, fenced in, etc.) unattended.

4.       Pet waste must be picked up immediately and disposed of properly. There are doggie waste stations located throughout the RV Park and extra doggy bags at the office.

5.       Pets are not permitted in any of the RV Park buildings except for service animals.

6.       A $20.00 fee will be assessed to any pet owner who fails to abide by the leash and clean up rules. Any RV Park damage caused by any pet(s) is the pet owner’s responsibility and repair charges will be charged to the guest’s credit card on file.

Golf Cart Specific Rules

1.       Electric golf carts are permitted - $10.00 fee, per golf cart, for duration of stay. Must be registered through the office, all drivers self-insured, and proof of insurance required.

2.       Only licensed drivers, over 17 years of age, are permitted to operate the golf cart while on the RV Park premises.

3.       All golf cart drivers must adhere to the one-way roadway and 10-mph speed limit as mentioned under General Rules #7.

4.       Drivers must be watchful for small children, pedestrians, other vehicles and not impede the flow of traffic. Reckless driving and/or horse playing on golf carts is prohibited and could result in eviction.

5.       Music emanating from golf carts should be kept to a minimum level as not to disturb other guests.

6.       Golf carts must be equipped with lights and lights turned on when in use after dark and must be parked during Quiet Time hours.

7.       Violation of any golf cart specific rules and regulations are subject to reservation termination and ejection of the entire party and reservation credit/refund will be forfeited.