Terms of Service

NO REFUNDS will be given for canceled reservations or unused sights 

Speed Limit 5 MPH Strictly Enforced 

Set-Up may begin after 1:00 p.m. checkout time is 11:00 a.m... The Campground closes at 9 p.m.; no setup of campsites may occur after dark. Generators or other similar equipment which produce noise may only be operated
from 7 a.m. until 10:00 p.m

Number of people/tents/vehicles per site · Four adults or a family of six is the maximum number allowed
at a campsite. Each site may have two tents or one camper and one small tent. Vehicles will be limited to 1
per site. Tent campers and additional vehicles must be parked in the designated parking area: no parking
on grass. Pack assistance to tent sites is available upon request

Age of campers · At least one person at the campsite must be 18 years old. The responsible party
registering for the campsite shall remain at the site for the entire stay. Parents are responsible for their own
children. Children under 18 must be at their site by 10:00 p.m. unless accompanied by an adult.
Visitors to your site · Day visitors are welcome - $ 2.00 per person. Visitors must park in the designated
parking area and walk to campsite.

Quiet Hours · From 11 p.m. until 7 a.m. At night, voices carry so moderation is essential.

Firewood · Cutting down standing trees is not permitted. Firewood may be purchased from Peaceful
Waters Campground, no outside firewood allowed. All fires must be contained within fire rings provided.

Pets · There is a $5.00 pet fee per pet . No aggressive dogs; Campers are responsible for their pets at all times.
Do not leave them unattended. Pets must be on a leash 6 feet or less, in length. Pets allowed in Cabin 1 & 2 Only  PLEASE CLEAN UP AFTER YOUR PET.

Tables · Each site is outfitted with one picnic table. No borrowing tables from other sites

Vehicles · One mode of transportation per site.

Alcohol · Alcohol is forbidden in the Peaceful Waters Campground public areas. Public intoxication will
result in eviction.

Check-in time 1:00 p.m. Check-out time 11:00 a.m.

Nails and wires · May not be used for suspending lanterns and patio lights to trees.

Reservations.. Please call   765-592-6458 to confirm reservation

No firearms or weapons of any kind are allowed: this includes BB guns, air guns and bow and arrows

Swimming: No swimming allowed; canoes and paddle boats maybe rented; life vests must be worn.

Fishing: No fishing allowed after dark; no minnows are allowed. Fishing limits subject to change.

The management reserves the right to evict any persons who create a disturbance,
nuisance or deliberately breaks any of the above listed rules. No refund of fees will be
made in the event of such circumstance.