Terms of Service

Rules & Regulations

  • Check out time: 11 AM 
  • Quiet Hours: 10 PM - 7 AM 
  • Follow all posted signs for your safety as well as others
  • Park on your site. See fees.
  • Garbage including cigarette butts must be in bags and place in dumpster. Do not leave bagged garbage outside. 
  • Pets shall always be on leash and attended. Clean up after your pet in park and in large field. 
  • Clothesline must be part of your camping unit.
  • Children under age 16 shall be supervised by an adult.
  • Above group, fire pits only. (You provide). Keep flammable materials away from fire. Burngin of household garbage/trash is prohibited.
  • Alcohol in cups or KOOZIES is permitted on your site. 
  • Exterior lights should not exceed 25 watts. 
  • Generators/alternate power is prohibited. 
  • Washing/mechanical maintenance to any unit or vehicle by permission of owners. See fees.
  • No motorcycles, ATVs, fireworks, firearms. 
  • Alternations to property are not permitted. 
  • Do not discharge sewage/waste other than in approved locations. 
  • Electrical equiptment must be part of your unit, i.e. fridge, freezer. 


  • $2 per person per day when more than two people at campsite.
  • Parking on a campsite other than yours is $30. 
  • Washing: $10 for 1st vehicle, $5 for each additional vehicle. 
  • Free Wi-Fi, unless monthly. Monthly wireless charge is $25 for first device then $15 for each device thereafter.