Terms of Service

                                                                                       PARK RULES

We hope you have a pleasant stay at Plattsburgh RV Park. We are proud of our property's beauty and encourage you to enjoy the various amenities that we offer. Our goal is 100% satisfaction. Our rules are those which extend common courtesies to your neighbors.

  1. Speed limit is 5 mph at all times.
  2. Children under 18 MUST be accompanied by an adult when at the pool. A complete list of swimming pool rules are posted in the clubhouse.  All bathers must read the rules and sign before entering the pool area.  Be advised that NO LIFEGUARD IS ON DUTY.  Our smimming pool operates from June 1st and closed at the end of Labor Day Weekend.
  3. All garbage must be placed in provided containers.  Please keep your site clean during your stay and pick up and dispose of all trash and debris before you depart.
  4. Guests beyond those who you have registered and paid for are welcome but they must register at the office. There is a per person charge for use of the facilities and/or overnight stay.
  5. Please observe quiet hours from 10pm to 7am.
  6. Check-out time is 11am, Mon.-Sat., 2pm on Sundays and Holidays, or please make arrangements with the office.  Early arrivals and late check outs must be approved by Plattsburgh RV Park.
  7. Pets must be leashed at all times and not left unattended anywhere on Plattsburgh RV Park property
  8. Pet excrement must be immediately placed in a plastic bag and disposed of.
  9. Dogs that are prone to barking or aggressive behaviors are not allowed on the property.
  10. Car & RV washing is allowed for a $5 fee.
  11. No swimming or fishing is allowed in our pond
  12. Plattsburgh RV Park assumes no responsibility for accidents, injuries, or losses from any cause.  All residents must carry their own insurance for their RV, camper, vehicles.