Terms of Service

1. SPEED LIMIT IS 5 M.P.H. Whether you are in a car or cart! Please be observant of your surroundings when driving thru the campground. You must share the road with pedestrians, bicycles, scooters, golf carts, and tractors. If anyone asks you to slow down, please do so. If you are told numerous times, to slow down, you will no longer be permitted to drive on the property.


3. All adult guests must be registered and pay before the night of their stay. Live-in guests must file an Admission Agreement and pass a background check.

4. Between 6PM on Friday and 2PM on Sunday; No Mowing, chainsaws, leaf blowers, construction tools or anything deemed to have excessive noise.

5. It is your responsibility to keep your lot mowed and kept clean. There will be a charge for us to mow/clean your campsite. Repeat offenders will not be invited back for the following year or in extreme cases will be asked to leave with no refund.

6. NO TRASH or WOOD CONTAINING NAILS is to be burned in the fire rings. Please keep them clean.

7. NO GASOLINE GOLF CARTS ALLOWED. Only electric golf carts are approved. Operator of golf cart must have a valid driver’s license. All golf carts must have an operating tag. The owner is required to have a certificate of liability insurance. You may bring your certificate to the parts store to receive your operating tag. (See parts store for further information.) Please use good judgment in the speed and operation of your golf cart. The owner is responsible for all actions of others using their golf cart. All golf carts must have headlights on if driven after dark.

8. In case of emergency: Call 911! If you have a “camping emergency” please go to the camp office or call (937)368-3808 for assistance.

9. Please observe all Do Not Enter signs in the campground. They are there for your protection.

10.Quiet hour is 11:00 P.M. Please consider your neighbors during your stay.

11.No smoking in the rest rooms and shower house. Please take care of the shower house and restrooms. If you see any issues with the restrooms, please let the Camp Office Manager or VIP know.

12. RV’s must have a minimum distance of 15’ between them when on all campsites. Only one camping unit is permitted on each site.

13.Please bring your trash up to the dumpster before leaving the campground. The dumpsters are for household trash only. Please do not dump any large items (i.e. outside carpets, furniture, tires, appliances, mattresses, etc.) into the dumpsters. We will monitor our cameras and violators may incur a dump fee of $50. The blue “SHRINERS” barrels are for aluminum cans only.

14.Perms! Do not park your vehicle or allow your guest to park their vehicle in empty perm lots.

15.We allow pets in our park. Your cooperation in attending to your pet is essential. Your pet must be leashed at all times. (OHIO STATE LAW) Please do not leave your pet tied or unattended to disturb other guests. Each guest is responsible for the droppings of their pet and it should be taken care of immediately. If a pet becomes a problem, please notify the office. No pets in the shower house, rest rooms, camp office or parts store.

16.All dump valves must be operational, or we will not dump your holding tank. There is to be NO GRAY WATER OR BLACK WATER dumped on the ground or into unapproved containers. Only blue tanks are approved. When you are using a blue tank, please empty it before it overflows on the ground. Please have your camper’s sewer cap in place at all times.

17.All campsite dump fees must be paid before we can dump your tanks- No Exceptions.

18.No RV’s, boats, cars, bikes or miscellaneous items permitted to be sold on Poor Farmer’s premises unless sold on the Sales lot by Poor Farmer’s RV under the consignment program.

19.No outside vendors or repair services are permitted in campground without prior permission from the General Manager.

20.No sub-leasing of RV’s or camping space permitted.

21.We do not allow sheds, out buildings or doghouses on the campsite. Approval is needed from the General Manager for construction of any entrance steps and platforms.

22.Dining fly canopies or (screen enclosures) and tents must be taken down Sunday evening before going home. No permanent dining flies, canopies or screen enclosures will be allowed.

23.Do not park campers, vehicles, boats or utility trailers on the Storage Line without management approval. When removing your unit from the storage area, management must be notified. Storage fees are applicable at all times and must be paid up to date before picking-up unit.

24.RV’s plugged into a meter that is not assigned to them will incur an immediate $50 charge added on to the kilowatts used since the last known reading of that meter.

25.No laundry hanging out on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. 26.Relax and have a great time! Rules subject to change. Go to: www.poorfarmerrvs.com for updates