Terms of Service

Rio Verde RV Park 

3420 E. SR 89A  

Cottonwood, AZ 86326  


Park Rules & Regulations 


Rio Verde RV Park (“Park”) welcomes you and we hope you enjoy your stay. These rules and  regulations are for the general comfort and safety of all renters, residents of their spaces, and visitors and guests. 


Cancellation Policy:

All canceled reservations are subject to a $25.00 admin fee.

All daily and weekly reservations, guests may cancel until 48 hours prior to arrival and receive a full refund with the exception of a $25.00 admin. fee. Reservations canceled within the 48 hours will forfeit their entire deposit.

Monthly reservations canceled up to 30 days prior to arrival and will receive full refund of deposit , minus a $25.00 admin. fee. If less than 30 days but more than 14 days prior, 50% of the deposit will be refunded. Monthly reservations canceled less than 14 days prior will forfeit the entire deposit.


A. The 5 mph speed limit is to be followed throughout the Park. We have many spaces and many  people moving about on the roadways at all hours. Also, high speeds on our unpaved roadways  create a severe dust problem. PLEASE REMIND YOUR VISITORS AND GUESTS of the 5  mph speed limit. 

B. Be sure your vehicle is parked by your RV safely and off the roadway. No vehicle parking is  allowed on the lawns or on the sidewalks or concrete slabs. 

C. Camper shells are to be kept on back of a pickup truck or removed from the Park. There are to be  no persons living in a camper parked by your trailer or RV. 

D. Pull trailers are not allowed in the spaces, or stored within Park boundaries. NO PULL TRAILERS, TRAILER HITCHES, OFF ROAD VECHILES , OR CAR TRAILERS ARE TO BE STORED IN YOUR  SPACE. You can park them atany of our spacious overflow lots.

E. No boats are permitted in the Park. 



A. Only one vehicle is allowed per space. Please park any extra vehicle at the designated parking  lot. 

B. No vehicles are allowed in the Park which cause noise disturbance. 

C. No commercial vehicles are allowed in the Park boundaries without special consent. D. There are to be no vehicle repairs (oil changing, dismantling, blocking, etc.) in the Park. E. 4 wheelers (ATV’s or off road dirt bikes) are allowed for entering and exiting the park only and  are allowed only if street legal. 



This is a private park and is not equipped or licensed to run businesses from the spaces. If you own your  own business, or act as an agent for someone else’s business, all contact with the clientele must be  conducted at a location outside the Park boundaries and the vehicles for that business are not to be kept  in the Park, unless authorized by management. 



A. The number and kinds of pets must be approved by the Park. Pets must be kept on a leash at all  the times outside of RV. 

B. There is no pet deposit for RV sites .

C. Pets are not to disturb neighbors at all times. 

D. Any attack or threat of attack to a person is cause for non-renewal of space rent. The attacking  pet must be immediately and permanently removed from the Park. 

E. Pet violations reported by other renters, residents, visitors or guests will be handled on a case by  case basis. The decision by the Park is final.

F. All animals are to be current on all immunizations and if an animal bites or attacks any person or  animal, proof of such shots will be requested. 

G. If your animal does bite or attack, animal control will be contacted and you will be asked to  remove the animal from the Park. NO second chances will be given and immediate removal will  be requested. 

H. Animal Waste: You are required to clean up after your pet immediately and not to allow your pet  to distribute waste in your spaces, in another person’s space or within the compounds of the  Park. There are adequate areas by the river or on the hillside roadways above the Park where you can exercise your pet. BUT THERE, TOO, you are required to clean up after the animal.  Carry a plastic bag and a scoop with you and dispose of such in the Park dumpster immediately. I. Excessive noise from a pet is not permitted.  

J. There is a limit of three pets per space unless approved by manager.

K.  Cats are to be kept inside or on  a leash. CATS MUST USE A LITTERBOX AT ALL TIMES. 

L. STRAY CATS: There are many stray cats within the Park. We asked that you do not feed them  unless you intend to take them in as a pet. Many are wild and carry diseases such as cat fever, cat  leukemia, mites, parvo, etc. If you do not feed them, they will go elsewhere for food. Believe it  or not, they are survivors. 

M. If a non-threatening pet regulation violation is noted by the staff: 

1) First violation – Warning 

2) Second violation – An additional deposit must be made or the pet will be removed from the  Park. 

3) Third violation – Non-renewal of space rent 

Note : These rules are strict but necessary, since animals do not take precedence over people.  Exceptions to the Park’s animal restrictions will be made when reasonably necessary to  accommodate the needs of handicapped renters or residents. 

∙ The Park is under the jurisdiction of Yavapai County for rabies and animal control. Park  Office has copies of ordinances upon request. 



The Park is strictly a recreational park. Although we have many monthly renters, the Park still must  be maintained as an RV park. As people stay in one place, they tend to accumulate more items, but the  Park is not equipped to handle an excess of possessions around each space. Consequently, the following  requirements are in effect:  

A. Water hoses leading from your RV to the Park hook-up must be in good condition with no leaks.

B. Electrical cords leading from your RV to the Park’s hook-up must be in good condition with no  raw wires exposed. 

C. Black water hoses (sewer) leading from your RV to the Park’s septic disposal must be tightly  connected (screw in connector with metal clamp on hose) with no leaks of waste or odor.

D. No clothes lines are permitted 

E. All trailers are to be maintained in appearance and condition acceptable by management, and  meet the standards of the Fire Department and the Health Department. 

F. NO tents are to be pitched in RV spaces. 

G. There is to be no clutter or storing of items under, around or on the RV. 

H. The only items permitted on the patio area are lawn chairs, a BBQ, potted plants and table, but  none to excess. No trash barrels, refrigerators, freezers, coolers and hampers are permitted on the  patio area. 

I. No Swamp Coolers are permitted 

J. No hanging lights are permitted outside your RV, unless approved by management.

K. Nothing is to be hung on any trees in the park.  This includes, but is not limited to lights, hammocks, games, clotheslines, etc.

NOTE : If you can’t find a way to store an item, get rid of it or store it in a public rental storage space.  The Park reserves the right to request correction of any make-shift awnings or picnic tent.  

For Hill Spaces # 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40 only:  

- Renters are to maintain own space as specified by management.  

- One storage facility is allowed but no person may reside there. 



A. Visitors and guests must park in the outside area at the front of the Park, or make special  arrangements with management. 

B. For day time and evening visits, visitors and guests need not register in the office, but any  overnight or weekly overnight visitors are required to register in the offices. 

C. From 10 PM to 8 AM, all noises (parties, music, TVs, radios, voices, etc.) are to be subdued. During other hours, out of due respect for neighbors, keep noises at an acceptable level. 

D. Parties are to be concluded no later than 9 PM. 



This Park is a family community but there are health and safety concerns due to the geography of the  Park and its location alongside a river, which at times is very dangerous. These concerns make it  necessary to put all renter and residents on notice that there are hazards in this community, and that  some reasonable restrictions on children be imposed. Due to safety, the following rules are in effect:  

A. Children under 14 years of age are not permitted to play on the river paths, or in  the river without being accompanied by a responsible adult. The river can be deceptively  dangerous. 

B. Children under 14 years of age are not permitted in the upper area of the Park on the hill or on  the roads in that area without being accompanied by a responsible adult. This terrain is rugged  and can be dangerous. 



All renters, residents, visitors and guests are required to abide by certain rules of conduct as set forth  below. Renters are responsible for the conduct not only of themselves, but for all other residents of their  spaces and for visitors and guests of theirs while in the Park. 

A. Neither renters, residents or their visitors or guests may go onto any other renter’s space for any  purpose unless invited. 

B. Bicycle riding is allowed only on roadways within the Park, and only if reasonable bicycle rules  and safety precautions are followed. No riding or racing of bicycles between spaces or in the  picnic area near the front of the Park is permitted. 

C. No Skateboarding is allowed within Park compounds. 

D. No one is allowed to dig holes in the spaces, roadways, grass areas or embankments, to deface Park property, or to climb trees. 

E. Loud parties, excessive volume of radios, stereos, televisions or musical instruments are not  allowed. All noises are to be kept at an acceptable level at all times.



At times, a renter may decide to leave his/her RV in his/her rented space for vacation, etc. We request  that you notify management of this absence in case of messages that may be received, emergencies  regarding your RV, mail, etc. and to alert us so we can observe your space and how we may contact you.  BE CERTAIN TO BE UP-TO-DATE ON RENT PRIOR TO LEAVING. 

If not notified, management will assume you have vacated your space and will close out your  account and rent the space to another person. 



The law states that it is illegal to fire a firearm or any hunting weapon within 1/4mile of a residence, of  which RV’s are regarded as. Anyone who does so will be cited and prosecuted in a court of law. Within the boundaries of the Park, including the open areas on the hill, the NE sector to the property  fences, and along the river, anyone who shoots at, injures or kills wildlife (fish, skunks, birds, coyotes, snakes, etc.) or fires a weapon or hunting device including bows and arrows and pellet gun, for any other  reason, will be cited, prosecuted and also will be evicted immediately. Shooting fish is against the law.  For more details, contact Arizona Game and Fishing Department. No weapons are to be carried on your  person within the boundaries of this Park. 



 Monday through Sunday -- 9:00am to 6:00pm 

Check-In 1:00 p.m.( check with the office to determine if your site is available for early check-in./costs)

Check-Out 11:00 a.m. (  check with the office to determine if your site is available for late check-out./costs.)

If this presents an inconvenience to you, contact us by phone about your rent payment or any other  matter that may be of concern to you. The Office phone number is (928) 634-5990. If we happen to be  out in the Park or on errands, leave a phone number where we can reach you or a message on the  answering machine. On occasion, we may have to leave the office for appointments, but our return time  will be posted on the office door window. 



Within the Park boundaries there are several dusk to dawn lights. Lights are for the safety and security  of renters and the Park. These lights are not to be adjusted, bulbs broken or removed, or the electrical  breakers to turn the lights off. If you have any questions or problems, call to management. 



This area is intended for activities such as fishing, volleyball, lawn games, etc. Cliff  sides are dangerous. Enter at your own risk due to unstable conditions. Be careful and do not deface  property. If you see anyone on the riverfront who seems suspicious, please do not approach them.  Contact management or Cottonwood PD. 



These are for Park renters, residents and overnight guests ONLY. The facility is open from 7AM to 10 PM. If  any of the machines are out of order, please notify the office. The office carries quarters for your  convenience.   Last load should be started no later than 8 PM.

A. Please keep screen door closed, as per the Yavapai County Health Department.

B. Please do not monopolize the facility. Remove your clothing from the washers and dryers as  soon as the cycles are completed.

C. PLEASE empty the filters on the dryers after each load. This helps to keep the machines in  working order and to dry cloths faster. 



To conserve water, please comply with the following rules: 

A. Outdoor water usage must not occur between the hours of 9:00am and 5:00pm.

C. No washing of RV or cars is allowed in the Park. 

D. Water hoses and facets must be maintained so that there is no leak. 

E. There is a surcharge of $ 25.00 for each violation of any of these rules. 



When using the restroom, please comply with the following 

A. Leave in neat condition in consideration of others who use the facilities. 

B. Don’t forget any of your belongings. 

C. Turn off lights when you leave. 

D. Turn faucets completely off when done using them. 

E. Close door tightly. 

NOTE : If you notice any problems with the restroom, do not hesitate to inform management  immediately. 



There is one dumpster and 1 recycle bin in the Park for your convenience. For your convenience, we  have arranged for the trash to be picked up once a week. Trash is to be put in the dumpster only and not  on the ground around it. Please close the lid after you have emptied your trash. This will help control  odors, insects and animals. Only personal trash from your RV is permitted. 



If a phone message comes into the office for you, it will be delivered to you during office hours only. If  it is an emergency, it will be hand-delivered to the person as soon as possible. 

MAIL: You may have mail delivered here only if your space number is included in the address.  EMERGENCIES: Call 911 

FIRE: Don’t hesitate, even if you think it is minor. Call the Fire Department - 911 DISORDERLY CONDUCT: Call 911 

ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES & CIGARETTE BUTTS : The Park will not tolerate any drunk or  disorderly conduct or any alcoholic beverages carried about the Park in cans, bottles or cups. No  drinking parties within the Park boundaries. Cigarette butts are not to be thrown about the grounds even  within your spaces. Use ash trays and butt cans.  


If there is any reason to believe that illegal drugs are being used or trafficked within the Park  boundaries, the PD will be summoned and you will be EVICTED IMMEDIATELY!! 



Although you may feel that our requirements are very strict, they are absolutely necessary because the Park is under the jurisdiction of the laws of the State of AZ and the Yavapai County Health Department  and the Fire Department and must comply with their codes and regulations. 

If you are in violation of a Health Department code or a Park regulation, we will allow a reasonable time  period to correct the problem, except for those items in rules and regulations which state immediate  eviction. If you do not comply, we will have no alternative but to request you leave the Park. 

Management is available for your comments and concerns. Our job is to make renters feel comfortable.  If there is a problem, we will do our best to correct it. All complaints and concerns should be addressed  directly to management, not to the maintenance personnel.  

Note: These Rules and Regulations are enforced by management. Exceptions are made only when  deemed appropriate by management. Rules and Regulations are subject to update without prior notice.  We will do our best to notify residents of any changes, however each resident is responsible for keeping  themselves informed of any updates. Current Rules and Regulations are always posted in the office and  available to renters, residents, visitors and guests. 

Thank you. 

Rio Verde RV Park 

3420 E. SR 89A 

Cottonwood, AZ 86326 

Phone (928)-634-5990 

Email: info@rioverdervpark.com 

Acknowledgment of Receipt 

I, the undersigned renter, hereby acknowledge that I have received a copy of the Park Rules &  Regulations of Rio Verde RV Park. I agree to abide by the rules and regulations contained therein. I  understand that the Park Rules & Regulations may be updated, modified, or deleted at any time, and that  it is my responsibility to keep myself apprized of any changes.