Terms of Service

Terms of Service

I agree and shall cause my children, invitees, and guests, to abide by Riverbend in Concan LLC d/b/a Riverbend on the Frio’s (otherwise identified as “Riverbend” or “The Park)) Rules and Policies, including those rules and policies published at http:/www.riverbendonthefrio.com, posted on Riverbend’s property,  or otherwise communicated in any manner by Riverbend’s Management.

I understand and agree that Riverbend does not give credit or refunds due to the discomforts of nature or for early departure from the property regardless of if I choose on my own free will to depart early or if I am ejected from Riverbend’s property by Riverbend Management. Riverbend’s refund policy varies, depending on the timing of the cancellation notice in advance of the reservation date, as follows:

·         If a reservation is canceled 60 days or more than the check-in date, the reservation is subject to a 12% cancellation fee.

·         If a reservation is canceled 59-30 days before the check-in date, the reservation is subject to a 50% refund of the deposit paid and Any dollar amount paid above the deposit amount.

·         If a reservation is canceled 6- 29 days before the check-in date, there will be no refund issued for the deposit. Any dollar amount paid above the deposit amount will be refunded to the credit/debit card to which the transaction originally took place.

.          We do not give refunds to guests who shorten their length of stay. For example: If you book 14 nights then want to shorten your reservation to 10 nights, you will not be refunded for the 4  nights that you will not be staying. 

·         If a reservation is canceled within 5 days of the check-in date, no refund will be issued and the remaining amount due on the reservation will be charged to the card listed on file.

·         A reservation is considered a “No Show” when the guest had not arrived by 11 am on the day AFTER the check-in date AND the guest has failed to communicate with Riverbend regarding his/her intention to arrive after the check-in date.

o   Any reservation that meets the aforementioned “No Show” criteria will be forfeited by the guest and the remaining reservation balance will be charged to the card listed on file.

As a participant in a recreation activity, I am responsible for acting within the limits of my ability and heeding all warnings regarding participation in the activity. I will maintain control of myself and any equipment while participating in the activity and will refrain from acting in any manner that may cause or contribute to injury to myself or to others.


I HEREBY RELEASE, WAIVE, DISCHARGE, AND COVENANT NOT TO SUE Riverbend in Concan d/b/a Riverbend on the Frio, its owners and agents (collectively, Riverbend Management), from any and all liability to me, my children, my invitees/guests, personal representatives, and heirs for any loss or damage on account of injury to person (including death) or loss or damage to property relating to, or arising out of, use and occupancy of Riverbend’s property, facilities, golf carts, amenities, Tube rentals, any dangers and hazards associated with acts of nature such as changing weather conditions; high winds; thunder and lightning; temperature fluctuations; falling trees; tree limbs, ice, rocks or any other landscape; encounters with wildlife, insects in nature and any other acts of God.

I HEREBY AGREE TO INDEMNIFY, SAVE, AND HOLD HARMLESS Riverbend Management, and each of them, from any loss, liability, damage, or cost (including attorney fees) they may incur due to injury (including death), damage, or loss of property relating to the use of the Riverbend’s property by me, my children, and/or my invitees/guests or due to any incidents that may occur during my stay. I understand that, although Riverbend’s Management makes every reasonable effort to provide a secure environment, the security and safety of my person, my belongings, and all persons registered in my party is my SOLE responsibility.

I understand that it is my sole responsibility to ensure that the site will accommodate my specific trailer/RV and that I will not hit any branches, bollards, trees, etc. when positioning/parking, or pulling/ driving my RV in or in route to my campsite. I agree to indemnify and hold Riverbend in Concan, LLC d/b/a Riverbend on the Frio, its owners, and agents (collectively, “Riverbend Management”) harmless from any loss, liability, damage, or cost (including attorney’s fees) that may result from having my RV on the property.

I understand that I am and will remain personally liable to pay the total amount of my reservation on my scheduled check-in date, or at such an earlier date communicated to me. 

I understand that The Premises are privately owned, and Riverbend Management RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REFUSE SERVICE to anyone for any reason except for those prohibited by law. I also understand that Riverbend Management reserves the right to require any person or party it deems necessary, to leave the campground based on violations of Park Rules included in this agreement or behavior management deems inappropriate, disturbing, or otherwise harmful to others. Harassment or mistreatment of our staff or other guests, including but not limited to, racist comments or hate speech, threats of violence, or intimidation will not be tolerated under any circumstances. I have read this notice and agree to it as well as all Riverbend’s Rules and regulations. In addition, I understand that I am responsible for the actions of all persons registered in my party, including any children, and any guests that visit during my stay.

Additional Terms:

I understand and agree to the rules and procedures as follows:

· Quiet hours will be maintained from 10 pm –8 am. Day Guests must leave the property by 10 pm. Loud Music, Profanity, Loud noises/ Nuisances will not be tolerated.  Disturbances due to intoxication or domestic/ family violence will not be tolerated and the ENTIRE party of everyone involved will be IMMEDIATELY removed from the property without refund.

· The following items, activities, and behaviors are NOT  permitted.

·         electric bikes, ATVs, 4 wheelers, minibikes, Fireworks, confetti eggs/confetti poppers, glitter, streamers, silly string

·         hunting, shooting of guns, BB guns, pellet guns or slingshots,

·         damage of any kind to trees, shrubs, or interfering/harassing/chasing/ throwing items at/spotlighting wildlife

·          Jumping/diving from rocks/cliffs/trees into the river, or bringing any glass in the river or on the riverbanks

·         Swimming in the pond, however, I do understand that fishing is permitted in the pond on a catch and release basis ONLY.

I further understand that it is my responsibility to do the following:

· Bag all of my trash and place them in the proper trash receptacles.

·         If I have an RV site, I understand that RV sites are to be left free of any trash, cigarette butts, cigars butts, candy wrappers, leftover food, straw wrappers, bottle cap, etc.

·         I understand that if I have a Cabin or Motel room, I must adhere to the following cleaning requirements.

o   Room must be swept and mopped

o   Dishes are to be washed and put away.

o   Food/ Drinks are to be removed from fridge and freezer and fridge/freezer are to be wiped clean.

o   Furniture is to be returned to its original place.

o   If anything breaks or is broken, it is my responsibility to report such even to Riverbend Management as soon as possible.

o   I understand that if my RV site, Cabin, or Motel room requires excessive cleaning then Riverbend will charge the card I have on file for the pertaining reservation for a cleaning convenience fee that starts at $25 and cannot be charged more than $150.00 per occurrence.

o   Pets are allowed with RV reservations ONLY, and I must agree to and sign the regulations and conditions as outlined on Riverbend's Pet Agreement. There will be a $100 nightly charge for any pets sneaked into any Cabin or Motel.   

o    I will be held liable and financially responsible for any damages, injuries, cost of repair, or replacement if I tamper with any electrical box or breaker

I understand and agree to adhere to Riverbend’s guest wristband requirement as well as Riverbend’s vehicle Registration requirement. (All guests must wear a wristband and every vehicle must be registered with the front office prior to entering the gates). Riverbend has the right to tow any vehicles that do not display the proper vehicle pass.

I Further understand that exceptions WILL NOT be made to the maximum number of occupants per campsite/ cabin. If there is a case in which the number of occupants exceeds in which is allowed, those occupants will be asked to leave without any problems.

I further understand that it is my responsibility to ensure that my guests and invitees also comply with the rules, and I further understand that I am responsible for the actions of all persons registered in my party, including any children, and any guests that visit during my stay.

 Failure to adhere to the policies and rules set forth herein may result in my removal from the Riverbend property without a refund.