Terms of Service

It is important to note that our campground is in a flood zone. While we will try to notify all visitors and tenants in the park in the event of extreme weather, your equipment is ultimately your responsibility. 

We cannot have all rules and regulations in this. If you are unsure of whether something is allowed or changes your billing (i.e. getting a pet, adding a pet, number of people changing from when you came in) you must first talk to Management.

After the 2nd warning, anyone breaking the rules (verbal or written) will be asked to leave.

Park Rules:

1. All tenants must keep their sites clean and neat at all times. Do not throw cigarette butts or any trash down on campground property or in fire rings. There will be a $1.00 charge for each cigarette butt, piece of paper, etc. that campground personnel picks up.

2. 10:00 pm is quiet time: no loud noises and no visitors after this time.  All visitors must have permission from Management prior to coming in.   Visitors must vacate campground by 10:00 p.m.

3. The campground provides water, sewer, trash dumpster and park maintenance. People not staying in campground may not use these facilites.

4. Tenants of long term stay must have all wires, hoses and cables on the gravel portions of their site. Grass areas should be kept clear for mowers to have room to cut between sites..

5. All alcoholic beverages must be kept on tenants own site and in an undisclosed container. No loud noises, foul language, or intoxicated behavior will be tolerated.

6. Tenants with pets must have them on a leash at all times when not in owners unit and pets must not be left unattended. Tenants must immediately clean up pet droppings anywhere on the property (even in the woods). Do not allow pets to use the bathroom on another's site or in the playground area. Pets must be kept quiet, and must not be leased to trees or any other outside object.  Excessive barking or aggressive behavior will not be tolerated.  No fences or pens are allowed outside.  No more than 3 pets per site will be allowed.  At full grown, no pets larger than 55 pounds are allowed and certain dog breeds are not allowed.  (See Management for breeds.) Additionally, pets are not allowed in the bath house, office, or on the picnic tables.

7. Bicycles must be ridden on gravel areas only. Climbing on river banks is not allowed: use only desiginated access.

8. Bath house is to be kept clean and neat.  Flush toilets and please do not leave them stopped up.  Clean water off of shower room floor. Be considerate of the next person to use the facilities.

9. No tents allowed on RV sites. All tents must be in tent sites only. Normal tent rate includes: Two adults and two children age 13 and under. Extra person: $5 per night. Maxium 4 adults per tent site. Maximum tent stay is 7 days.

10. All campground traffic has a 5 mph speed limit. Please advise all your guests to adhere to this speed limit as tenants are responsible for the actions of their guests. No parking or turning on the grass.

11. No more than one RV unit may be parked on any one site. No more than two vehicles per site: Do not park on other sites; additional parking is located outside the gate or at designated parking areas. Be sure that vehicles are completely out of the road. All RVs must meet campground approval.

12. No RV site shall be used as a permanent place of residence. Any actions toward removal of wheels of a RV unit, except for temporary purposes or repair, or any actions that attemps to permanently affix a RV unit to a RV site is prohibited.

13. RVs must be no more than twelve (12) years old.

14. No RVs or occupants of a RV unit shall be permitted within the campground for longer than 180 consecutive days within a twelve (12) month period. (See management)

15. All RVs or other similar vehicles or devices shall be fully licensed and ready for highway use.

16. No business can be operated on campground premises.

17. The Management has the right to evict immediately, without refund, any person(s) violating any of these rules, regulations and contract and all rent/fees/charges/assessments must be paid in full.

18. Only licensed drivers may operate any motorized vehicle, such as golf carts, scooters, etc. Driving or parking on the grass is not allowed.

19. No boats, skidoos or trailers are allowed on site. Please contact the office for storage options.

20. No changes are to be made on sites without park manager's permission, including planting flowers, shrubbery, etc. No clotheslines are allowed.

21. Rent must be paid by due date; after five (5) days there will be a $25 late fee.

22. The tenant(s) accepts camping privileges with the understanding that they do hereby release the campground, its officers and employees of all liability for loss or damage to property and injury to his person arising out of his use of its camping facilities, and agrees to indemnify the campground, its officers and employees, against claims resulting from loss or damage to property or injury to the person of any member of the family or guest of the registered tenant(s) arising out of the use of its camping facilities.

23. In case of nonpayment of rent, fines, etc. or breakage of our Rules and Regulations, you give us permission to have your RV towed at your expense. All payments must be paid in full before the towing company will release your RV. You release Riverbreeze Campground and the towing company of any breakage, damage, etc that may occur to your RV or anything else of yours.

24. Anyone living on site may wash their personal vehicle once a month.  For any other situation, there is a $5.00 charge per vehicle.  There is a $10.00 charge for washing your RV, this is to be paid up front.


By signing or accpeting these terms, I agree to accept and adhere to these rules and regulations of Riverbreeze Campground and enter into this as a contract.