Terms of Service

When we reserve a campsite for you, we actually take it off the market for the dates you reserve. Even though we may have subsequent requests from others for a site on these dates, we save the site just for you – even if it means turning away other customers! We agree to hold a site available for your use for a period of time you specify and you agree to pay a specified amount for the right to occupy this site for that period of time. We cannot control, nor guarantee the weather. You are responsible for the entire length of stay you reserved. Refunds will not be given for late arrivals or early departures. We have a firm reservation and cancellation policy to ensure that we can continue to provide this service commitment to you.

All rates include 2 people

Additional people $3.00/day

Maximum of 6 persons per site

Visitors must register with the camp host before entering the campground. There is a $3.00 charge for each visitor and they are counted in the 6 people limit (if there is a family gathering please feel free to discuss the limitations with us as parking is limited).


Weekends: 2 night minimum

Holidays: 3 night minimum

Reservations are not confirmed until payment is received.

Check-in 2:00 pm (arrive at campground)

Check-out 11:00 pm (depart campground)

Notice to Camper

General policies: 

  • Entrance onto campground property constitutes permission to Rose Creek Campground and Cabins to photograph visitors while on the premises, and to use any resulting pictures for any lawful purpose without payment to visitor.
  • Our ability to operate any/all amenities and/or activities is contingent on weather, park occupancy, maintenance needs, and other factors. We do not guarantee all amenities will operate 100% of the time. Hours of operation may vary.
  • Rose Creek Campground and Cabins is not responsible for any loss of valuables, accidents, or injuries.
  • Camping guests must 21 years or older to rent a cabin. ID’s will be checked.
  • Camping guests must be 18 years or older to rent an RV or Tent site.


  • The speed limit for our park is 5 MPH.
  • Alcoholic beverages restricted to campsites only. Driving of any kind while drinking alcohol is strictly forbidden.
  • Campfires permitted in grills or fire rings only.
  • All children (under age 16 years) are expected to be at their campsites under adult supervision during quiet hours. Children under the age ten (10) years must be accompanied at all times by an adult. Parents are responsible for the actions and safety of their children.
  • Be Safe! Observe all signs for construction areas and and do not enter work shed area.
  • Fireworks of any kind are NOT permitted.
  • Motorbikes, ATV’s, Mini-bikes are not allowed for guests. Campers traveling with motorcycles are permitted.
  • No smoking in any of the buildings.


  • No lifeguard on duty!
  • Children 14 yrs and younger MUST be accompanied by an adult 16 years or older.
  • No one is allowed to swim alone.
  • Infants and toddlers in diapers must wear Swim Diapers. 
  • No running. No diving. No flips into the pool.
  • No piggy-back where one person is on the shoulders of another.
  • No glass in the pool area. Drinks must be in plastic or metal containers and only consumed on the pool deck (not while in the pool).

For the complete list of State and Federal Pool rules, please read all the signs at the entrance to the pool.


  • Dogs are welcome (no more than 2 per campsite unless prior permission is granted). Be courteous in keeping your Furry Friend under your supervision, quiet and leashed at all times.
  • Be sure to Scoop the Poop!
  • Any demonstration of aggressive behavior by your pet will result in being asked to leave.
  • Animals (unless Service animals) are NOT allowed in any buildings, the pool area, or bath house (except camp store and pet-friendly Phoenix Cabin). There is a $50 fine if this is violated.
  • Proof of vaccinations must be available upon request.
  • Absolutely NO SMOKING OR VAPING or anything of this nature is allowed inside the cabins. A $250 fine will be charged to your credit card if this is discovered.
  • These cabins are BRAND new. You break something, you will be charged to replace or repair it.
  • Camping guests must 21 years or older to rent a cabin. ID’s will be checked. 
  • Quiet hours are from 10:00PM to 8:00AM.
  • Please travel along marked trails and roadways. Do not cut-through neighbor’s campsites.
  • All trash must be placed in front of your campsite and camp host will pick up once in the morning and once in the afternoon. 
  • All fishing is Catch & Release. A NC Fishing license is not required.
  • Parking on campsite is limited to one camping unit and one vehicle per site.
  • Camping courtesy in effect 24 hours a day. Please no loud music, profanity, or abusive language.