Terms of Service


Breaking of the park rules will be grounds for eviction.

We have the right to refuse service to anyone.

Video surveillance is always in use.

Check in time is 12pm, check out time is 11am, if the space is not vacated by 12pm a full night’s stay will be charged to the card on file. Extra nights need to be confirmed with the office before 11am on day of check out. 

Quiet time is 10pm to 7am. Children under 18, not under adult supervision will need to be in their home camp site during quiet time. Children must be accompanied by an adult in facilities. Parents are responsible for their children’s conduct. 

The Park is not responsible for lost or stolen items, any damages, injuries or accidents. Use facilities at your own risk.

Washing of vehicles/RV is prohibited in the park. (We Have A Professional Detailer for Appointments.)

No fire pits or open fires in sites, BBQs only.  There is a Designated BBQ and Fire Pit area that guests are welcome to use.  

No parking in empty spaces or on the street. No parking, driving, rugs, mats, or tents on the grass. (If extra parking is needed talk to the office there is an extra charge.)

Sprinklers come on between 10pm and 8am, we are not responsible for water damage to items left outside or to RV/Vehicles.

Pond is for irrigation only. DO NOT ENTER POND AT ANY TIME. No tampering with, adjusting, breaking, covering, or blocking of sprinklers or water systems. Doing so will result in eviction.

Pets are welcome and must be registered in the office. No animals should be left unattended outside. Pets must be kept on a 5ft leash or less while outside Except in the fenced dog park area. No animals are to disturb other campers. No pets allowed in buildings. No pets tied to trees or power boxes. We do require you to always pick up after your pet. Bags are provided in the pet area.

No smoking in any buildings or facilities. Firearms, archery equipment, BB guns, etc. are to be stored at all times. Clotheslines are prohibited.

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