Terms of Service



·       Sakakawea RV Park reserves the right to amend or change rules without prior notice for the preservation, safety, control and orderly operation of the park; you will be notified if a rule change is made during your stay.

·       RV, campers, boats, or other personal property may not be left unattended on site overnight unless preauthorized by management.

·       In case of emergency Sakakawea RV is authorized to move campers, vehicles or personal property without liability to the employees, park, or Sakakawea RV LLC.

·       QUIET HOURS are from 10:00 pm until 8:00 am.

·       PETS: Pets are welcome under these conditions:

o    No vicious or excessively noisy pets, please consult with City Hall for banned breeds.

o    You must clean up after your pets and please restrain them from digging holes.

o    Any pet outside must be on a leash or kept inside your camping site.

o    Pets may not be tied up outside unattended.

o    Please respect your fellow campers, we reserve the right to notify you to remove your pet from our camp ground, no refund will be given if you choose to  leave.

·       No Vehicle may go over 10 MPH in the park.

·       All guests must immediately come to the office and register and pay in full upon arrival, if you arrive after hours use our drop box.


o    Please be respectful to other campers and the campground. Clean up any garbage that is made from consuming beverages.

o    Any drunk or disorderly conduct will immediately be referred to the local police department and will result in your immediate expulsion from the park. No refund will be given for such expulsion.

·       Washing RV, campers, or personal property is not allowed.

·       Changing oil and vehicle repair is prohibited in the park.

·       Motorcycles are allowed for personal transportation only, they must also abide by the 10MPH speed limit.

·       Bikes are allowed, but must have lights on them to be ridden after dark. ATVs, UTVs, off road vehicles and skateboards are not allowed.

·       Clotheslines are not allowed.

·       No unattended minors are allowed.

·       Parents are responsible for the actions and safety of their children. All children 16 years of age and under must be at their campsite by 10:00 pm unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.

·       Loss and Damage: Sakakawea RV maintains a safe and family friendly environment, but we are not responsible for accidents, injuries or losses of any kind. Guests use facilities at their own risk.

·       Dumpsters are provided for your use but are restricted to household kitchen garbage only.  NO GAME OR FISH PARTS ALLOWED!

·       Fireworks are not permitted.

·       Firearms are only allowed in conjunction with city, state, federal and game and fish regulations. We happily accept hunters, but please remain respectful with your firearms and any game taken. Any issues involving firearms will immediately be referred to the police and will result in your expulsion from the park. No refund will be given.

·       BBQ grills are allowed for cooking purposes only.

·       Open fires are only allowed in covered fire pit and must comply with the Garrison city laws.

·       No Solicitation of any kind

·       Anyone that willfully or negligently deface, destroy, or damage property or equipment of the park or other guests will be held liable for the full value of the damaged item or property and be expelled from the park with no refund and will be referred to law enforcement officials.

·       We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone or terminate rental agreements at any time, this right is at our discretion and you will receive no refund for funds paid. We also have the reserve the right to refer a guest to law enforcement if necessary.

·       Utilities are closely monitored, any excessive usage will result in additional charges

·       Parking: You are only allowed to park (vehicles, trailers, boats, etc...) on your assigned site.

·       If you are in a long term spot, make sure to move any personal items off the grass when you leave. We mow grass during the week so please be advised of that.

·       Campsites must be kept clean from all trash, cigarettes, etc.  Any additional cleanup will be charged to guests. Please respect your neighbors.