COVID-19 Policy


  • Guests will receive an email 24 hours prior to arrival to check-in online and complete payment online
  • Check-In and Check-out process will be contactless – Find your map on the front door of the office when you arrive
  • Max of 6 people in each site AT ANY GIVEN TIME (no gathering over 6 people)
  • Practice social distancing – 6 feet apart from anyone not in your immediate family
  • One RV and one vehicle parked in each site
  • Guests are required to wear a mask anytime they are using the Resort's facilities (Restrooms/Laundry/Playground)
  • Please use our handwashing stations located throughout the park as needed
  • Single Occuppancy Restrooms/Showers OPEN (By the tent area)
  • Laundry Room OPEN (One guest at a time)
  • Main Office is reachable by phone during office hours: call (831) 335-8312
  • Fires are allowed. Guests can bring their own pit or sign-up at the office to rent a fire pit and/or purchase wood and ice
  • Tent area currently closed - Tent camping will resume & open April 1st, 2021
  • Current Business hours: Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm, Sat-Sun 10:30am - 5pm  (business hours are subject to change)



The following facilities will be CLOSED from entry:

  • Main office (reachable by phone during business hours)
  • Main Restrooms/Showers
  • Clubhouse and BBQs on the decks
  • Tent Area - Tent camping will open & resume April 1st, 202

We understand these are strict policies, but we ask that you PLEASE help us follow these guidelines for your safety and the safety of others. Any guests who are unable to follow these guidelines are subject to removal from the resort without refund.

We wish everyone a safe and relaxing experience during your upcoming visit.

Thank you,

Santa Cruz Redwoods RV Resort

(831) 335-8312