Terms of Service

NOTICE: This property is privately owned.  The camper accepts camping privileges with the understanding that he/she does hereby release the Campground, its officers and employees of all liability for loss or damage to property and injury to his person arising out of his use of its camping facilities, and agrees to indemnify the Campground, its officers and employees, against claims resulting from loss or damage to property or injury to the person of any member of the family or guest of the registered camper arising out of the use of its camping facilities.


Campfires - ("Only you can prevent Forest Fires")

Campfires are an important part of any camping trip and all our campers are welcome to enjoy a fire at their site. Campfires are also a leading cause of camping injuries and property damage so they are subject to special rules. Each site at Seven Maples is equipped with a steel fire ring. These fire rings may not be moved (state law). Fire rings may not be used for the disposal of garbage or trash. Fires must be kept under 18" high and burning firewood must be kept within the fire ring. At No Time may a campfire be left burning unattended. Fires must be put out before you go to bed each night and before you check out.

Depending on the current "Forest Fire Danger" rating as reported by the State Fire Marshal and displayed at the Hancock fire department and at the entrance to the camp, additional restrictions apply:
Class 1 - LOW - No restrictions
Class 2- MODERATE - All fires must be extinguished by 12:00am
Class 3- HIGH - All fires must be extinguished by 10:00pm
Class 4- VERY HIGH - All fires must be extinguished by 10:00pm
Class 5 - EXTREME - No Campfires are allowed



You must be 21 years of age or older to register for a site at Seven Maples.

Check in time is 2:00 P.M. Check out time is 1 P.M. for overnight sites and
11:00 A.M. for rentals. There is an additional charge of $15.00 for late departures.

Our site policy and base camping rates are for 2 adults and 2 children. Children are defined as
18 or under and reside with at least 1 of the adults. A maximum of 8 people (4 adults and 4 children) including visitors are allowed on any site at one time and will be charge as follows.

All visitors MUST be preregistered by the registered camper at the office. ($5.00 per day & $10.00 per overnight)
All visitors will receive a car pass.
It is the responsibility of the registered camper to ensure their guests follow the campground rules.
If your guest is asked to leave, you may also be asked to leave.

Day pass Guest's dogs are subject to a $5.00 per day fee. Overnight Guest Dogs are $10.00

Day visitors must leave the park by 10:00 p.m.

No more than 2 cars, and 1 camping unit per site.

(RV's, Pop Up Campers, Truck campers, Travel Trailers, 5th Wheels, Motor Homes, and Tents all qualify as "camping units").

Quiet Hours

We are a family campground and every camper deserves a quiet night for sleep so "Quiet Time" is
strictly enforced from 10:00pm to 7:00am. 
Campers are welcome to enjoy their late night fires and
social activities but these should not be loud enough to disturb sleepers in adjacent sites.

Children, Bicycles & Drones,

Parents are responsible for the behavior and safety of their children. Please be sure you know where
your children are at all times, and all children under 6 should be supervised in the restrooms.

Playground hours are from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Parents, please be sure your children are supervised
while at the playground. Please Do Not Cut Through occupied sites to get to the playground

All children 14 and under MUST wear safety helmets when riding bicycles. Bicycles may not be ridden
after dark. Roller blades and small wheel scooters may not be ridden due to the rough nature of our roads.

Drones may be operated in the recreation field by Longview Rd. only, not in and amongst the campsites and must be legally registered with the FAA.

Pool & Pond

No lifeguard is on duty at the pools. Children 14 and under will not be allowed in the pool
without adult supervision (State law). No one is to swim alone regardless of age and skill of the swimmer.

No Pets inside pool fenced area (State law). Food or drinks are not allowed inside the swimming pool fenced area (State law). Swimming in the pool after the gates are closed is not allowed.

Swim Safety rules posted at the pool are to be followed by everyone.

NO SWIMMING IN THE POND, NO PETS IN THE POND, (this will be gounds for removal from the park).
The pond is stock with rainbow trout for your family to enjoy fishing. All fishing in the pond is
CATCH AND RELEASE ONLY, AND NO BARBED HOOKS. This is to protect the fish population of the pond.


Pets are welcome at Seven Maples, with a maximum of 2 per site. All pets must have proof of License and Vaccinations before being admitted to the park. Pets may not leave your camp site unless they are being walked by an adult (18yrs of age or older). Please make sure they are leashed at all times and that they are not left unattended anywhere on our property. We require you to pick up all pet waste regardless of where you are in the campground. Day pass Guest's dogs are subject to a $5.00 per day fee.


All trash is to be put in the dumpster near the exit road. Do not leave any trash in our dumpster that was not a direct result of your camping at Seven Maples. Do not litter your site or the woods brush around the campground.

A $25 fine will be charged for disposing of anything other than camping related trash in the dumpster
(e.g. trash from your home, rugs, camper parts, furniture, batteries, metal of any kind, propane tanks etc.)


Cutting any tree or limb (dead or alive) on our property is strictly prohibited.

A $25 fine will be charged for cutting or damaging any trees live or dead in the campground. You may
also be asked to leave the campground at once and no refund will be given.

Fireworks & Firearms

Firearms, bows, arrows and FIREWORKS are strictly prohibited in the campground. Anyone observed
with these items will be asked to leave the campground at once and no refund will be given.

Motor Bikes

Motor bikes are not allowed in the campground except for travel to and from your site. ATV's are not allowed in the campground unless they are being transported in a registered vehicle or trailer
(and may not be driven or started in the park).

Trails & Paths

Please stay on trails, paths, and roads.
Walking through campsites other than your own, whether it is vacant or occupied is prohibited.

I the "camper" agree to the "terms and conditions" in its entirety. (digitaly signed below, and saved on record)


Cabin Rental Agreement: (applies to rental units only)

Please note that the terms of this Rental Agreement are nonnegotiable.
Please review, and sign at the bottom to accept this Rental Agreement made between You and Seven Maples Campground LLC, 24 Longview Rd. Hancock, NH 03449. Seven Maples Campground LLC reserves the right to refuse any rental without this signed agreement.

For the purpose of this agreement, Seven Maples Campground LLC will be referred to as "SMC" and the Renter shall be referred to as "Camper"

The cabin rental has a maximum occupancy of 4 persons, (2 adults and their 2 children are included in the rental fee). Should you substitute adults for children, adults #3 & #4 are not included in the cabin rental fee and are charged as extra occupants. Day visitors are allowed, at the prevailing park visitor rates. "SMC's", cabin is considered to be a campsite within the campground and all published and posted rules of the park apply to rental of this cabin and site.

In addition to all published rules of the campground, these rules apply to cabin rentals:
*No Dogs, No Pets are allowed in the cabins.
*No tents may be set up on a cabin site.
*No smoking is allowed in the cabin.
*No open flames, gas lanterns, candles, incense, grills, etc. shall be allowed in the cabin.
*The "camper" must provide their own linens, pillows, & disposables.
*The "camper" may provide their own kitchenware, or may rent a set from SMC for a fee of $10.00.
*Kitchenware must be returned to the office at time of departure, and will be inventoried.
*There will be no "maid service" & the "camper" shall be responsible for the cleanliness of the cabin & site during their reservation.
*Only one vehicle may be parked at the cabin site, all extra vehicles shall be parked in the overflow area.
*When departing, leave the cabin in the same condition as it was when you arrived.
*When departing, remove all food and beverage items from cabinets and refrigerator.
*When departing, remove all personal belongings, SMC is not responsible for lost or abandoned items.
*When departing, turn off all lights, and unplug any countertop appliances. (coffee pot, hot plate, toaster, etc.)
*When departing, close all windows and lock all doors then return all keys to "SMC" office.
*When departing, dispose of all garbage in the dumpster located at the campground exit road.

Items that will be inventoried upon your departure include:
Microwave Refrigerator Toaster Hot Plate Cook Top Coffee Maker Charcoal Grill Broom Dustpan & Brush 2 Entrance Rugs.

The "camper" shall be financially responsible for any damage to the cabin and its contents. The "camper" shall have one hour to report any prior damages found after check-in to "SMC". The "camper" shall be charged a minimum of $25.00 for any missing items that are supplied with the cabin. The "camper" shall have one hour to report any missing items that should be in the cabin upon check-in to "SMC". A security deposit in the amount of Two Hundred Dollars ($200.00) is due at time of check-in. The security deposit may be presented in the form of cash or a credit card pre-auth hold. The Cabin shall be inspected by SMC following the "camper's" departure. Damages, missing items, and or extensive extra cleaning will be billed against the security deposit. The "camper" shall receive a refund for the security deposit provided: (a) the cabin is vacated and all keys to the cabin are returned to SMC by 12:00PM. of the departure date; (b) there is no damage to the cabin and/or its contents, and nothing is missing; (c) there are no violations of this Rental Agreement that would result in a surrender of the security deposit to SMC. Cash security deposit held will be returned following inspection of the cabin on day of departure. Credit card Pre-Auth Holds are usually released by the card holders bank within 7 days.

Campers may check-in at any time after 2:00PM. on Arrival Date, and the Camper shall check-out no later than 12:00PM. on Departure Date.

Cabin rentals are a two night minimum payment and Holiday weekends are a full payment made at the time of booking. Cancellations must be made 14 days prior to check in date, and a full refund will be given minus a 2 night minimum cancellation fee. There will be NO refunds for Holiday Weekends or if it is less than 14 days prior to Check in date.

The "camper" of responsibility whom is making this reservation must be a twenty-one (21) years of age, and acknowledges that he/she may be asked to provide proof of age at the time of check-in. The "camper" must be one of the occupants of the cabin throughout the reservation period. The "camper" is responsible for knowing and following all rules of SMC and The "camper" will be responsible and liable for all guest's and visitor's actions while they are registered to the cabin site during the entire reservation.

The "camper" understands the nature of camping as an activity and agrees to hereby release, hold harmless, and indemnify "SMC", its officers and employees of all liability and claims for loss or damage to property and injury to his/her person or any member of the rental party, family or guests, of the registered "camper" arising out of his use of "SMC's" cabin and camping facilities.

I the "camper" agree to the terms of this rental agreement in its entirety. (digitaly signed below, and saved on record)