Terms of Service

1. The “Guest” agrees that garbage is not to be thrown overboard at the MARINA & RESORT  but is to be placed in containers provided by the management. The “Guest” also agrees that all spirits, flammable materials, and other oily matter may not be discharged into the MARINA & RESORT waters and that no boat shall be allowed to take on fuel within the MARINA & RESORT buildings or canal area. Further, the “Guest” shall keep the berth and premises in an orderly fashion, free and clear of all debris and other matter allowing free passage by other individuals through said parties stall area.


2. The “Guest” understands and agrees that due to circumstances surrounding a MARINA & RESORT concerning fire and theft, the “Guest” herby indemnifies and holds harmless the “MARINA & RESORT” from any liability concerning fire, theft with said party’s boat, motor, trailer, RV, or personal property.


3. The “Guest” agrees that pets shall be permitted on the premises of the St. Johns River MARINA & RESORT as long as they do not disturb other guests and owners of other boats/RVs, and also the “Guest” agrees that said party will be responsible for all damage or accidents which may result from said parties having a pet on the premises at the St. Johns River MARINA & RESORT. The “Guest” agrees that he/she has completed and signed the ‘Pet Agreement’ form upon check-in or when pets arrive on location.


4. The “Guest” agrees and understands that all of the Federal, State, and County laws and ordinances pertaining to boats, RVs, navigation, and water shall be abided by the “Guest”. The “Guest” agrees not to hold the “MARINA & RESORT" liable for any personal injury to him, his family, or guests that occur on the MARINA & RESORT Property and shall hold the RESORT & MARINA harmless from all such claims, including reasonable attorney’s fees and costs.


5. The “Guest” agrees that any violation of this agreement by the “Guest” and/or disorderly or unlawful conduct by the “Guest”, his family, or his guests shall be a breach of this contract for which the “MARINA & RESORT” has a right to cancel this rental contract without notice and retake possession of the rental of the “Guest”.


6. The “Guest” agrees and understands that being considered a ‘monthly guest’ is staying 28 nights or more. The “Guest” understands and agrees that he/she is receiving a daily discount being considered a ‘monthly Guest’ and is required to pay the month in full and IN ADVANCE. If The “Guest” does not pay the full monthly amount in advance, then the rate will default to the daily rate.


7. The “Guest” agrees and understands that he/she is allowed 1 vehicle per Recreational Vehicle. All vehicles must be registered with the front desk and display parking permit provided by the registration office. Additional vehicles, including overnight guests, must register with the front office and are subject to a $5 per day charge or $20 per month charge. (Rates are subject to change without notice.)


8. The “Guest” agrees that the property of St. Johns River MARINA & RESORT is used at the “Guest’s” and the “Guest’s” Guests at THEIR OWN RISK. The “Guest” agrees that it is the “Guest’s” responsibility to have been previously obtained liability insurance for the “Guest’s” boat, motor, trailer, RV and/or personal property prior to using the property of the “MARINA & RESORT”. The “Guest” indemnifies and holds harmless the “MARINA & RESORT” for any damage that may occur to said property.


9. The “Guest” agrees and understands that if the “Guest” does not vacate their assigned site by the check-out time (11:00am) on the check-out day stated on the front of this contract then the “Guest” will automatically be charged the “late check-out fee” of $5 per hour+tax on the credit card on file. If the “Guest” then fails to vacate the premises by 3:00pm and fails to communicate with MARINA & RESORT staff, then the “Guest” will automatically be charged an additional night’s stay on the credit card on file.


10. Boats and Trailers in dry storage facility must display parking tags. If guest cars or other than registered vehicles are in security area, they must register with the office if they are going to be in overnight. Unauthorized or unregistered vehicles will be towed away at owner’s expense.


11. The “MARINA & RESORT” reserves the right to cancel or modify this contract at any time without cause, with 30 days written notice.


The “Guest” hereby acknowledges that they have read the foregoing Rental Agreement for St. Johns River Marina & Resort and fully understand the terms contained herein and agrees to abide by all the rules and regulations set forth therein.


Guest agrees to the following terms and conditions in exchange for their permission:

1)  Guests agree that they are solely responsible for the maintenance of their pet(s) and agree to always keep their pet under control.

2)  Guests agree to keep their pet(s) restrained, but not tethered, when outside their dwelling.

3)  Guests agree to adhere to local ordinances including leash and licensing requirements.

4)  Guests agree not to leave their pet(s) unattended for unreasonable periods.

5)  Guests agree to clean up after their pet(s) and to dispose of their pet’s waste properly and quickly.

6)  Guests agree not to leave food or water for their pet(s) or any other animal outside their dwelling where it may attract other animals.

7)  Guests agree to keep their pet(s) from being unnecessarily noisy or aggressive and causing any annoyance or discomfort to others and will remedy immediately any complaints made through the owners or managers.

8)   Guests agree not to breed or allow the pet to reproduce, but if this should occur, the pet’s offspring will be placed within eight weeks of birth.

9)  Guests agree to immediately pay for any damage, loss, or expense caused by their pet.

10)  Guests agree that the Owner/Managers reserve the right to revoke permission to keep their pet(s) should the Guests break this agreement. Guest will be given 3 days to remove the pet(s) from the premises.