Terms of Service

At any time, management reserves the right to dismiss any person from the property for failure to abide by the Resort rules or local laws, regulations and ordinances. No refunds or prorating of fees will be made in the case of dismissal from the Resort.  



You must be at least 21 years of age and have a valid driver’s license to lease an RV site.

All Guests must check in online prior to arrival. Each site may have a maximum of 8 named Guests and additional visitor passes will be given within reason.

You must have proof of liability insurance coverage extended to your RV while on Sunny Beach RV Resort property.

The age of the RV must be 10 years or less for annual tenants. Annual reviews will be completed by Resort management.

All Motorhomes, RVs and travel trailers must be in good working order and appearance. Owners and management reserve the right to refuse access to any guest whose vehicle is deemed not acceptable.

Tent camping is not permitted at Sunny Beach RV Resort.  Screen tents are allowed for the comfort of our guests.

Parking in designated areas only. No parking on the grass. No parking in sites that you have not reserved; violators will be charged the site daily rate. All wheeled vehicles and trailers must be kept on roads and parking pads unless area is explicitly marked for parking.

Each site is allowed the use of one golf cart or ATV/UTV and must be approved by Resort management. Visitors are allowed one vehicle; either an automobile or ATV/UTV.  Any motorized vehicles must adhere to speed limits and road rules.  Violators will no longer be able to use motorized vehicles of any kind.

Be courteous to your fellow neighbors with noise, cleanliness, lighting, etc.

Check In:  2 p.m.

Specific site numbers may change based on availability.

Check Out:  11 a.m.

In order to ensure availability for incoming guests, please plan prompt departures.

The front desk may be able to arrange a late checkout, if available. Additional fees may apply.

Quiet Hours:  11 p.m. to 7 a.m.

Excessive volumes on radios, televisions, musical instruments, etc. are not permitted. Shutdown of these items may be necessary depending on your proximity to other campers. Generators are prohibited during these hours.


Cancellations / Payment / Refunds

Cancellations made 14 days or more prior to check-in date/time will receive a full refund, minus a $20 cancellation fee. 50% refund less than 14 days to 7 days, minus a $20 cancellation fee.  No refund less than 7 days prior to check-in date.    

Guests evicted due to violation of the rules will not receive a refund of any kind.

Guests that have not fully paid for the reservation will not be allowed access.



Water provided in each site is non-potable and should only be used for non-drinking water applications.  Please plan accordingly and bring potable water.  Never leave the water hydrant on when you leave the campground.  The use of the water hydrant during periods of freezing temperatures is not allowed without prior approval from management.  You assume all liability and are responsible for the cost of repairs due to damage from use during freezing temperatures.

Electric usage is for your personal use only.  Charging of EV's should only be done using the 30A or 20A outlets unless you receive prior authorization from management.  Only one EV can be charged at a time in each site.  Use of a surge protector is recommended to avoid any damage to sensitive electronics in your RV during electrical surges or low-voltage conditions.

Wastewater collection is provided for the guest's RV only.  Please do not put unnecessary water or other liquids in the wastewater collection system.  Do not put toxic or petroleum-based liquids in the system.  Never leave your RV tank valves open to avoid sewer gas entering your RV.  Best practice is to dump the black tank, then dump the grey tanks to flush the lines.

Sunny Beach RV Resort is not liable for any damage to your RV from use of any of the utilities.  Management reserves the right to disconnect any of your utilities for maintenance or safety reasons.



All sites are to be kept neat and clean during the duration of your stay.

All trash is to be disposed of in designated receptacles. Do not leave trash out overnight.

Dumping of wastewater will not be allowed in the parks, except into the wastewater collection system provided by the Resort.

No unattended charcoal grills allowed.

Fish cleaning in designated areas only. Please be respectful and clean up after yourself.

Removal of plants, animals, rocks, or downed timber is prohibited.

No glass is allowed in public areas such as the beach, public gathering areas, etc.

All permanent structures placed on the spot need to be approved by Resort ownership prior to installation including decks, stairs, railings, patios, permanent firepits, etc.

Pools of any kind or water toys, such as slip-n-slides, and bounce houses, are not allowed.

Clotheslines or tarps are not permitted in the Resort. Permanent attachment of object(s) to trees is not allowed.


Safety / Security

We adhere to and maintain any state, county, and local laws on property.

Tenants and guests are responsible for any damage or injury caused by themselves, children, guests and/or pets. Tenant assumes any and all risks associated with the foregoing and agrees to hold owners and management harmless from and indemnify owners and management against the same.

Equipment and facilities furnished for the convenience of registered visitors are to be used at the visitors own risk. Neither the owners nor the management will be responsible for accidents, injuries. 

Owners and management will not be responsible for loss of property by fire, theft, wind or any act of God.

Sunny Beach RV Resort is in a natural wildlife habitat area. There are wild dogs, birds of prey and reptiles. All guests should ensure pets and small children are supervised at all times.

Excessive use of alcohol, public drunkenness, use of profanity, loud or obnoxious behavior or the use of any illegal drugs or controlled substances will not be tolerated and will result in immediate removal of the violator and all of his or her visitors or co-Guests from the Resort.

Profanity or violence toward other guests or staff will result in immediate eviction.

Swim at your own risk. No lifeguard on duty. When near the lake, you assume all risk for yourself and your visitors/co-Guests.

Motorized vehicles must adhere to the posted speed limit.

No open fires allowed. Fire pits are the responsibility of the Guest and must be in structures specifically meant for fire containment. Burning trash and large fires is strictly prohibited. Please put your fire completely out before leaving the area.

Alcohol, tobacco and legally authorized medical marijuana use are prohibited in common use areas of the Resort. All cigarette butts must be properly disposed of in a fireproof receptacle.  Alcohol consumption not allowed by those under the age of 21.

The discharging of firearms of any kind, paintball guns, bow and arrows, sling shots, or any devices that use burning powder, explosives, compressed gases, etc., is prohibited. Fireworks are not permitted, except in approved areas.

Solicitation or selling any item (including the resale of a campsite) is strictly prohibited.


Pet Policy

All pets must be registered during the check-in process.

Guests should carry proof of pet vaccinations while on the property.

Pets must be kept on leashes no longer than 10 feet and/or under control at all times. Your pet is your responsibility.

Pet owners must place all solid pet waste in appropriate waste receptacles. 

Maximum of 3 dogs per site.

No aggressive dogs allowed. Management has final approval of any/all pets.

No animal(s) will be allowed to be left unattended.

Animals are prohibited in resort buildings unless a certified service animal.