Terms of Service



EFFECTIVE: January 1, 2021 until further notice

Surfside Beach Campground is a recreational water front property, situated at the southeast tip of Lake

Manitoba, in the Provincial Park of St. Ambroise, Manitoba. The property contains several RV sites, a parking area, common areas, and road access (hereinafter known collectively as the “Camp”) for a 21 year lease agreement by Parks Manitoba to Sterling Ducharme who is the operator of the Camp and designated as camp manager (“manager” or “camp manager” or “management”).

A camper site (hereinafter known as “Site”) is granted to a person or persons (hereinafter known as the “Licensee”) for placement of a camper unit, on an annual basis or otherwise, subject to removal upon termination or otherwise, based on applicable fees paid and rules adhered to. The camper sites are tentatively serviced with electrical power, water delivery, and Wi-Fi for purchase.

The Licensee is allowed to use the common facilities of the camp, such as beach, roadways, washrooms, and other services and has no claim to property or chattels thereon.

The Licensee hereby understands and agrees to adhere to the following rules and regulations:


1.         All annual fee and/or rent payments, including, if applicable, boat storage and site
premiums and other fees and assessments, shall be made in advance of the time period at or before the designated payment due date. All other payments are due and applicable as per terms of invoice issued. No refund or credit for departure or vacating Camp prior to end of summer season.

2.         Non-payment or late payment will void the Licensee’s use of the Camp and cause demanded removal of the camper and Licensor may take appropriate collection action with any and all related costs allocated to the Licensee to remedy account. Late payments are subject to interest charges at 12% per annum and collection charges.

3.         All applicable taxes are extra to any fee, invoice or charge.

4.         Any violation of the rules contained herein, or misuse of the Camp will void the Licensee’s
use of the Camp and cause demanded removal of the camper. The Licensee will be
deemed to have read and understood all terms and conditions contained herein.

5.         The Licensee is responsible for and must ensure all rules are adhered to by the Licensee’s
spouse, companion, dependents, relations, its agents and guests at all times on the Camp.

6.         Licensee is required to inform the Licensor of changes to address and phone numbers for
contact and other information such as email address if applicable.

7.         Fee and/or rent payments are to be made by online through the website www.surfsidebeach.ca. Other fees due from time to time are payable online or in cash, Visa or Mastercard or debit.

8.         Rules herein are subject to change at any time by Licensor, providing reasonable notice.
Licensor has sole discretion and authority with respect to interpretation and enforcement of all and any of the rules, terms and conditions.

9.         Any camper unit demanded for removal and not removed by the Licensee within the time period required may be removed by the Licensor with all applicable costs to be paid by or recovered from the Licensee.

10.      Any reference to Licensee alone and/or Licensee’s, children, family, trades, guest, visitor, prospective purchaser, agent, dependent, partner, spouse, companion and relation and otherwise is reference to and deemed to be collectively the Licensee.

11.      Municipal address / Legal Description of the Camp is: 25045 85 Road North St. Ambroise Manitoba R0H 1G0

12.      Licensee will not sub-lease or rent site and will not display on the Camp or at the Highway any signage advertising such or for sale without Licensors prior written permission.

13.      Licensee must be present at all time for admittance to Camp of prospective purchaser, agent and other interested party for sale of Site by Licensee and such entry is to be controlled and prearranged with Licensee and Licensor and such visit will not interfere with or be disruptive to other Licensees or Licensor.

14.      License cannot be involved in criminal activity and no illicit drugs of any nature are allowed at Camp or to be used.


1.         The Licensee is permitted to have their dependent children and spouse or companion to a
maximum of eight (8) persons inclusive at the Site. Otherwise the Licensee is permitted a
maximum of four (4) persons including the Licensee at any time.

2.         In addition, the Licensee is allowed guests at the Camp in excess of the permitted
maximums, within reason, classified as either Extended or Casual as noted below:

•           (a)  Extended is a person that stays on the Site or Camp in excess of five (5) hours. A fee of $15.00 per person, taxes included, will apply to each and every Extended guest. Licensee is to email office at surfside.beach.campground@gmail.com to advise of guests, office will provide on-site management of notification and Licensee will be invoiced for guest fee.

•           (b)  Casual is a person who stays on the Site or Camp for less than five (5) hours and
no fees apply.

3.         If the Licensee or the Licensee’s spouse, companion or dependent children are not present
on the Camp then any guest, Extended or Casual, must be authorized prior to their arrival and such guests are subject to fees of $30.00 per day per person, taxes included. Licensee to email request to surfside.beach.campground@gmail.com.

4.         Guest fees do not apply to children under 5 years of age. Licensee’s that have extended guest(s) that are not reported, and fees not paid are subject to automatic fee charges at double rate at estimated amount charged with next annual renewal.

5.         Licensees abusing guest privileges will have such removed. Guests not pre-authorized where necessary are subject to ejection from camp and double fees to apply.

6.         Licensees are not allowed to transfer guests to other Licensee’s at any time.

7.         Quiet hours are from 11PM to 9AM daily. Noise from a Licensees Site and activities at
Camp should not be bothersome to other Licensees during these times.

8.         Summer seasonal use is considered as May long weekend to September long weekend of the
same year. Those wishing to stay until the end of September can make arrangements with Licensee for an additional $ 15 per day

9.         All pets must be leashed or caged at all times while anywhere on the Camp, no exceptions.
No pets are allowed in the campground buildings, on the beach and pet owners are responsible to clean up after their pet. Prolonged noise from pets, such as barking, and unruly pets will not be tolerated.

10.      Licensee shall provide safety features, fire extinguishers and exits of site.

11.      Any sale of the site by the Licensee is subject to approval by the Licensor.

12.      Adult supervision is essential for children at all times.


1.         Licensee is responsible to keep their Site, the area immediately around their site and their camper in a clean and good state of repair. This means the Licensee is responsible to maintain their camper, site and services to it, in good and proper condition to ensure safety, cleanliness and attractive appearance.

2.         There shall be no changes, or improvements, other than general repair, to the site of the Licensee and no clearing of natural habitat from any Site or any area of the Camp. Any changes or improvements can be submitted to Licensor. The Licensor will approve and obtain proper permit by Manitoba Parks. The Camp falls within the Manitoba Parks district that determines and limits development on water front property. Any changes or improvements by the Licensee, Licensees spouse, companion or dependents or its agents or guests to the Site without authorization and a permit will void the Licensees use of the Camp and cause demanded removal of camper, plus applicable fines will be allocated to the Licensee.

3.         No major construction or repairs or improvements to the Licensee’s Site is permitted during the months of July and August. Excessive or prolonged noise from construction is not allowed during these months. Necessary or minor repairs are allowed. Always check with camp management to review and authorize repairs or improvements prior to commencement of work.

4.         Open fires are prohibited. Campfires may be allowed at Licensee site if at all times the campfire is kept and maintained in a safe, fire rated and fire guarded enclosure with proper screening that is in a good condition (to avoid spreading and flaring of embers and sparks) and base of fire is off of ground level, placed at a safe distance from nearby trees or vegetation and when the local fire hazard level is at “Low” rating only as per MNR website:
https://www.gov.mb.ca/sd/fire/Fire-Hazard/daily-fcst-firehazard.html. No tubs, cut off barrels, stone pits or other homemade apparatus is allowed. The Licensor or camp manager has sole discretion to allow or not allow a campfire and to advise Licensee if a fire enclosure is not proper for use at Camp and to be removed. All campfires must be properly supervised at all times, with fire extinguisher or water for emergency prepared ready at site, and then fully extinguished, doused with water and cleaned up after use.

5.         Dumping of grass clippings, pine needles, dead underbrush is to be removed from Camp or deposited at area designated by Licensor or Manager.

6.         Receipt of a Repair Notice by Licensee shall be remedied as noted or Licensees shall be subject to cancellation of Camp privileges or removal from Camp. If Licensor must remedy the repair the Licensee shall be charged the cost of repair plus management service fee.

7.         All signs by Licensee must be deemed appropriate at the sole discretion of Licensor.

8.         Licensee will be assessed any costs, including management fee, for removal or maintenance of a tree that is around or has been encased with a site. At no time shall a deck or building structure be within three (3) feet of a tree unless approved by Licensor.

9.         Any household flammable, poisonous and such dangerous material must be stored properly
within the Licensee’s Site, secured and be within reasonable quantities for Licensee’s use

10.      Licensee must ensure any indoor heater or heating apparatus is cleaned and maintained on a
regular basis as fire hazard prevention.

11.      Permanent clotheslines are not permitted.


1.         All vehicles, for all sites and all Licensees and guests, must be parked in the assigned
parking area and at guest stalls, except to load and unload or as otherwise allowed by Licensor. Maximum of two (2) parking stall per Licensee allowed and as assigned by Licensor. Motorized pleasure vehicle such as ATV, dirt bike and such other are prohibited in Camp.

2.         The maximum speed limit within the Camp is 10 km per hour.

3.         It is the responsibility of licensee to dispose of their own waste and refuse material off site. There will be a sewer dumping station located at the Camp. Garbage pickup services will also be provided. Refuse items that cannot be stored short term in the Licensees site for later disposal such as discarded furniture, appliances, building materials and such must be taken off-site promptly by the Licensee. Each Licensee is encouraged to recycle.

4.         Licensee must ensure that the use of and operator of Licensees’ or other boat or pleasure craft of any type is done so safety and with proper care and caution in lake, around docks and swimming areas. Licensee and operator assumes all risk of use of pleasure craft and is responsible for any resultant damages to Camp. The operator of any pleasure craft must have a proper and valid pleasure craft operator card and conform to applicable government regulations including proper operation and licensing. There is to be no wake within 50 meters of shoreline.

5.         Canoes, kayaks, standup paddle board and sailboards may be stored at each site provided they are maintained regularly and with prior written authorization from Licensor.

6.         Remove unused and poor condition canoes, kayaks, standup paddle boards and sailboards from camp. If Licensor deems one of the listed above or any other floatation device, as inappropriate it shall be subject to removal at the sole discretion of the Licensor and any costs, including management fee, shall be assessed to the responsible Licensee.

7.         Common areas such as roads, beach and others are for the enjoyment of all Licensees and shall be kept clean and unobstructed by all Licensees.

8.         Remove chairs, towels, personal items, life jackets, floatation devices, toys and other swimming or recreational products from shoreline and water daily after use. If items are left on beach they will be confiscated or discarded. No glass is allowed on the beach and near any shoreline.

9.         Adirondack chair or large chairs or large furniture are not allowed on the beach or camp.

10.      Licensee shall not bring environmentally hazardous material or product onto the Camp, other than described herein and in all cases, for all hazardous materials or product Licensee
shall be fully responsible for all costs associated with cleanup of all or any such material.

11.      No discharge or disposal of oil, gas, solvents, paints, antifreeze and other such hazardous materials or chemicals at Camp or in water whatsoever and any storage of such is limited to small personal, short use quantities for Licensee use only otherwise must be removed from

12.      No shampooing or bathing with soap shall be allowed in the lake. Please use
environmentally friendly phosphate free products.

13.      No fireworks are allowed on Camp.

14.      Firearms, pellet guns/pistols, air guns, sling shots, bows & arrows and shooting and/or
discharge of any weapon of any kind is not permitted in Camp at any time.

15.      Swimming is at own risk – no lifeguard on duty. Children must have adult supervision
while at the beach.

16.      Trees, vegetation and shrubs on Camp shall not be cut, planted, trimmed unless authorized.
At no time shall the plantation be nailed into, used as support or mis-used or harmed in any

17.      Main gate shall remain locked after long weekend in September and opened May long weekend or prior if authorized. Licensee is to notify and obtain approval from Licensor to visit their Site off-season; at that point the gate will be up for opening.

18.      Any damage in Camp caused by Licensee shall be fixed by Licensee or if repaired by Licensor then Licensee shall be charged the cost of repair plus management service fee.

19.      Open fires are prohibited. There are to be no campfires anywhere at common areas in camp without firstly obtaining prior authorization by camp manager. The Licensor or camp manager has sole discretion to allow or not allow a campfire. All campfires must be properly supervised at all times, with fire extinguisher or water for emergency prepared ready at site, and then fully extinguished, doused with water and cleaned up after use.


1.         The Licensee shall insure and keep insured, at its sole cost and expense, throughout the
term of this agreement, and in the name of the Licensor and as their respective interests may appear, a sufficient amount of insurance, which policy must include coverage for comprehensive general liability including, but not limited to, personal injury liability, fire, standard extended coverage and other coverage for other possible damage or loss on its site, its own equipment and furniture. Such insurance coverage to be:

•           (i)  Legal Liability limit of not less than $1,000,000 per Occurrence/$1,000,000 Aggregate

•           (ii)  Certificate Of Insurance should list 10077272 MB Ltd as additional insured with respect to Liability arising out of the leasing of the premises

•           (iii)  Certificate Of Insurance must include 30 day notice of cancellation

•           (iv)  Voluntary Medical Payments Limit of no less than $10,000

•           (v)  Voluntary Property Damage limits of no less than $5,000

2.         The Licensee, annually and upon request from Licensor or the Licensor’s representative, shall provide evidence of its insurance coverage to the Licensor and such evidence to show that the Licensor is named as an Additional Insured under the policy with respect to its interests. There shall be no recourse against the Licensor for any reason whatsoever and the Licensee will indemnify and save the Licensor harmless from and against any and all loss, claims, actions, damages, liability and expenses in connection with loss of life, personal injury, damage to property, fixtures, chattels or any other loss or injury whatsoever arising from or out of this agreement, or any occurrence in, upon or at the Camp.

3.         It is agreed that the Licensor is not responsible in any way for damage to, but not limited to:

•           (i)  Licensee’s vehicles, trailer, boat, furniture, fixtures or any other chattel from whatever cause or for any other reason whatsoever such as, but not limited to, fallen trees or the attempted removal of trees or branches as required.

•           (ii)  Licensee’s electronic components or any fixtures due to power fluctuations and surges or water damage or any other reason whatsoever.

•           (iii)  Licensee’s boat and watercraft, and such, while it is on the Camp 

4.         Licensee is fully responsible for all aspects of their actions, performance, safety and use of Site and Camp.


1.         Licensee understands the lake water and its use, if used to or at the Site, is non-treated and
non-filtered lake water and is the Licensees sole responsibility. Wells may not be installed or sunk. Potable water delivery is available.

2.         Water supply line valve or tap to Site should be turned off when not occupying the site to prevent any possible leak and resulting damage.

3.         Wastewater disposal is processed using a septic system. The system is not designed to handle solid objects that do not dissolve, such as, disposable diapers and feminine napkin. Licensees are asked to use and advise all guests to use the system properly. Licensee will be assessed additional charge for use of and pumping of holding tank or clearing of plumbing lines or field if found responsible due to misuse of system.

4.         Electrical capacity is limited in the camp. Licensee is asked to cooperate to reduce power consumption by:
(i) Converting to an alternate heat and electrical source such as solar. (ii) Limit electric space heaters and water heaters.
(iii) Ensure all lights and heaters are off when not on Site.
(iv) Ensure outside lights are not left on all night.
(v) Not installing or using any portable, window or any other type of air conditioning unit.
(vi) Limit outdoor decorative lighting and use solar type when possible.

5.         Electrical and water services shall be provided May long weekend to September long weekend of the same year, weather dependent. Services are not provided any other time of year.

6.         Change, planned or anticipated improvements or upkeep for or to any service or common element of the Camp may be assessed to the Licensee over its anticipated usefulness or depreciable life as additional License fee or assessment as determined by and at the sole discretion of the Licensor.

7.         Interruption of services may occur at anytime and the Licensor shall not be held responsible
for any reason whatsoever. Services shall be restored in a reasonable manner once notification received or Licensor is notified. Availability of Site and Camp may be affected with no adjustments to fees or charges as a result of lack of services or requirement to turn off or shut down services due to weather, safety or other reason as is reasonable and at the full and sole discretion of the Licensor.

8.         Fire wood is available for purchase. It is not recommended to bring your own firewood.


Primary contact: Sterling Ducharme
Office: St. Ambroise General Store

Phone: (204) 903-5782  Email Address: surfside.beach.campground@gmail.com
Web Site: www.surfsidebeach.ca


Fire Call 911
Police Call 911
Ambulance – Call 911
25045 85 Road North Saint-Ambroise MB  R0H 1G0


Please KEEP CAMP SAFE and CLEAN for all to enjoy