Terms of Service

1)    Check in Time is 1:00pm. Check out Time is 11:00am Mountain Time

2)    Quiet Hours in the park are from 10pm to 8am. Showers/Laundry/Club House are closed during quiet hours.

3)    If you have a pet, PLEASE PICK UP THE POO in all the park areas including the meadow and trails. Keep your pet on a leash and do not leave them unattended or allow them to bark, whine, or yap excessively. Pets are not allowed in any buildings, the pool area, restrooms, or showers.

4)    If you have guests visit you during your stay with us they must first check in at the Office. You are responsible for your guests. They must visit you at your site only. There is a visitors limited use park fee and their vehicle must be parked in the guest parking area. Visitor pets are not allowed. Visitors can not use any park amenities or attend any park events/activities. All visitors must exit the park before 8:30pm.

5)    Pool hours are from 12pm to 9pm but are subject to adjustment as necessary. Children under age 14 must be accompanied by an adult. Adults only swim hours are from 8pm to 9pm. No one under the age of 18 permitted in the pool during this specified time. Please follow all posted rules in and around the pool area.

6)    Please do not park any type of vehicle on grass areas. No tents are allowed on RV sites or cabin sites. Tents are allowed in Tent Sites only. Only one vehicle and one specified camping rig per site is allowed.

7)    For your safety, please do not climb on or enter any structures or farm equipment. Old Mining Town is not for playing in or on.

8)    Washing vehicles is not permitted in the park. Dog washing is not permitted in the park.

9)    Fireworks are not permitted.

10) No motorized vehicles are allowed to drive on trails or around the park roads. You may exit and enter the park on ATVs and motorcycles but only directly to and from your site. Please drive as SLOWLY and QUIETLY as possible. 

11) Awning lights (decorative lights) must be off by 10pm. Please do not leave any bright porch lights on all night as this may disturb your neighbors.

12) Campfires must be safely put out before retiring for the evening and never left unattended. Use only park approved wood and limit smoke. 

13) Use the park trail system at your own risk. It is unlevel and left natural. We are not responsible for injuries incurred while using our trails and or property.

14) No smoking in or around all buildings. No littering of butts on ground or in firepits. No smoking on the trail system.

15) FOLLOW THE NUGGET’S GOLDEN RULE: Be a courteous & happy camper!