Terms of Service

In order to maintain a safe, clean, & pleasant Village … a place you can call “home”, there are, of necessity, certain rules that must be adhered to. Please read the following. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. We will be happy to assist you.


Village Rules:

1.     No RV’s over 10 years old are allowed. All RV’s must be clean & well kept. No tarps, cardboard etc in the windows, or unsightly appearance.

2.     Guests are required to wash their RVs every 6 months.

3.     The speed limit in the Village is ALWAYS 10 MPH

4.     No big truck & trailer rigs allowed.

5.     Park in your own space. Do not block the roadways. Your visitors may park at your site, not blocking roadways.

6.     Drive safely. Park your RV safely. A member of management MUST be present when you park your RV.

7.     You are responsible for any damage you or your visitors may cause to Village property or property of other campers.

8.     It is the responsibility of registered guest to assure that “your” visitors abide by Village rules.

9.     Do not wash your automobiles here in the village. There is a carwash in Chandler.

10.  Shhhh – Don’t be too loud at any time. (Quiet hours are from 10 p.m. to 8 a.m.)

  • a.  Arrive & depart quietly.
  • b.  No revving of motors.
  • c.  Campers with motorcycles will camp near the front of the village & are not permitted to cruise within.
  • d.  Golf carts are permitted, but no mini-bikes, or ATVs allowed.
  • e.  Keep Music, radios, TVs, etc at a respectful level.

11.  NO littering!  Keep your camping area clean. No outside trash/recycle bins allowed at campsites.  Please bag all trash & use the Village dumpster at the front of the property.

12.  No trespassing - Respect other’s space. Avoid cutting across other camping lots.

13.  We have a “No tolerance” policy for “drama”.  Live peaceably with fellow campers.

14.  No loud foul/abusive language or rude conduct allowed.

15.  Campfires are allowed ONLY within fire-rings & must not be left unattended at any time.

  • a.  Extinguish fires before leaving the area.
  • b.  Do not put aluminum cans, bottles, aerosol cans or non-burnable items in the fire-ring or pit.
  • c.  Absolutely NO open fires during times of a County Burn Ban.

16.  No discharge of firearms or fireworks at any time.

17.  No drugs allowed!!! You will be evicted.

18.  Please dispose of cans, bottles, cigarette butts, etc appropriately. Do not throw them on the Village grounds. No smoking or alcohol allowed in the office or laundry.

19.  For safety, stow & secure your outdoor gear; especially if you leave for the day or before turning in for the night. Storms can pop up unexpectedly & objects left to the wind can damage RVs & automobiles or injure other guests.

20.  If you have a golf cart, please use it responsibly. No children under the age of 16 should be allowed to drive it in the village without adult supervision.

21.  Children are to abide by village rules. It is the responsibility of their parents/guardians to see that they do.

22.  Only 2 small pets (Cats or dogs), not to exceed 30 lbs each per camp site.

  • a.     Absolutely NO aggressive behavior pets allowed.  (Regardless of breed)
  • b.  All pets must be registered with the office & must be current on vaccinations.
  • c.  Pets must be on a leash, in your hand, at all times when outside of your RV, unless they are in the Bark Park.
  • d.  Pets cannot be tied or caged outside without your being there with them.
  • e.  The Bark Park play pen is open 24/7. If your pet is not “friendly” to other pets, please use the play pen only when it is vacant.
  • f.   Poop disposal bags are provided at the pen. Please clean up after your pet, placing dirty bag in the Village dumpster.
  • g.  To keep your fur-baby happy when you leave it home alone, we suggest:  Close the shades & leave some music, TV, or radio program playing to help drown out any outside noises & to keep him/her company. Don’t be gone too long.  Little Precious will miss you & might cry or bark its little head off.
  • h.  A constantly yapping dog will not be tolerated.

23.  No permanent porches, decks, ramps etc  may be erected. Any structure must have prior approval.

24.  Outside storage tubs are permitted, provided they are not unsightly. No tarp coverings are permitted, with the exception of standard grill covers. (No blue tarps, etc)

25.  Other structures such as swings, privacy fences, etc must be approved by management.

26.  Awning tie downs, if used, must be attached directly below the extent of the awning, not angled out.

27.  Sewer ring/connections must be sealed. It is illegal by the State of Texas to dump gray/black water on the ground.

28.  Please dump black water weekly.  DO NOT leave your black tank valve open!

29.  Outside pot plants need to be attractive & limited to 6 max.

30.  NO outside clotheslines allowed.

31.  DO NOT attempt to feed or pet neighboring farm animals.

32.  DO NOT ENCOURAGE WILDLIFE, such as raccoons etc by feeding them.



1.     The Old Homeplace RV Village reserves the right to refuse guest privileges to offenders of the above rules. Violators will be instructed to leave immediately. 

2.     All equipment and facilities of The Old Homeplace RV Village are for the convenience of our guests. Persons using these conveniences do so at their own risk.

3.     Camp at your own risk. The Old Homeplace RV Village, it’s owners, & managers do not assume & will not be held responsible for accidents, injuries (to guests/residents or their visitors), loss of property due to fire, theft, wind, hail, floods, fallen limbs or trees, acts of God or nature beyond our control.

4.     We reserve the right to make necessary changes in the rules from time to time to better manage and maintain our Village. Registered guests will be notified immediately of any changes as they occur.


Thank you for choosing The Old Homeplace RV Village.