Terms of Service

RV Policies

Check In / Check Out

Check in is at 1 PM MST and entitles you to your site until 11 AM the day of check out. Early check in is only available when prior arrangements have been made. We do not have a waiting area for those checking in early. Check out time is 11 AM. You do not need to contact the office for check out, unless you have to pay for any balances due on your reservation.

Late check-ins (after 9pm) are not allowed at any time unless prior arrangements have been made, please contact the park for more information

Site Changes

You have been assigned a specific site, if you wish to move please check with the office. Due to reservations and maintenance, moving may not be possible. Please inquire before moving sites.

Open Fires

Open fires are not allowed in our park. Fires must be in firepits or designated fire rings. We have portable fire pits available for guests to rent for the night. Firepit rental is $2 each per night and you must place the fire pit over the gravel or concrete, so that the heat from it does not damage the grass.


Please do not park your vehicle, trailer, or boat in an adjacent site. Use of more than one site will result in additional charges.

Site and Park Navigation

Please be respectful of your neighbor and do not walk between sites when navigating the park. Please use main roads, sidewalks, and designated public paths to walk around the campground.

Washing RVs or vehicles is only permitted with 1 bucket of water and a sponge. Hose washing is not permitted, as it can result in a mess and disturb your neighbors.

Pet Policies

We ask that you keep your pets on a leash at all times. This helps you, your pet, and other guests and other guests’ pets stay safe.



Pets are not allowed in the buildings, including all bathrooms! Please do not tie your pet to our trees, doors, or posts.

Cleaning Up After Your Pet

Be a good neighbor and clean up after your pet always. Do not let your pet deposit waste on your site or any of our other guests’ sites please.  Our camp hosts are not responsible to pick up after your pet when you leave!

Leaving Pets Unattended
Pets may not be left unattended in our park. Leaving your pets unattended is dangerous for your pet as many factors including weather, power outages, etc. can affect your pets well-being while you are away. Many “non-barking dogs” bark all day when their owners are away disturbing the other guests.

Pets Not Allowed on Furniture
If you are staying in one of our glamping tents, pets are not allowed on the furniture.  For any incidents a $25.00 charge will be incurred.  

Excessive barking is not tolerated.

Vehicle Policies

Speed Limit

The park speed limit is 5 mph. This policy is to keep you, your children, and your pets safe and also mitigate dust for our other guests.


Each paid guest registration covers, at a minimum, 1 RV and 1 vehicle per site unless noted. If additional vehicles fit completely in your spot, you may park them there at no additional charge. Please do not park on our grass or anywhere off the gravel site areas.


ATV’s. Dirt Bikes, Motorcycles, and Golf Carts

OHV’s are welcome onsite but may not be used within the park.  ONLY to get to and from your site.


General Park Policies


All visitors must stop in the office to check in and get a map to their destination. The Views reserves the right to limit the number of people visiting a site. Registered guests are responsible for ensuring their visitors comply with all park policies, including not blocking other sites or facilities.

The laundry room is open 24/7. Change is available at the office during regular office hours. Please do not leave your laundry unattended. We are not responsible for accidents or theft.


For the comfort of all our guests, restrooms are open 24/7 with exception of a temporary closing for cleaning twice per day. We ask for your help in keeping the restrooms clean, please!  Let us know if anything needs attention.

Quiet Time Policies

Quiet time is 10 PM to 7 AM.

Trash Disposal and Recycling

Trash dumpsters are located throughout the park. If the first dumpster is full, please find another container. Please do not place your trash on the ground. Critters are attracted to left out or disposed of food and while we think they are cute and wonderful animals, we don’t want you to find a surprises visiting your site because of incorrectly disposed of trash! Do not dispose of wires, oil, furniture, mattresses, or any toxic waste or chemicals in our trash cans and breakdown all cardboard boxes.  Recycling is your responsibility and information about local drop offs is provided on our website and with your check-in information.


Children are the responsibility of their parents at all times.


Please ask permission to use your drone at our park. 

Fireworks and Firearms

Fireworks and firearms are strictly prohibited in our park. The prohibiting of fireworks includes sparklers, smoke bombs, aerials, and firecrackers. The prohibiting of firearms includes all guns including air soft, BB, and pellet guns.


Repairs to RVs and vehicles are not permitted in our park. We are happy to recommend a local Mobile RV Repair service that comes out to your site to assist you with any repairs.

Safety and Emergencies

Emergency Contact Information forms are required from all monthly guests. This information remains private and used only when a situation arises when we need to contact someone in the event of an emergency or is sought by law enforcement agencies. We never give personal information out to others.

If you need to call 911 for any reason, at your earliest convenience, please call the office so the maintenance staff can be prepared to escort the emergency personnel to your site.

Cancellation Policy

Reservations cancelled more than 14 days in advance of arrival will incur a 5% fee to cover all credit card fees incurred.  Reservations cancelled within 14 days in advance of arrival will incur a 50% fee.

Reservations cancelled on the day of arrival will forfeit a refund of any kind. There are no refunds for early departure.