Terms of Service

Top O' The Caves Campground (part I) and Cabin (part II) Rules and Regulations
Top O’ the Caves Campground Rules

These rules and regulations were established to maintain high standards of cleanliness, safety, and maintenance, and with a “Good Neighbor Policy” in mind.

Your compliance is very much appreciated and will ensure a pleasant stay for all guests.

  • Check-in time is 3:00 PM for RV and Campsite. Early RV check-in is allowed if there is no one else residing in your site.  A fee may be assesses at our discretion. Check-out time is 1:00 PM. Late check-outs may will result in an extra fee. Late check-in is available to those who pay in full. If you are caught entering after hours and have not paid in full, you may be charged a $50 fee.
  • After Hours Arrival – If you arrive after the office is closed, you must come into the office the next day to sign your reservation paperwork.
  • Car Passes – All vehicles in the park must display a valid car pass on your rear view mirror at all times.  If the car pass is lost, you may request a new car pass for a fee.
  • Refunds/Prorating - No prorating or refunds for early departures for any reason.
  • Visitors - All visitors must check-in at the office and comply with park rules/policies. There is an $8 per person/per day fee for any visitor over the age of 18 years old. There is a $5 per person/per day for each child age 3-17.  No one campsite may have over 6 people.  Visitors must leave the park prior to 11:00 PM.
  • Speed Limit – The speed limit in the park is 5 MPH and is strictly enforced.  You must hold a valid Driver’s License to operate any motorized vehicle in the park (Gas or Electric)  Proof of insurance is also required. 
  • Bicycle - Bicycle riding is not permitted after dark and all children under 12 must wear helmets.  Bicycle must be kept on the roads only.  No riding on the grass, in the barn, or in the pool area.
  • Tents – No tents are permitted on sites 1 through 30 and 150 through 194.
  • Campfire – Only allowed in site fire ring.  Moving of fire rings is not allowed.  If your fire ring is moved or has garbage in it, you will be charged a minimum fee of $25.00.    No burning of garbage in the fire rings.
  • Common courtesy - Common courtesy shall prevail between all persons in the park. Respect the privacy of guests. Profane, abusive, harassing, threatening language or actions directed at park personnel or other guests is unacceptable and will result in eviction.  
  • Noise control – No obnoxiously loud music or partying. Quiet time 11:00 PM – 8:00 AM and is strictly enforced.  You will get one warning and then you will be asked to leave.  
  • Emergency and safety - No illegal drugs. All weapons shall be kept in compliance with state/federal laws. No discharge or use of firearms in the park. No fireworks or sparklers are permitted.  No smoking in or around buildings. Speed limit 5 mph. If you observe any activity you believe to be of concern, please contact the office.  There is an emergency phone located outside the office.  This phone is a direct connection to local emergency services.
  • Vehicles and site occupancy - No parking on adjacent/vacant sites (unless prior approval has been provided). No vehicle repairs or maintenance may be done in the park unless approved by management. 
  • Sites - Cleanliness of the park is important to everyone. All trash should be bagged and taken to the dumpster. Trash is not to be left out overnight.  Outdoor items should be neat and orderly. Hazardous materials shall be discarded properly. Please leave park facilities as you would like to find them. If they need attention, notify the office. No one campsite may have over 6 people and you must have at least one adult (over 21 years of age) in each camping group.  Minors must be at their site and under adult supervision by 11:00 PM.  Alcoholic beverages are permitted at your site only and are not to be displayed.  NO outdoor carpets on grass.
  • Portable grills - Gas/charcoal grills are allowed. Wood fires are also permitted, only in the fire ring provided.   
  • Laundry - No clotheslines or hanging laundry outdoors. No washing of pet bedding in laundry facility.  No washing laundry in the restroom, use the laundry room.
  • Miscellaneous – No washing of cars or campers.  No cutting of trees or shrubs.  No use of chainsaws.  You may pick up small branches if they are on the ground for your camp fire.  No electric heaters or water heaters permitted. 
  • Picnic Tables – no use of grills on top of picnic tables.  Damage to picnic tables may result in an additional fee (minimum $50) charged to the card on file.
  • Pet rules - We reserve the right to refuse or require removal of any animal at any time. Cats are allowed but may not roam freely in the park and must be leashed. Dogs must be on a leash (6 feet or shorter) and under control of an adult at all times. Excessive barking is not allowed. Pet owners must immediately pick up after their pet and deposit waste in a bag. Aggressive animals will not be allowed in the park. Pets may not be left outdoors unsupervised. No pets allowed in cabins.  You MUST provide a copy of proof of rabies shots for your pets upon arrival.
  • Fishing – Refer to weekly handout for fish limits and abide by our limits to keep ponds stocked. We allow absolutely no fishing with cast nets or jug lines. Fishing is catch and release only.
  • Generators  - May be used in an emergency only and management approval is required.
  • Golf Carts – You may bring your own olf cart for a fee of $5 per day.   No evening driving without proper headlights. 
  • Kayaks and canoes – You may bring your own kayak and canoe and keep it at your site. 
  • Recreational equipment – No motorized recreational equipment allowed in our park, such as 4-wheelers, go-carts, or mini-bikes. Equipment must be operated properly. No horseplay, racing, or other misuse allowed.
  • Damages and personal liability - Any guest or visitor that willfully or negligently damages or destroys park property, landscaping or equipment will be held liable for the value to repair or replace the damaged items property. The responsible party(s) may be evicted for willful damage.   
  • Guest property - Guests use the Campground’s facilities at their own risk. Secure your valuables. Management assumes no liability for loss or damage to guest property and/or injury to person, pet, or party arising due to use of resort facilities or caused by others on the premises.  The campground is not responsible for loss or damage due to fire, accident, theft, weather or catastrophic events.
  • Right to refuse/Evict/Deny access – Top O’ The Caves is a privately-owned campground. Management reserves the right to refuse services, evict or deny access to anyone, under any circumstances it deems necessary, in accordance with applicable local, state and federal laws. There will be no refunds.  
  • Policy changes - Since every contingency cannot be covered in a set of rules, from time to time, modification may be necessary. Management reserves the right to make changes deemed necessary to these rules and regulations at any time, without prior notice. 
  • Discounts - Discounts may not be used on holiday weekends, "special" weekends, or any other days that Top O’ The Caves chooses. 
  • Trailers - Any extra trailer over 20 ft long must be booked its own site. Any trailer under 21 ft long may be parked in overflow parking, but is not guaranteed the space. All overflow parking is first come, first serve. 



I further understand and agree that Top O’ The Caves has a specific refund policy based on the cancellation date.  If the cancellation occurs within 30 days of your arrival date, there is a $35.00 cancellation fee for campsites and $50 cancellation fee for cabins, that will be deducted from your payment.  If your cancellation occurs between 30 days and 8 days of your reservation date, there is a 50% cancellation fee, which means that only 50% of your payment will be refunded to you.  If you cancel within 7 days of your arrival date, there will be no refund for any reason.

Credits will be given and kept on file for up to one year from the cancellation date to those who cancel their reservation before 72 hours of arrival.



TOP O’ THE CAVES will not tolerate any onerous, noxious or offensive activity of any sort that could interrupt and / or adversely affect the enjoyment of other parties utilizing our facilities. In the event of such onerous, noxious or offensive activity, in the judgement of management, the parties responsible for such activities will be required to leave the park immediately, without a refund.

INDEMNITY AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY: Customer shall indemnify and hold Top O’ The Caves harmless from and against any and all claims, demands, costs and expenses, including reasonable attorney’s fees, arising from any and all damages or injuries caused by fire, water, wind, civil strife, or acts of God, owner and / or customer actions or inactions (or those of their employees, agents, or invitees), or any other related to Customer’s use or occupation of the RV site, regardless of whether such loss was caused by the negligence of any of the Campground parties.


Any guest who leaves without paying for site services or who refuses to pay for site services when due is subject to criminal prosecution. We require full payment in advance and will prosecute any violations under the “THEFT OF SERVICES LAW”.

Top O’ The Caves Cabin Policies and Rules

  • YOU MUST BE 21 YEARS OLD OR OLDER TO RESERVE A CABIN. There must be someone over the age of 21 staying in the cabin throughout the entire stay. You may be denied entry upon arrival and/or any type of refund.  All visiting guest must leave by 10 PM.

Check-in time/Checkout time for Cabins

·      Check in is 4:00 pm and check out is 10:00 am.  Please be prompt on your checkout time.  If additional time is needed check with the office, an additional charge my apply. 


·      Full amount refund of the amount, minus $50 charge, will be given for cancellations received at least 30 days prior to check-in date. A refund for 50% of the reservation amount will be issued for cancellations received 7 days prior to check-in date.  Cancellations made less than 7 days prior to arrival date are NOT eligible for refunds.  No refunds after occupancy.  No refunds will be given due to weather or for early departure. No refunds in the event of mechanical failure, absence of any item, or for any public utility problems.


·      There is a two (2) night minimum stay when renting a cabin. Holidays are a three night minimum and holiday rental rates apply.


·      Pets are NOT PERMITTED on any of our family (full service) cabins.  Pets are allowed in our rustic/sleep cabins. There is a $40 per pet non-refundable pet fee for your stay.  Evidence of a pet will result in a $300 Damage Fee that will be charged to the credit card on file and you may be required to leave without refund.  Any additional damage or cleaning fees associated with a pet will be billed to the reserving Guest’s credit card.


·      SMOKING IS PROHIBITED IN ALL OF OUR CABINS.  Evidence of smoking or discovery of cigarette or cigars inside a cabin will result in a $300 Damage Fee which will be charged to the credit card on file. Please do not litter our property with Cigarette Butts.


·      In the event of equipment or furnishing failure, please call our office phone 740-385-6566. Any needed repairs will be made as quickly as is deemed reasonable by Top O’the Caves Campground.

LINENS AND SUPPLIES (Family Cabins Only)

·      Bed linens and bath towels are provided along with kitchenware and utensils. We supply a reasonable amount of trash bags, paper towels, toilet tissue, dish and hand soap. Guests may bring additional supplies if they wish.  All linens are inventoried and you will be charged for any missing linens.  NO LINENS IN THE RUSTIC/SLEEP CABINS, you must bring your own.


·      All Cabins have Charcoal Grills. Guests will need to bring Charcoal, Lighter Fluid and matches.  All of these items are also available in our Camp Store.


·      Please keep occupancy to that agreed upon by Renter and Top O’ The Caves Campground. If additional people are discovered there will be a $40 fee per extra person. All trash, must be placed in the dumpster near the campground entrance drive. Please do not leave trash outside or in the fire ring.  Leave the cabin clean. Make sure all doors and windows are locked. All keys must be returned to the front office or dropped in the door mail slot. Lost keys are subject to a $100 fee. We reserve the right to charge your credit card for any damages or excessive cleaning required after your stay.


·      In the event of damage or extra cleaning requirements created by guests, additional charges may be charged to the credit card on file. Renter agrees to take full responsibility for any accidents or injuries or damages to persons or property that may result in or around our properties. The renter assumes all charges incurred and/or damages to the premises, structures and/or contents during the stay, caused by the reserving party or its guests. If you notice problems upon arrival, please inform us immediately to avoid any damages being charged to your card.


·      While we routinely treat our cabins, we are in the woods and it is likely that you may encounter insects or spiders during your stay. We cannot refund your reservation due to insects, mice, or woodland creatures that you may encounter during your stay. Many critters live in the woods. Do not approach or feed wildlife.  Do not leave food on decks or porches as it may invite unwanted guests.


·      Personal items left in the cabin are not automatically returned, so please check Drawers, under Beds, in Closets, etc., for your things. Top O’ The Caves Campground is not responsible to alert guests of left-behind items. If found and deemed reasonable, we will remove them from cabin and store them for 30 days. You will need to provide shipping info. Guests are responsible for any shipping and/or handling charges deemed appropriate by Top O’ The Caves Campground to return any items.


·      Guests agree to NOT hold Top O’the Caves Campground accountable for any personal injury that may occur in the cabins or on the surrounding property, as well as loss or damage to personal property of guests during occupancy or visit.

* Policies and rates are subject to change without notice.

By signing the the Terms and Conditions form below or at check-in you are agreeing to abide by all rules and regulations of this campground.