Terms of Service

Prior to Camping at Triangle RV Park:

All persons need to be pre-approved prior to being considered for a yearly and/or 3+ month site. We are a family-friendly campground and anyone that may not contribute to the environment we strive to maintain will not be invited to camp with us. Reference and/or a background check may be performed at a cost of $25 to the potential resident during the approval process. If your camper is 10 years or older from the current year, you will be required to submit pictures of the outside of your camper for approval by the Triangle RV Park management and/or owners.

Payment of Site Rent:

1. Prompt payment is expected. Site rent is as follows:
● All lots are $825 per month*
● Electricity is included up to $100 per month
● Included in rent is water, sewer, electricity up to $100, wifi**, lawn care, and access to on-site laundry.

*Prices are subject to change at the discretion of the owner.
** WIFI connection is available near the office, however, service is not guaranteed at all sites

3. A $100 refundable deposit is due at the time of booking. The deposit will be used for electricity if you are to move out before the next bills are sent. Overages will be taken from the deposit and the remainder will be returned.

4. There will be a $25 late fee on all payments for lot, electric, and/or storage if not paid before the 6th of each month. Rent is payable between the 1st and 5th of every month and considered late on the 6th. If you are unable to make a payment, please contact the office in advance to avoid possible late fees; however, we cannot guarantee that you will not be charged.

5. If you are planning to sell your camper and leave it on the lot, the office must be notified, and the potential buyer needs to begin the approval process PRIOR to the exchange of monies if they plan to continue camping at Triangle RV Park. Triangle RV Park, its management, and/or owners will not be held responsible for any monetary loss if the potential buyer is not approved prior to the exchange of money.

6. Assignment of campsites will be made before arrival. Please occupy your site and do not move without first checking with the office.

7. No refunds or subletting of campsite assignments is allowed.

8. Any person or persons leaving before the signed contract period, or in breach of contract, will only be given a refund in cases where applicable. For example: if a person has signed a lease agreement for a yearly term and decides to leave before the end of the annual contract, charges for rented space will revert to an applicable monthly rate for that time. After such, any money paid on a specific site will be refunded to customers upon their written request. Fees for water or electricity must be paid before any request for a site refund is considered.

9. A $35 fee will be accessed on all returned checks or bounced payments.

Setting up your camper

1. Upon arrival, you may or may not be met by a staff member. If you are not, you may pull your RV onto the designated gravel area and hook up to the available septic and electric hookups.

2. Blocks may be used to put under the wheels of your camper, the tongue jack, stabilization jacks, or to stabilize your camper.

3. Indoor/outdoor carpet is permissible.

4. You may decorate within 6 feet of your tongue, camper, or deck. Nothing considered permanent may be added to the lot.


Before beginning any construction project, a drawing of the proposed project must be submitted to the office for approval. Triangle RV Park is responsible for approving your proposed additions to make sure you meet our appearance guidelines and policies. However, Orange County Building Inspector is responsible for approving your additions to make sure they adhere to the building and specification guidelines set by building code.

1. Prior to building any deck, you must get a permit from the Orange County Building Inspector. Information on how to do this may be obtained on the Orange County Inspections website. The Orange County Building inspector will then assign an environmental inspector to approve your site additions to environmental guidelines.

2. All decks must be built by code. The Orange County Building Inspector will inspect your deck to ensure guidelines are followed.

3. No deck is to be brought or delivered to the campground without prior approval from management. Decks must meet campground specifications and standards as well as the Orange County building code.

4. Decks are not required. RV steps or wood steps with a platform porch are permissible.

5. Decks are not allowed to be built in front or rear of the camper.

6. Do not put any kind of posts in the ground. Cement/concrete post holders, above ground, are acceptable.

7. Please remember that all construction projects need to be completed in a timely manner. Two weeks from start to finish is an adequate length of time for construction projects.

Storage Buildings

1. Storage buildings may be built or placed on your lot if there is an applicable amount of room. Storage buildings are to be built to campground specifications.

2. Storage buildings are to be built no larger than 10 ft x 10ft in size. Storage building height for constructed 10ft x 10ft buildings must not exceed 8 feet tall. Please do not rely on a neighboring camper for advice on building design. Check with the office for any questions.

3. Rubbermaid-type buildings are permitted on your site.

4. Placement of storage buildings is site specific. On most sites, the storage building is to be placed behind campers. Please check with the office before placing any storage building.

Storage of Boats and Trailers

Boats, jet skis, trailers, and other recreational vehicles are not to be stored at your site. They may not be left in yards as storage. We rent storage lots for $85 per month.


1. Sites are designed for two vehicles. Park in front of the camper in the designated parking area.

2. Do not park on septic fields or in the lot grass.

3. All vehicles must be operable, have a valid license plate, and have up-to-date tags

4. Only minor automobile maintenance (i.e., changing spark plugs, tires) may be carried out at the home site. Repair/replacement of exhaust systems, brakes, oil changes, rebuilding engines, etc. is not allowed.

5. Motorcycles or recreation vehicles such as 4-wheelers and dirt bikes are not permitted anywhere within the community.


1. You can receive packages straight to your door from FedEx, UPS, Amazon, etc.

2. We do not have mailboxes. You may want to consider a P.O. box at the nearest post office.

Grass & Yard Maintenance

Grass and yard maintenance is seasonal running from April through October. During this time, it is important that all sites are free from obstructing objects to allow for mowing and weed eating. To assist in this process, please keep in mind the following:

1. Please place all items on deck or as close to the camper as possible when leaving your site.

2. Please contact the office if you wish to maintain your own site. If you choose to maintain your site, it must be mowed and maintained on a weekly basis with NO exceptions. If you cannot maintain your site once a week, you will not be given the option to do your own yard work.

3. If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact management.

Fireplaces (firepits)

1. All fireplaces/pits must be of rock, stone, metal, or brick only.

2. No tire rims, washtubs, etc. are permitted for use as fire rings.

3. Fireplaces/pits are to remain stationary. Once placed, they must remain in one spot. Do not make multiple burn spots on sites.

4. Fires are permitted in well-protected grills and fireplaces/pits only. Do not leave any fire unattended. All fires must be extinguished and not allowed to burn out on their own.

Flowers, Greenery and Yard

1. Flowers, greenery, ornaments, decorative items, etc. are permitted within 6 feet of deck and tongue of campers. No flowers, trees, or flagpoles are to be put on sites. This includes clotheslines.

2. No flags that are controversial or political in nature may be flown, including the confederate flag. State and American flags only may be displayed.

3. Any exterior lighting must be within the 2-foot perimeter of deck, camper and/or storage buildings. Lighting may not be more than eight feet in height. No lighting is permitted on taller poles or flagpoles. No lighting is allowed that may be a nuisance to adjacent campers.

4. Do not put any posts in the ground. Cement/concrete posts above ground are acceptable.

Recreational and Play Equipment

1. Personal swimming or wading pools are not permitted in the park. Swing sets, basketball hoops, playhouses, climbing/sliding structures, trampolines, tents, etc. are not permitted at RV lots.

2. The use of all recreational facilities within this Community is for Residents only. All guests must be accompanied by a Resident when using the recreational facilities. It is the responsibility of the Resident to ensure that their guest(s) observes all applicable Rules.

3. It is vital that a responsible adult accompanies all children at all times. Children are not allowed on any play structure without adult supervision.

4. Campground staff does not supervise any play area or park and Residents, occupants and their guests understand that use of the area and the structures upon it is at their own risk and they assume the risk of any injury incurred. 5. The play area(s) are only open from dawn to dusk.

Alcohol Policy

The consumption of alcohol is restricted to your own site.

Speed Limit

The speed limit for the park is 7.5 mph. If you think you are going too fast, you probably are. Slow down and relax. The speed limit is a safety precaution.


Pets are an important part of many people’s family; however, to keep Triangle RV Park pet-friendly, please adhere to the following rules:

1. Aggressive pets are not welcome at Triangle RV Park. If your pet is aggressive towards other pets, children, or people, it will not be allowed in the campground. The breed of pet is to be considered and evaluated on a case-by-case basis by Management/Owner.

2. All pets must be leashed at all times.

3. Clean up after your pet when it uses the bathroom. This includes the wood line at the back of the campground, your own site, other people’s sites, common areas, playgrounds, and anywhere else in the entire park. If your pet goes to the bathroom, pick it up. This is an environmental precaution as well as a courtesy to your fellow campers.

4. You are responsible for any damages caused by your pet.

5. Do not leave your pet outside unattended. When you leave your site, your pet should be securely inside your camper.

6. Do not use metal cages or other comparable barriers to enclose your pet on your site. This includes dog houses.

7. Limit dog barking always.

Miscellaneous Campground Items

1. Please put all cigarette butts in the trash. Do not throw them on the ground.

2. All electrical appliances, other than refrigerators, are to be turned off when you are not staying at the campground.

3. You are responsible for taking your own trash to the dumpster. Please make sure all of your trash makes it INTO the dumpster. Only household trash may be placed in dumpsters. Please make sure everything is in a tied trash bag.

4. Some lots do not offer picnic tables and firepits by the campground but you are permitted to bring your own.

5. The safety and actions of children are the responsibility of the adult in charge of them.

Guest Policy

1. All guests are required to register at the office prior to entering the park if they plan on staying for more than 7 consecutive days. This is for the safety of your guest and other campers.

2. Anyone not fitting into the following category of people is considered a guest: Parents, grandparents, siblings, or children. Please be fair to yourself and others and do not abuse this policy.


1. “Office” hours are Monday through Friday from 9:30am until 4:30pm meaning if you reach out to your property manager, you should expect a prompt response. The physical office is typically open on Tuesdays and Thursdays but this is subject to change week-by-week.

2. If you contact your property manager outside of office hours, please expect a response the next business day unless it is an emergency.

3. The laundry room is open 24/7. Please clean up after yourselves when using the laundry room. We are not responsible for items left in the laundry room. Do not leave clothes unattended. This is a courtesy to other campers, so they do not have to wait for your return to remove your clothes.

Legal Information

1. Campers are solely responsible for their personal property including lost, stolen, or damaged items.

2. Personal injury or damage of any kind or cause is not the responsibility of Triangle RV Park.

3. Refer to your lease if you have any questions. If you cannot find the information you are looking for in the packet or the lease, please check with the office.

4. Do not rely on hearsay for advice on building projects or anything else. Check with the office if you have any questions.


If there is a problem with a camper not observing these regulations, it will be handled in the following manner*:

1. The camper in question will receive written notice of the situation and will be given a two-week period to correct the problem.

2. If the camper fails to correct the situation, a second letter will be sent notifying the camper in which they will have 1 week to correct the problem.

3. If the problem still exists, a third letter will be sent terminating the camper’s stay. Any person receiving three warnings will be asked to vacate the campground. * Depending on the severity of the problem.

We reserve the right to make changes, modifications, or additions to these specifications and guidelines as we deem necessary.

Tenant acknowledges having read and understands all the stated rules and regulations and hereby agrees to comply with each and is in full agreement with these guidelines being an integral part of the Lease between the tenant and management. Tenant acknowledges receipt of a copy of these community guidelines for tenant's personal records.