Terms of Service

     Cancellation Policy 

Sites - If cancellations are received more than 14 days prior to your arrival, you may receive a refund minus a $25 bookkeeping fee or a return camp certificate for the full amount for current season. No refunds will be given for cancellations received less than 14 days before the scheduled arrival date. There will be No Refunds on Cabins and Holiday Weekends.

Holidays- 3 day minimum

Cabin Reservations-2 day minimum

All reservations to be paid in full at ime of reservation except for campers booking a month in adavance. They will pay 50% down at time of reservation.

All campers and guests must register when they arrive at the camp office. Minors must be accompanied by an adult 21 years old during stay. Call Office at 715-235-9321 for reservations or routing update inquires.

Check in time for campsites is:1:00 PM and Check out is 12:00 PM (noon)

Check in for cabins is:  2 PM and check out is 12 PM (noon)

In case of bad weather conditions the indoor bathrooms are the safest place to be in the campground.

Please contact or go to camping resort office with any other inquires 

Quiet Time in the Camping Resort is 10PM-8am

There is no smoking in any of the campgrounds facilities. 

Please watch your children when at the campground and in the pool or pool area. There is no lifegard on duty.


Please drive slowly throughout the camping resort 5MPH for children are present.

Only 1 vehicle per camp site.

No Personal Motorized Vehicles in Campground

DO NOT remove items; fire rings or picnic tables from unoccupied sites.

  • Firewood Policy: We do not allow scrap wood, pallets, or building wood to be burned in our firepits. The Wisconsin DNR has restrictions on firewood transportation within the state. There is firewood available for purchase at the main office. Firepits are not the appropriate place to leave trash, food, animal feces, or other objects. $50 cleaning fee applies for sites with excess garbage (including food) left on site or in the firepit. 

  • Living trees, shrubs and plants may not be cut or damaged. Any tree damage, even removing small branches, can leave a tree susceptible to dying from Oak Wilt, Emerald Ash borer, and other tree diseases/insects. Persons found damaging a tree will be responsible for tree treatment (or removal) costs and labor. 

  • All trash must be disposed of in our dumpsters. Household garbage only. Please be considerate of the environment and use our recycling bins for recyclable material. Recycling bins located next to dumpsters.

  • Campsites should always be left as you found them. Unkept sites are subject to cleaning and trash disposal fees

  • No fireworks or sparklers allowed.

No washing of vehicles or campers is permitted without paying an additional fee. Please call or stop into the office prior to washing to purchase a pass.

  • Grey water cannot be emptied on the ground per state law. It must be disposed of in the campsite sewer or dump station. 


  • Portable Spas/Hot tubs are not permitted in the park.

  • Any violations of any park rules may result in eviction without a refund.

Rv and tent campers are allowed to have pets in the park however; pets are not allowed in our rental units (cabins and cottages) or on rental unit grounds ($200 cleaning fee and immediate eviction apply). We want to make sure everyone has an enjoyable stay; so please respect the following rules if you bring your pet:


  • Please keep your pet on a leash and quiet at all times.

  • They should not be left unattended.

  • You must clean up after your pet immediately. Dispose of your pet's waste in a garbage/dumpster; do not put it in a fire pit.
    ($50 clean up fee will be charged if not followed)

  • Pets are not allowed inside our cabins/cottages or on the grounds of cabins/cottages.
    $200 cleaning fee and immediate eviction apply. 

  • Pets are not allowed in any building, rental unit, pool area, beach, playground.

  • No aggressive dogs are allowed on the property.

  • Service animals are welcome.

 We restrict: Pit-bull, and Rottweiler due to insurance.



Wisconsin statues 895.525 (3) & (4):​

"...A participant in a recreational activity engaged in on premises owned or leased by a person who offers facilities to the general public for participation in recreational activities accepts the risks inherent in the recreational activity of which the ordinary prudent person is or should be aware."

Responsibilities of participants.
(a) A participant in a recreational activity engaged in on premises owned or leased by a person who offers facilities to the general public for participation in recreational activities is responsible to do all of the following:
1. Act within the limits of his or her ability.
2. Heed all warnings regarding participation in the recreational activity.
3. Maintain control of his or her person and the equipment, devices or animals the person is using while participating in the recreational activity.
4. Refrain from acting in any manner that may cause or contribute to the death or injury to himself or herself or to other persons while participating in the recreational activity.
(b) A violation of this subsection constitutes negligence.