Terms of Service

Valley View RV Park & Laundromat
5152 N Hwy 20
Island Park, ID  83429

Check In & Out 
Check-In:  1PM-7PM   We prefer you arrive before 7pm so that we may safely escort you to your site.  If you must arrive after 7PM please call to let us know.
       Please note:  Even if you check in online, EVERYONE MUST STOP AT THE OFFICE upon arrival and physically check in.
Check-Out Time: 11AM 

Office Hours: 8AM - 8PM
Laundry Hours: 8AM - 6:30PM (Last load of laundry MUST be into the washers and running by 6:30PM.)

Each RV site is designed for ONLY ONE motorhome/5th wheel/travel trailer and ONE TOW VEHICLE.  Upon arrival, please unhook vehicles in-tow before being escorted to your camping site by our site attendant.  If you have a trailer, it must be taken to the storage area (led by one of our site attendants) before taking your rig to your site.  Any extra vehicles can also be parked in this storage area for the duration of your stay.

1.    Never leave any food, drink, grease, oils etc. outside. 
2.    Even soap, toothpaste, fuel products, suntan lotion, cosmetics, and bug spray attracts bears.  
3.    Clean up BBQs, spills and messes – and put BBQs away. 
4.    Put your garbage in the bear-proof dumpsters EVERY NIGHT.
5.    If your windows are open, put away all inside food and clean inside messes and spills.

Bear-proof dumpsters are located at the center/east area of the campground – please use them each night.  If you have any questions, please ask!  (Camp Guests: please do not use the dumpsters behind the service station. Use the ones designated for the campground.)

Quiet time is 10:30 PM to 7AM.  Excessive noise at any time is not allowed.

Standard WiFi is free.  Fiber Wi-Fi is currently being installed here at the park.  Please be patient with us through this process. 

Please stay under 5 MPH.

The laundromat is the largest around and open from  8 AM until 8 PM.  Last load must be in the washers and running by 6:30 PM.

Absolutely NO SMOKING in or around the Shower House.
Absolutely NO ANIMALS are to be in the Shower House.
Sometimes the snow has not cleared enough to open the shower house before May 20.  Please be aware of this possibility.
Depending on hard freezes, the shower house MAY close September 26 for the season!

Wood and Charcoal are NOT permitted because of the risk of wildfires. Well-guarded propane fires & BBQs are permitted.  Smokers are not permitted as a courtesy to neighboring camp sites.

Generator use or running engines is not allowed except for emergencies.

Each pedestal has a 20-, 30-,  and 50-amp plugs– but only use the one your RV is designed for. Do not use more than one plug, an adapter, and don’t use more than 50 amps.

Valley View is a smoke-free community.  Smoking and Vaping is permitted only north of the C-Store, on the asphalt -STAY AWAY from the grass area, it can be dry and burn! 

ATV's Side-by-Sides & Motorcycles
Your ATV, Side-by-Side and motorcycle are welcome. Please do not drive them around the campground.  To access Island Park and Forest Service ATV trails, carefully drive directly across the street and head south along the dirt trail that parallels the highway.  Be sure to take a map and GPS, the trails are a fun spiderweb of access points, but it’s easy to get lost.  No unlicensed drivers.  

A tent may be erected at your site on the gravel in front of or behind your rig.  No tents may be pitched on the sod; the grass is regularly watered and mowed.  

Dogs are welcome in our dog park area, but no dogs should be left unattended. 

Among the campsites, all dogs must be leashed at all times and must not enter other guests' sites. Dogs that bark loudly, excessively, or are aggressive, will be asked to leave. Pick up immediately after your pet. Please be considerate of other guests and their pet preferences.

Dogs must not be outside when the owners are away from their RV. All owners must have updated vaccinations available if requested by the RV Park.

No rugs are to be laid on the grass at any time.  You are responsible to keep your site tidy, with no trash and pet droppings visible.  During your stay, we may need to mow and water your site; please be patient with our employees.

Please respect others and do not walk through other guests' sites - stay on the roads.


In addition to our Rules & Guidelines, any laws for the state of Idaho, Freemont County, and/or the Town of Island Park will apply at Valley View RV Park.

The campground and surrounding areas are private property and guests are on-site at the invitation of the owners.  That invitation may be revoked at any time, particularly for objectionable behavior, disturbance or nuisance.  No soliciting allowed.