Terms of Service

Upon my signature/reservation/stay I agree: to pay all charges resulting from my stay. These fees may include but are not limited to visitor (s), damages, equipment rental, early departure, late departure, and store purchases. I am responsible for all charges made by myself, my family, and my guests.

State regulations allow for the quiet enjoyment and consumption of alcohol at a camper's site only. Obviously intoxicated guests will be asked to return to their sites immediately and may be required to vacate the premises.

Bath Houses
Please remember that while we do our best to keep our bath houses as clean as possible, they are public shared spaces. Please clean up after yourself and be courteous to other guests!

Check-in and Check-out
RV and tent sites check-in starts at 1pm. Check-out is by 12pm.

  • Cabins, cottages, and lodges check-in starts at 3pm. Check-out is by 11am.
  • Campers who choose to check out early will not receive a refund for the unused portion of their stay.
  • We do not allow early check-ins or late check-outs for cabins. Please do not arrive early and plan to leave by 11am on your departure date so that we may ensure the cabin is cleaned properly for the next guest.
  • If you wish to check into an RV or tent site early, please call our office the morning of your arrival to check availability. We do not guarantee early check-in before your date of arrival, and often cannot accommodate these requests. If we are about to do so, there will be a $10 fee to prepare the site for early arrival.
  • We likewise do not guarantee a late check-out until you arrive. This is subject to availability. There are absolutely no late check-outs on Friday and Saturdays or on holiday weekends.

Damage and Cleaning Fees
Damage made by campers to their site or the facilities is their responsibility, and there may be fees incurred. Please do not use outdoor carpets on your site as they may kill the underlying grass within hours. Refrain from smoking in any buildings on the property, and do not cut or trim any trees. Please inform the office as soon as possible about any defective equipment or damage you may find on the campground so that we may repair it in a timely fashion.

Cabins that require excessive cleaning following your stay may incur up to a $250 charge. Cabin reservations must be made with a credit card on file. 

Dishes may be washed on the upper level next to the ladies’ room and in the laundry at the lower bathhouse. Please do not wash dishes in the bathrooms.

Firearms, Fireworks, and Weapons
The display or use of fireworks, firearms, or other weapons are not permitted. Campers who break this rule will be required to leave and no refund will be given.

Fires and Firewood
Due to the prevalence of wood-boring insects in the area, we ask that campers do not bring their own firewood to the park. Firewood can be purchased at the store. Our trees are precious to us and our future.
Please remember that you are camping on private property, not in a forest. Do not strip bark or cut up any tree, living or dead. Do not scavenge for wood and collect any sticks found in our wooded areas.
If you have cut down or damaged one of our trees, you will be charged $50 per inch of trunk diameter 12 inches above the ground to replace the destroyed tree.

Gray Water and Dumping
Virginia State Law prohibits the drainage of sink or shower water onto the ground. Use a sewer donut when at sewer sites. No draining of tanks into an uncovered, unsealed container. Use an RV dump hose at the dump station.

Honey Wagon
We now have a honey wagon available for those campers who choose to camp on a site without sewer and don't want to use the dump station! It's available by appointment only.
Pump-outs are available every Sunday between 9am and 12pm. Contact our office to select a time. The fee for this service in $15.
Pump-outs any day other than Sunday require 24 hours notice and will cost $20 per service. We must confirm these times with our Maintenance staff.
Campers who schedule a pump-out must be at their site when the honey wagon arrives to open their valves.

Laundry and Clotheslines
We ask that campers not hang clotheslines on their sites but rather use the dryers available in the bathhouses.
Laundry is currently $1.75 to wash and $1.25 to dry. We do not have a coin machine available in the bath houses, but can exchange paper money for quarters in our office.

Lake and Wildlife
The lake is for fishing only, no boating or swimming. There is no fishing license required but we ask that any fish caught are used for your personal consumption only, or returned immediately to the pond. Please do not allow children or pets to antagonize any of our wildlife.

Pets must be kept on a leash anytime they are outside your camper or cabin, even if you are with them, and must not be left unattended. Please be considerate of your fellow campers and travel prepared for "accidents" while walking your dog. For your convenience, pet waste stations (stocked with bags) are located throughout the park. Pet litter must be cleaned up immediately. Please do not allow your pets into the bathhouses, pavilion, playground, store or pool areas. Non-aggressive dogs may be allowed to run free at our dog park.

Picnic Tables
All sites come with a picnic table. Please do not remove them from their sites. No grills or hibachis on tables.

Hours are 10am to 8pm daily, Memorial Day through Labor Day. Please, no cut-offs in the pool. Children under 14 years of age are not to use the pool without adult supervision. Health department regulations require that children in diapers not be allowed in the pool.

Please do not bring food or drink into the pool area. Water in a closed bottle or cup is allowed. There are picnic tables located near the pool area if you'd like to snack.

Quiet Hours
Quiet hours are between 10pm and 8am daily. All children (18 and under) are to be on their parents' site during this time.

Please display your parking pass on your rearview mirror. For your security, all vehicles without a pass will be stopped.

Site Requests
You have the option of paying a $10 site-lock fee that guarantees you will get the site you reserve. If you do not pay this fee we reserve the right to change sites as needed to resolve scheduling conflicts, but will not do so without moving you to a site of equal or greater value and with comparable or better amenities. Please note that this is a NONREFUNDABLE fee. If you cancel a reservation after paying a site-lock fee, that fee will be forfeited.

Smoking and Tobacco
While Virginia has a long and proud history with tobacco, state regulations prohibit smoking within any of the buildings on the property, including but not limited to: the bathhouses, camp store, pavilion and lodgings. This also includes the pool area. There are ashtrays located outside shared facilities for your convenience. Please do not leave your cigarette butts on the ground, and make sure to extinguish all smoking materials completely.

The trash dumpster is located at the exit to the park. On-site trash pick-up is between 9am and 11am. Please do not put trash out at any other time since it will attract unwanted wildlife.

All vehicles must display a parking pass at all times while within the park. Please park only one vehicle per site; additional vehicles must park in the designated parking areas and may pay additional fees. No washing of RV's or vehicles within park, as our water supply can become critical during peak demand. Please no: vehicle maintenance, driving over 10 MPH, creating dust, unlicensed drivers, motorbikes, or unnecessary driving within the park.
Please keep your vehicles, including cars, golf cars, motorcycles, trucks, and anything else with wheels, off the grassy or landscaped areas around the park. This includes the playground area, the grass on your site, and the areas near the bathhouse. Please do not park on other sites.

Visitors to Sites
"Visitors" are defined as any persons not registered with your party at check-in. Please have all visitors register at the office upon arrival whether in your vehicle or theirs. Campers are responsible for their guests. Visitor parking is provided in separate areas, so please ask your visitors not to park on the grass or another site. Visitor parking is provided next to the office.

Wi-fi is available throughout the park and is free of charge to our campers and their guests. Our system is currently unsecured, which means you do not need a password or other login information to access it. However, this also means you should not transmit personal data through our system. As there are a large number of people using the system during peak times, please refrain from streaming video, television, or movies and using video chat services like Skype during your stay.

Pets: I agree to abide by the pet policy and accept full responsibility for my pet and to hold this campground harmless of all liability and be personally responsible for any/all injuries and/or damages resulting from my pet.

Pool: I understand the swimming pool policy and agree to abide by it. I understand children 14 and under must be accompanied by a responsible adult at the swimming pool.

By signing/making a reservation/staying at Walnut Hills Campground, I agree that Walnut Hills Campground has permission to photograph me, any members of my family, and any visitors to my site for any purpose related to the marketing of the campground in any medium. I waive any right to compensation should my photograph or likeness be used in this manner.

I understand these guidelines of this campground and agree to abide by them. I understand the campground reserves the right to evict, without refund, any camper or visitor violating these guidelines.

Management assumes no responsibility for accidents, injuries, or loss from any cause.