Terms of Service

The Warblers Cove Terms & Conditions include the Waiver and Release, Rules Summary and Camp Ground Rules, complete set.

Waiver and Release

I hereby KNOWINGLY AND INTENTIONALLY WAIVE AND RELEASE, IDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS, all officers and employees of all liability for injuries or illnesses caused by, but NOT LIMITED TO, the following activities: CAMPFIRES, HIKING, FISHING, BOATING, LAKE and POOL SWIMMING, BUILDINGS, PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT, WAGON RIDES, PLANNED EVENTS, DOGS, PETS, SHOWERS, SPEED BUMPS, BICYCLE, GOLF CARTS, ANY MOTORIZED VEHICLES, ANY EQUIPMENT AND ENCOUNTERS WITH WILDLIFE. I acknowledge that camping has many hazards and that there are risks that cannot be eliminated, particularly in a wilderness environment.

I hereby acknowledge that Warblers Cove is not responsible for any theft, loss or damage, and/ or illness incurred during my stay.

My electronic and/or manual signature and/or approval confirms that I have read and agree to abide by all rules and policies at Warblers Cove. A summary of the rules appear below.  A full set of rules are available at campground office, or per your request can be emailed to you. I also understand that I can be asked to leave the property, without refund, or be charged a fine of $25-$100 for failure to follow said rules and policies. 

I hereby consent to photographs and videos taken of me, my party, and visitors during our stay at for purposes of event documentation and promotion of Warblers Cove. Names will not be published.

Warblers Cove Family Campground and RV Resort Rules Summary - Rules apply to all. They are intended for your safety, enjoyment and as a courtesy to others.  Other rules may apply. A full set of rules are available at you request.

Camper conduct – Be nice.  Rude, vulgarly and/or disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.

Speed limit – 7 mph throughout the campground.

Pets – Dogs only (max 2 per site). Must be on a leash and not disturb others. Clean up & properly dispose of waste.  Visitors are not allowed to bring in pets. Have a valid rabies vaccine certificate for any pet in your party. You may be asked for a copy.

Campfires – Allowed in steel fire rings only. Bon fires not allowed.

Music – Be considerate of others. If asked to turn it down. Do it.

Quiet hours – 10:00 pm to 9:00 am. Be considerate of others.

6 adults per site maximum.  8 persons maximum if at least 2 are children.

Electric Service – 30 – amp service only. Do not manipulate the amperage. It is a sever fire hazard.

Trash – Place in green dump bins by the shower house. No furniture, TVs. Hazardous waste and/ or grills.

Dump Station – Located by the shower house.

Golf carts allowed – Drivers must have a valid driver’s license to drive on the property. No side-by-sides, quads, motorcycles, dirt bikes, or mopeds.

Trees & shrubs – Do not carve, cut, chop or trim. We love our trees! Parking – Two vehicles (including boats) per site.  Additional short-term parking is available in the storage lot.

Pool, beaches, and clubhouse – No pets allowed. No food or beverages at the pool. No lifeguard on duty, anywhere.

RV Position – Tongues of campers must face the road.

Projectiles - Fireworks, sling shots, firearms, bow and arrows and other projectiles are prohibited.

Signage - Obey all Warblers Cove signage. No political, offensive, or vulgar signage or displays allowed.

Campground Rules

The Warblers Cove Campground Rules outline the operating policies, practices and expectations of the Warblers Cove Campground and its campers.  The rules were established with camper and industry input. Rules are important, they establish what the campground and its camper will and will not accept.  Our objective is to provide a clean and safe family-oriented campground full of fun and adventure and preserve the natural beauty of the campground.

All campers and their visitors must comply with the Campground Rules, their rental agreement and all local and Michigan Laws and Regulations while staying at Warblers Cove.  Rules are subject to change at the discretion and are under the interpretation of Warblers Cove management. 

Camping in the time of COVID – Our camper and staff safety is the number one priority.  All local and State COVID Safety and preventions will be followed. If you develop symptoms, please stay home.  

Alcohol and Smoking

-        Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in campground buildings or the pool area.

-        Smoking is not allowed in any campground building, rental unit or in common public locations.


-        Biking is allowed on campground roads and trails only. 

-        Bikers are encouraged to wear helmets and protective clothing.

-        Keep bicycles off sidewalks, natural areas, and out of campground buildings.

-        Reflectors or lights must be visible on bikes ridden after dark.

Boating and Docks

-        Maximum 7 ½ hp gas boats, 15 hp gas pontoons on East Twin and West Twin Lakes.  Electric motors only on Norway Lake and Bass Lake.

-        Campground boats may not be removed from campground property.

-        Campers are responsible for the security of their boats, trailers, and equipment.

-        A limited number of docks will be permitted in a designated area with the expressed permission of campground management. Docks must be of like construction and equidistant from existing docks. When the number of permitted docks is reached, no further dock placement will be allowed. As vacancies occur, they will be filled on a first come, first served basis.

-        Boats must be removed from the lakes and on a trailer when camper is absent from campground for more than 24 hours.

-        Boats in mooring overnight must be in designated areas.  Boats may tie up to docks for loading and unloading only.

-        A utility trailer lot is available for boat or other small utility trailers to park in while at the campground.  Trailers must be stored in this lot if you are over your allotted site allowance of an RV unit and 2 vehicles.  Boat trailers must be removed from the utility trailer lot when the camper is not camping at the campground unless the camper has paid the storage fees.


-        Campfires are restricted to fire rings and designated fire pits only.

-        Bon fires are not allowed.

-        Fire pits are to be cleaned of all trash before leaving, ashes and logs may remain.

-        Fire pits must be completely extinguished and cool to the touch when vacating campsites.

-        Warblers Cove prohibits building of fires at any time when such fires may present a fire hazard.  (Watch the sign at the Park Entrance for fire hazard status.)  During periods of extreme fire hazard, special precautions or measures may have to be ordered by Warblers Cove.  In the event the fire hazard conditions are severe, Warblers Cove may be closed, or other precautionary measures instituted if ordered by the National Forest Service, County Fire Warden, or management.  Upon such notice, all members and visitors shall immediately comply with orders to take special precautions and/or evacuate the campground.

Camper’s Responsibility

-        Campers are financially and legally responsible for the actions and conduct of their children and visitors while visiting the campground.

-        All campers and visitors are accountable to these rules and guidelines.  If one chooses not to follow the rules and guidelines, the consequence will be the loss of the use of campground facilities and for annual campers’ termination of their contract

-        Failure to follow the Warblers Cove Campground Rules, or violate any local, state or federal law is grounds for rental site and/or camping privileges termination.

-             Management reserves the right to evict anyone from the park or terminate rental


-        One camping unit per site, plus one tent or dining fly (no larger than 100 square feet).

-        Occupancy limit of six adults, or a total of eight people (up to six adults and 2 children) per site. 

-        Overnight sleeping is not permitted by members, campers or visitors in any of the Warblers Cove buildings (Clubhouse, Shower House, Recreation Centers, etc.).

-        No power cords or extension cords can be buried underground.

-       Power adaptors designed to reroute and/or reconfigure existing service are not permitted. This includes directive are power adaptors designated as ‘Pigs’ and ‘Y’ types.

-        The use of any power equipment, chain saws or tools is strictly prohibited. (Special maintenance exceptions may be granted by Warblers Cove management).

-        Power generators are not allowed except in rustic section 10am-12pm and 4pm-6pm.



-        Do not litter.

-        Clean campsite prior to leaving, includes trash bags, litter, clothes lines, fire rings, etc.  Campsites will be inspected upon leaving.  A clean-up fee may be charged by Warblers Cove for garbage and trash removal if the campsite is not properly cleaned before leaving.

-        Clean up after yourself and your guests.

-        Do not dispose of outside waste, building materials or appliances in dumpsters.

-        Place garbage in (not beside) dumpster.  Do not place outside waste in campground dumpsters.  Dumpsters may not be used to dispose of furniture or appliances.


-        Clotheslines must be higher than 7 feet off the ground (per state law).  If secured to a tree(s), must be done in a manner that does not damage the tree(s).

Commercial Business

-        No commercial business is permitted to be run out of the campground.

-        No posting of signs or advertisements unless approved by Warblers Cove management.


-             Damage to campground or others’ property is cause for eviction.  Management reserves the right to have anyone vacate the park.

-             Do not cut or trim any live trees without Warblers Cove management permission

-             Campers are responsible for their property’s damage and/or security. Warbles Cove is not responsible for camper’s property theft or damage.


-        For any life-threatening emergency, immediately dial 911; then notify campground management.

-        For campground property emergencies, notify campground management

-        Warblers Cove does not deliver messages to campsites; exceptions may be made

Electric Service – 30 amp only

-        The campground provides 30-amp electrical service only. Do not manipulate the amperage. It is a severe fire hazard and electrical outage threat.

-        Any modification to electrical service is not allowed.  You will be held responsible for any damage to your property and others as a result of any modification.

-        Warblers Cove does not deliver messages to campsites; exceptions may be made


-        No standing (dead or alive) trees are to be cut for firewood.  Deadwood may be collected off the ground for campfire building purposes.

-        Chainsaws are not to be used in campground. 

-        You may bring firewood, or it can be purchased on the premises. Bringing firewood into camp may be restricted at times based on DNR recommendations directed at preventing the spread of disease and insect infections.

-        Stacking of wood at individual campsites is limited to one-half face cord per campsite. 

-        At no time is forest wood allowed to leave the campground for personal use and/or sale.


-             Generators are only allowed in the rustic section during set times. Under special situations management may grant generator use during specific time frames.

Gray and Sewer Water

-        There is no dumping of gray, black and/or sewer water allowed on the ground.  Gray, black and/or sewer water must be kept in a suitable closed container and dumped at a designated deposit station.

Golf Carts

-        Golf carts may be inspected and permitted by Warblers Cove prior to use.

-        You are responsible for your golf cart.  If you choose to allow others to use your cart, you are responsible for their actions.

-        No person under the age of 18 or without a validate drivers license may operate any vehicle including golf carts, cars, trucks, motorcycles or other typically licensed vehicles on the campground property.

-        Golf carts are allowed on roads and improved trails. Anyone using a cart and or vehicle off a maintained trail or roadway will be evicted from the campground.




-        All children 12 and under are not allowed to be left alone in the park and must be supervised at all campground recreational areas (parents/ guardians are responsible for their children).

 -       Minors of any age may not be left alone in the park at any time, a parent or responsible adult must be on the park property with them.

-        All children under 16 need to have an adult of at least 21 years of age or a parent to supervise around pool area, ponds and lakes.

-        All children under 18 must be back to their campsite by 10 PM unless accompanied by a parent.

-        No person under the age of 18 years of age or without a legal driver’s license may operate any motorized vehicle on the Warblers Cove property

ORV's and Motorcycles (Controlling noise and off-road destruction)

-        ORV’s (Less then 50” in width), quads, motorcycles, dune buggies, snowmobiles and trail bikes are not allowed as transportation vehicles in the campground (these vehicles may be trailered into the park but not driven in the park.)

-        Off road, motorized driving of any type is prohibited. Violates can be evicted from the campground

-        Motorcycles may be driven into and out of the campground only

Music and Load Noises

-        Loud music and noise that are disturbing to others is not allowed.

-        Be considerate of others


-        Two dogs allowed per site.

-        No vicious or aggressive dogs are allowed in the campground.

-        It is mandatory that you always keep your pet on a leash.  The leash cannot be longer than 6 ft.  Pets may not roam.

-        Any dog or pet that bites or attacks anyone will immediately result in removal from the campground.

-        Only registered campers can have pets in the park.  Visitors will be denied entry into the park if they bring an animal.

-        Pets are NOT to be left outside unattended.

-        Owners must clean up after pets (carry a pet litter bag).

-        Do not tie pets to trees.

-        Pets are not allowed in restrooms, the pool, on beaches, in the clubhouse, pavilion areas, or in rental units.

-        Pets must be kept quiet.  Excessive barking of dogs may result in a request to remove dog from the campground.

-        Animal abuse will be immediately reported to local animal control authorities.

Projectiles - Firearms, Firearms and Other

-        Fireworks and explosives are not allowed in campground.

-        Firearms are not allowed in the campground.

-        Bow and arrows, sling shots or any or such device or projectile are not allowed in the campground.

-        No hunting or trapping allowed on the campground property.

Quiet Time

-        Quiet time is from 10 PM to 9 AM.

-        Offensive language is not permitted at any time.

-        Any acts of violence, physical abuse, verbal abuse, or disorderly conduct will be grounds for immediate membership termination.

Registration and Reservations

-        All campers must check-in at the campground office upon before setting up their unit

-        The campground reserves the right to cancel and/or alter reservations of a specific site.

-        All reservations must be paid in advance or a payment plan in place for annual rentals.

-        Advanced reservations are encouraged to ensure a campsite is available.

-        If you wish to extend your stay, you must come into the office 24 hours prior to your checkout to renew.  Extensions are made on space available basis.

-        Checkout for all sites is 12:00 PM.

-        Reservation changes must be made at least 48 hours prior to reservation

-        Pre-paid reservation fees are NOT REFUNDABLE.

Rental Sites

-        Warblers Cove has sites available for yearly rentals.  These rentals allow the camper to:

1)   Leave the unit on site for the duration of the rental period.

2)   Unlimited days per visit,

3)   First option to renew the rental site 30 days prior to rental expiration date.

4)   Up to an 8’ X 10’ Shed (Sheds may not be closer than 10 feet from nearest adjacent recreation unit; exceptions may be granted by Warblers Cove). Sheds may not be permanent or on any type of permanent foundation or slab.  Sheds must be able to be removed quickly and easily.  Sheds may not be electrically equipped. Sheds must be approved in writing by Warblers Cove management before construction

5)   A removable deck may also be used on rental sites.  The deck size must be approved in writing by Warblers Cove management before construction

6)   Campers are responsible for the site upkeep and lawn maintenance.

Scooters and Mopeds

-        Medically indicated electric scooters are allowed in the campground. 

-        Riders must wear a safety helmet and obey speed limits.

-        Gasoline powered bikes, scooters and mopeds are to follow motorcycle rules.


-        Campers and visitors must obey all Warblers Cove signage.

-        No political signs, flags or displays are allowed.

-        Campers may posts signs, flags and displays of fun, good and non-offensive / vulgar nature. Warblers Cove Management will determine appropriateness.

Speed Limit

-        Speed limit throughout the park is 7 mph.  Violators will receive one warning. The second warning is loss of campground camping privileges.

-        Cruising the park is not permitted.

Storage Areas

-        Storage areas are available for additional vehicles, camping unit and boats.  See Warblers Cove management for fees and contracts

-        Additional parking space is provided for boat trailers, utility trailers and vehicles while at camp.  Parking in this lot is at no cost.

Swim Areas

-        No Lifeguards are on duty at any lakes or pools, swim at your own risk

-        No swimming after dark or across the lakes.

Swimming Pool

-        Campers and visitors must obey all posted safety rules.

-        No glass containers allowed in pool area (No exceptions).

-        No lifeguard on duty, swim at your own risk – please be careful!

-        All children that are not toilet trained must wear swimmy undergarments (No diapers) in pool.

-        No alcohol allowed in the pool area.

-        Cut off shorts and shirts are not allowed in the pool (the frayed material can clog the drains).  Short pants and shirts are allowed.

-        No wet swimming suits allowed in the store or the club house.

-        Swimming pool operates only during posted hours. 


-        Dump bins are available of trash generated during your stay.

-        Dump bins may not be used for furniture, TVs, hazardous waste and/or grills.

-        Bringing trash and/or waste from outside of the campground to place in the dump bins is not allowed.

Trees and Shrub Protection

-        Do not cut, carve, saw, trim or otherwise harm any tree or shrub that is standing, dead or alive

Vehicles, Trailers and Storage

-        All tongues of travel trailers, fifth wheels, pop-ups and fronts of motor homes must face roadways.

-        No washing of any vehicle when camping or visiting the resort.

-        Two vehicles are allowed per site.  Additional vehicles must be parked in designated overflow parking areas.

-        Anyone wishing to place a vehicle in storage must sign a Warblers Cove storage contract.

-        All travel trailers must be 5 ft away from the electric pedestal and 5 ft away from any existing unit or building.

Visitors and Campers

-        Transient campers are defined as those individuals camping and/or staying at Warblers Cove, yet do not have annual site rental contracts.

-        Annual campers are those campers who have rented and annual site.

-        Visitors are defined as anyone visiting a paid camper.

-        Visitors may not use the campground without the camper present.

-        Management reserves the right to restrict or deny any visitor.

-        All who enter the campground must obey all campground rules.

-        Campers are responsible for the actions of their visitors.

-        No unaccompanied visitors will be permitted in after 9:00 PM.