COVID-19 Policy

Note that due to Covid we have limited access to our showers/washrooms.  

For the 2022 season if you book a Pop Up/Tent site, you will have access to shower/washrooms. We ask any RV’s with fully functioning bathrooms use the shower/washroom facilities in their RV.

All campers must truthfully answer NO to all questions to pass screening and  enter the campground.

If any camper must truthfully answer YES to ANY of the screening questions, or refuses to answer, then screening has been failed & access to campground is denied.

1.    Does anyone have any TWO of the following symptoms that are not related to a known pre-existing health condition?

·       Fever, cough (or worsening cough)

·       Diarrhea

·       Loss of smell or taste, runny nose, sore throat

·       muscle pain, headache, fatigue/exhaustion 

·        In children, purple marking on the fingers and toes? If yes, return home, self-isolate, call 811 and get tested for Covid-19       

2.    Has anyone been advised by Public Health, health-care provider or peace office that you are currently required to self-isolate?         

3.    Is anyone waiting for a Covid-19 test result?        

4.    Has anyone had a Positive test for Covid 19?       

If yes, provide date: _________________                

5.    In the last 14 days (unless exempt from self-isolation)

  • Has anyone travelled outside of NS?
  • Has any individual in any camper’s household returned from outside of NS?
  • Has any individual in any camper’s household developed one or more symptoms of Covid-19 as listed in question 1 above?
  • Covid-19 safety:

o   Try to maintain a distance of 6ft (2m) from campers outside of your REGISTERED GROUP & No visitors

o   Mindful use of Personal Protective Practices

o   Do not enter another camper’s site unless there is sufficient room to maintain proper & effective physical distancing.

o   Frequent hand washing and sanitizing of “high touch” surfaces

o   Parents must ensure their children follow physical distancing and Covid-19 safety recommendations.