Terms of Service

  • Prepayment of entire balance is required at the time of booking. No Exceptions.
  • Minimum age to book reservation is 19.
  • Check Out time is 11am and Check In Time is 1pm
  • Any changes to your reservation must be received per our cancellation policy.
  • If you wish to extend your stay, and your site is available, please notify reception before 11:00 a.m. on your scheduled date of departure. 
  • Quiet Time is 11 pm
  • Washrooms:

Note that due to Covid we have limited access to our showers/washrooms.  

  • For the 2021 season if you book a Pop Up/Tent site, you will have access to shower/washrooms. We ask any RV’s with fully functioning bathrooms use the shower/washroom facilities in their RV.


  • Occupancy Rules
    • Prices are based on two adults per site. Additional adults are $5 per person per day.
    • Maximum 4 adults per campsite. The maximum occupancy on a campsite is 6 people if there are children 16 and under in the group.
    • 2 adults + 2 kids = Okay!
      4 adults = Okay!
      1 adult = 3 kids = Okay!
      5 adults = Book 2 Sites!
    • Children 16 years old and under are allowed at no additional charge provided that the total number of occupants does not exceed 4 people per site.
    • Additional vehicles are allowed and a $5/day fee will be applied.


·        Visitors are permitted with no additional fees, but they must register at the office and are expected to leave by 10pm.We do not allow any new visitors after 8 pm. If you think you will have guests during your stay with us, please make them aware of this policy.  Overnight guests will be charged $5.00/person.

·        Campfires:

o   Please use firepit provided and do not relocate firepits.

o   Any damage caused from a relocated firepit will be the responsibility of the registered guest of the site.

o   Firewood is available at the office.

o   We ask you not transport wood into the campground.

o   Open fires are permitted unless notified by Department of Natural Resources.

·        Pets:

o   Pets are more than welcome on this campground.

o   We do strictly enforce our animal policy.

o   Please keep your dog tied or on a leash.

o   Do not leave your dog alone for an extended periods of time and have dogs refrain from excessive barking.

o   Please clean up after your dog.

·        Parents are responsible for their children in the campground at all times. If your child is going to swim, please adhere to the rules and accompany them if they are under 10 years of age.

·        Kids must not drive bicycles past dark

·        There is to be no fireworks in the campground.

·        No one without a valid driver’s license may drive in the campground.

·        Please keep consumption of alcohol to your site

·        Drinking and driving is not tolerated in the park.

·        Please do not wash vehicles or RVs in the campground.

·        Garbage:

o   Please bag all your garbage and dispose of in the garbage shed.

·        SPEED LIMIT is 10km/hr.

·        Security is to be respected at all times and management reserves the right to refuse admittance or to evict anyone.

  • Wilderness Tent Sites:
    • No fires allowed at the site
    • Guest acknowledges that the site is close to a 40 foot oceanside cliff and will  not cross the site barrier positioned on the oceanside of the site
    • Any children 10 and under must be supervised at all time
  • Dumping Station:
    • There is an onsite dumping station for our guests. There is no fee to dump for our guests