Terms of Service

Cancellations: RV: (14) days prior to scheduled arrival--Refund minus $15.00 processing fee. (13) days to (6) days prior to scheduled arrival--Refund minus 1 night stay. (5) or fewer days to scheduled arrival--No Refund. CABINS/COTTAGE: (14) days prior to scheduled arrival--Refund minus $35.00 processing fee. (13) days to(6) days prior to schuduled arrival-- Refund minus 1 night stay. (5) or fewer days prior to arrival--No refund.***No refund for special events ***

Pet Policy: NO PETS PERMITTED IN CABIN/COTTAGE. Disregarding the pet policy in cabins/cottage will result in a cleaning fee charge of $125.00 per pet.  Pets are permitted on RV sites.  Owners must provide proof of a rabies vaccination for each pet. Non-aggressive dogs are welcome. All pets must be quiet, friendly, and always leashed on a 6 foot or shorter non-retractable leash. Pet fences and pens are not allowed. You are required to clean up after your pet. Portions of the Florida Greenway may be used to walk leashed pets including the Florida Trail and the paved trail. The mountain bike and horse trails are not available to pedestrians and/or pedestrians with pets.There is a $10 pet fee per pet for RV site rentals.

Speed Limit: All vehicles must adhere to a speed of 10 MPH while in The Resort. This includes RVs, cars, trucks, golf carts, and all motorized or non-motorized vehicles.

Parking: Parking for one RV unit and a maximum of two (non commercial) vehicles are permitted per site. There is no additional guest parking permitted anywhere on the site(s) or in the park. There is no parking on uninhabited sites or on the roadway. Management reserves the right to refuse entry to any RV or vehicle considered by Management to be incompatible with WhimCycleTrail RV Resort standards. RVs older than 10 years will not be permitted.

Water Usage: Vehicles may be washed on site at a charge of $10 per car or truck, and $20 per RV.

Change of reservation fee for cabin/cottage $35.00. Change of reservation fee for RV site $15.00

Check in RV: 1:00 Check out RV:12:00     Check in Cabin: 3:00 Check out Cabin: 11:00

Early check in or late check out is charged at $8.00 per hour.

There is one outdoor hot water shower for your convenience located adjacent to the restrooms.

Privacy and Enjoyment: Quiet hours are 10:00pm-7:00am. Excessive noise, aggressive behavior, intoxication, and drug use are prohibited. 

Liability: Guests acknowledge and agree that Whimcycle Trail Resort at Santos shall not be liable to guest, or any person or entity, for any damage or injury to any person, any loss of income, goods, wares, merchandise, or other property of guests, or any other person or entity, whether such damage, or injury to person, loss of income, goods, wares, merchandise, or other property, is caused by results from: (a) vandalism, terrorism, pollution, smoke, wind, ice, fire, steam, electricity, water, sewer, gas, or rain, or other acts of some deity; (b) the breakage, leakage, obstruction, or other defect of pipe, sprinklers, wires, appliances, plumbing, heating, air-conditioning, lighting fixtures, hookups, systems, or any other cause, unless directly caused by Whimcycle Trail Resort at Santos utility obligation; (c) conditions arising on or about the premises of the community, or from other sources or places; or (d) any act or omission of any other person or entity. Whimcycle Trail Resort at Santos shall not be liable for any such injury or damage, even though the cause of or the means of repariring such costs, expenses, lability, damage, or injury are not accessible to the guest.

Solicitation: Solicitation by outside parties, guests, or visitors is not permitted. Please notify management if you are approached by any solictor.

Occupancy: RV site rent includes service for up to 6 people.  Base cabin rental rates are for up to 4 people. Maximum occupancy is six people in cabin #12 and cottage #13.

The addition of our picnic table/fire ring stations has added 30 to 50 feet to most RV sites, which creates adequate space to erect an outdoor tent/gazebo or other framed covered structure. This option is only avaiable at rented RV sites. Tent/Gazebo/Canopy will be charged at $20.00 per night with a $5.00 per guest per day over 6 people. Maxiumum outdoor covered structures (2) per site. We reserve the right to add this charge, if the option is not chosen at the time of check, which may occur during this process. We do not allow dry camping only at these RV sites.