Terms of Service


Thank you for staying with us. We hope you will have a pleasant stay. By placing your tent, rv,
motorhome, trailer, etc. in a rv park site you have agreed to abide by the following Rules and
Regulations. They are here for the benefit of you and all other guests. So please abide by them and help
us enforce them.
1.Term of Stay: You have agreed to rent your site and stay in the Park for a specific term of days, weeks
or months. You have no right to hold over in your site after the expiration of your term. If you wish to
stay beyond the termination of your current agreement, you will have to execute another written
agreement with the Park office.
2. Speed Limit: The speed limit in the Park is 5 mph.
3. Quiet Hours: 10 pm to 8 am are designated as quiet hours. Please respect the comfort of the other
guests and of the managers who live above the restrooms, showers and laundry facilities.
4. Utilities: You are responsible for the safety and operations of the utilities supplied to your site. Be
sure to locate all above-ground utility hookups (especially water service) before pulling or backing your
unit into a site.
A . Water: You are responsible for the operation of your water service. You will be charged extra
if you allow an unreasonable amount of water to spill on the ground. Winter conditions cause
unique threats to the water system. If water pipes are left under pressure and not properly heat
taped, the water service will freeze. If your water service freezes and you do not immediately
inform us, the frost will descend the pipe into the ground and it will be nearly impossible to
unfreeze. In freezing conditions we suggest that you disconnect your water line from the water
faucet when not in use. The faucet will then drain and cannot freeze.
b. Electricity: Theft of electric services is a crime and will be reported. If you are connected to a
meter, do not attempt to by-pass it.
c. Wireless Internet. Wireless internet is provided free within the Park. It is password protected.
The current password is: wfrvparkOl.
d. Sewer. Sewer connections must be hard piped within 30 days of arrival if you plan to occupy
your site for more than 30 days to comply with state public health laws.
5. Pets. Only small dogs and cats are allowed in the Park without prior approval. All pets must be
registered. Pets must be kept under your control and confined to your site when not on a leash. There is
a $50 fine for pets allowed off-leash in the park. Pets are the responsibility of the owner. If you leave your pets unattended and they cause a
disturbance, the police or pound will be called.
6. Fires and Fireworks. Open fires and fireworks are prohibited in the Park. Barbeques and small, above-
ground and enclosed fire places are permitted. However, you are responsible for the comfort of your
7. Washing vehicles. Washing vehicles at your site is prohibited due to the potential for runoff and mud.
You may use a small amount of water to clean your vehicle at the dump station.

8. Children. Children must be supervised at all times in the Park. Children under 13 years must be
accompanied to the
restrooms, showers and laundry.
9. Tow and Other Vehicles. Only one vehicle may park by your rv. There is overflow parking to the east
(behind) of the bathroom/laundry building. NO PARKING ON THE GRASS.
10. Grounds for Eviction. Upon the receipt of a second warning for a violation of these rules, you will be
subject to immediate eviction. Subjecting another person to injury or the threat of such will be cause for
immediate eviction.
11. Smoking. Smoking is allowed in your site as long as your site is kept clean and free of debris. No
smoking is allowed in the laundry or bathroom facilities.


By accepting this reservation, Guest hereby waives, releases and discharges and covenants not to sue Whitefish RV Park for all claims and liability for personal injury, accidents, property damage, any other claim arising out of or in connection with Guests’ use of the Rental/Property. Further, Guest agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Whitefish RV Park from all losses, claims, expenses and demands, including attorneys’ fees, that Whitefish RV Park may incur arising out of or in connection with Guests’ use of the Rental/Property. Guest further agrees to be responsible and liable for the actions and safety of every person in their group. Whitefish RV Park reserves the right to remove any renter, occupant or guest who is subject to a lifetime registration requirement under a State sexual offender registration program.

Pet Policy: We are a pet-friendly resort, but pets must be walked on a leash, cleaned up after and may not disturb other guests. Pets are the responsibility of the owner. Management reserves the right to restrict disruptive or aggressive breeds. 

Management shall not be held liable or responsible for non-utilization of package components or loss of recreational opportunities due to weather or any other circumstances beyond our control.

Whitefish RV Park or its management bears no responsibility for any loss or damage to any person or property or thing howsoever caused.

The management reserves the right to evict any day user, guest, camper or group of campers for any cause.