Cancellation Policy

Article H. Cancellation Policy

  • Section 1. This Campground permits the cancellation of any of our accommodation reservations.

    • Clause 1. A cancellation may be initiated by a customer at any point-in-time.

  • Section 2. All accommodation reservations that are 27 day(s) or less which have been cancelled by a guest will be attributed a corresponding “Refund Level” depending on a number of factors. There are 3 Levels of Refunds offered at this Campground. The 3 Levels of Refunds are outlined in Article I of the Terms of Service.

  • Section 3. If a customer initiates a cancellation on a reservation whose stay is a total of 28+ nights, the refund will be as follows:

    • Case 1. The cancellation is made 1+ days before the check in date; Guest receives the sum of all payments made towards the reservation’s invoice refunded back, minus a $5 inventory-holding fee.

    • Case 2. The cancellation is made any subsequent day after; refund will be decided on a case-by-case basis.