Terms of Service

Pay & Display Required:

Advance reservation is required for all sites prior to use—reserve on Campspot. Your reservation details serve as your camping permit and are linked to in your confirmation email; print or write down and visibly display on your camping unit. Failure to pay and display a valid camping permit shall result in a fine of $50.

*White Creek Lake campgrounds operate on a first-come, first-served basis, and registration is completed online through Campspot.


Must be 18 years of age or older to reserve a campsite.

Stay Limit:

Camping is limited to daily or weekly.  There are three (3) sites that are monthly rentals not to exceed a six (6) month period.


Reservations may not be transferred or sublet to another party. Attempts to do so will result in the forfeiture of your reservation, all funds, and a ban from municipal campgrounds for no less than 1 year.

Site Change:

While we make every effort to ensure guests receive their selected site, on rare occasions we may place guests in an alternative site if their first choice becomes unavailable due to unforeseeable circumstances (e.g. emergency maintenance work).

Image Disclaimer:

Site images are for illustrative purposes only and may not be an exact representation.


Any time after 1:00 PM

We do not offer early check-in. You are checked in when you physically occupy your site with a valid permit visibly displayed on your camping unit.


11:00 AM

We do not offer late check-out. Failure to vacate by the check-out deadline will result in an automatic $50 fee charged to the card on file without additional notice—regardless, guests must immediately vacate any site for which they do not have a valid reservation.

Occupancy Limits:

  • Max 4 persons per site.
  • Limit 1 RV or Tent per site

Quiet Hours: 

10:00 PM - 7:00 AM. Music and generator operation prohibited during these hours.

Quiet Enjoyment:

Any activity that interferes with the public's right to quiet enjoyment of the park (e.g. loud music or voices) is strictly prohibited. For after-hours noise disturbances, please contact the City of Eupora Police Department (non-emergency) at 662.258.4121.

Disorderly Conduct:

We will not tolerate abusive, threatening, or disruptive behavior towards staff or other guests. Violations will result in immediate eviction.


  • No more than 2 common household pets (e.g., cats and dogs) per site.
  • Must be leashed (6 ft. or less) and within owner's immediate reach at all times—do not leave unattended.
  • Owner must promptly pick up and properly dispose of animal waste.
  • May not disturb wildlife or other guests, e.g., noisy, aggressive, chases vehicles/bicycles.
  • Pets are not permitted in any public buildings or structures, including bathrooms and pavilions.

Management reserves the right to reject any animal.

Fires, Fireworks:

  • No campfires, fireworks are allowed
  • Do not cut or injure live trees.


  • Properly dispose of all waste in provided receptacles.

Site Standards:

  • Campsites should be clean and neat, free of trash, clutter and fire hazards.
  • Sites must be reserved prior to use; guests may only use sites they have reserved and must keep possessions fully contained within site perimeter.
  • Occupancy is on a temporary basis for recreational or vacation purposes only. Attachment of structures, additions or foundations or any other act evidencing permanency of occupancy shall not be permitted; plastic sheeting, tarp enclosures, and other makeshift structures are not allowed.

Vehicle Standards:

The quality of RV's in a campground can contribute to or detract from the overall experience for all campers. For this reason, we enforce some vehicle standards, similar to those in place at many other RV campgrounds.

  • All vehicles must be in good and operable condition.
  • Vehicles may not be repaired or washed in the campgrounds.
  • Exterior should not be unsightly, i.e., free from obvious defects or poorly repaired damage (e.g. no duct tape, tarps) and should have intact doors, windows, body panels, etc.
  • Isolated minor issues (e.g. minor window cracking, noticeable but properly repaired body damage) are generally acceptable, provided multiple issues don't cumulatively add up to a substantially deteriorated appearance.

Commercial Activities:

No commercial or business activities are permitted.


Guests are solely responsible for all damage and destruction of property, and any injury to persons, caused by the guest or his or her family, visitors, or pets. We reserve the right to charge guests accordingly for any damage they cause, including but not limited to violations of our fire policy, litter (e.g. broken glass, cigarette butts), and noxious discharge from vehicles (e.g. gray/black water, oil).

Guests agree to indemnify and hold harmless the City of Eupora from any injury to persons caused by the guest or his or her family, visitors, or pets.

By making and paying for a reservation at this campground, you agree to accept the terms & conditions.