Terms of Service

When booking a reservation, the reservation must be paid in full upon booking. To make everyone's visit enjoyable we ask that you review and adhere to the following guidelines.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Our cancellation policy requires 48 hours notice prior to check-in time on your arrival date. No refunds or cancellations can be made for inclement weather and all reservations are subject to a $5+HST processing fee. Those who give less than 48 hours notice will be charge a one day rate and those who do not show for their reservation owe for their entire stay.

QUIET TIME is 11 PM to 8 AM. Visitors must leave before 11 PM. Management is not subject to quiet hours.
LAKE the use of Lynch Lake is at You, Your Family and Your Visitors own risk. Lynch Lake is an UNSUPERVISED lake. CHILDREN 13 AND UNDER MUST NOT BE LEFT IN, ON OR NEAR LYNCH LAKE WITHOUT RESPONSIBLE ADULT SUPERVISION. No motorized boats. Kiddie pools are not permitted.
TREES and shrubbery shall not be cut, broken, or defaced whether dead or alive. Such damage will be charged for as determined by management.
PETS must be confined or kept on leash. Not left unattended at camp, not chained to a tree, shall not annoy others, shall not dig holes. Clean up after your pet and dispose of fecal matter into proper containers. Use discretion when using the lake with pet. The use of Lynch Lake is at own risk.
CHILDREN under age 13 must not be left in camp or USE THE RESTROOM without responsible adult supervision.
GUESTS All visitors are to register at the front office and are expected to leave by 10:00 p.m. Cost to visit is $2.00 per person. Overnight guests will be charged $5.00/person. We do not allow any new visitors after 8:00 p.m. If you think you will have guests during your stay with us, please make them aware of this policy
HEALTH No washing dishes in washroom indoor sinks or outdoor water tap, no grey water on the ground and clean up after your pet. Dishwashing can be done at the outdoor sink(s), please leave it as you would want to find it. Dispose of garbage in provided receptacles. Tires, batteries, electronics, appliances, LP gas tanks, paint cans, or hazardous materials CAN NOT be disposed of at the campground. Dispose of refundable containers separately.
FIRES only in firepits. NO HIGH FIRES. Must abide by campgrounds fire bans. Wood for sale at office. DO NOT MOVE FIREPIT. Ashes and debris will be disposed of by management. Firepits will not be used as garbage receptacles.
VEHICLES 2 per site. Keep vehicles on gravel roads as much as possible. Pull over on pull outs only on driveway. No washing of any vehicles, including RVs and Trailers.
SPEED LIMIT IS 10 KPH. No parking on camp roads. No unlicensed motor vehicles allowed. Children’s motorized vehicles are prohibited. No golf carts.
FISHING is allowed but we ask that you catch and release. Be respectable of swimmers. DO NOT CATCH TURTLES.
ALCOHOL Drinking and driving or substance abuse is not tolerated in the park. Please keep consumption of alcohol to your campsite. Our campground is a family-oriented place which includes having additional regulations and restrictions on cannabis use. Consumption is not permitted at our campground common areas (such as playgrounds, washrooms, trails, or roads.) Non-medical cannabis consumption is limited to the designated area or inside your camper. Please don't smoke marijuana outdoors at your campsite. If medical marijuana smoking is necessary, camper must have medical card in hand and please be aware of the children in the vicinity and let common sense prevail. Our friendly staff would be happy to show you our designated area.  Loud and boisterous conduct will not be tolerated and will be cause for eviction.
YOU ARE responsible for your family and your guests obeying these rules. Any violations deemed serious by management will be cause for immediate eviction of both camper and visitors. No refunds will be given. In case of property damage, the management will compute the cost to fix the damage. And you, your family and your guests may be subject to criminal charge.

COVID-19 Please follow all local health guidelines (don't lick people) and rules in reference to COVID-19.

Wild Nature Campground Ltd. Will not be held responsible or liable for any property damage, injury, fire, collision, or theft. The use of campground facilities for you, your family and your guests are at your own risk.