Terms of Service

Reservations start January 15, 2024, for this year’s camping season, from April 26th to October 14th, 2024. As per the terms and conditions to use Campspot’s platform to book reservations at Elevated Experience Camping, Campspot reserves the right to store personal information therefore your credit card number is required upon booking. All reservations require a credit card. A NON-REFUNDABLE $12.00 (plus GST) reservation system fee charge will be processed on the credit card to reserve your camping reservation. If you need to cancel your reservation, we require a minimum of 72 hours’ notice (THIS IS A 24hr CLOCK THAT STARTS AT MIDNIGHT AND IS AUTOMATIC). Cancellation notices less than 72 hours at midnight will receive no refund. No-shows will be charged the full amount of their reservation.

Please Note: Unfortunately, Elevated Experience Camping is not responsible for refunding reservations and/or campsites due to government restrictions, including but not limited (Pandemic ECT.) or other circumstances such as fire, traffic delays, highway closures, accidents, illness, accidentally unintentionally reserving incorrect dates, campsite or campground (we have two) zombie apocalypse, Sasquatch sighting, or any other event that could be considered an “act of God” We urge you to consider this matter seriously before accepting these terms as part of the reservation process.

Lock fees of $6.00 per campsite/ glamping site are required to guarantee any site in the campground. Any unlocked sites are subject to software optimization and your campsite can/ will be moved without notice. Please read the terms carefully around lock fees.

Campspot and Elevated Experience Camping offers multi-site bookings. When booking multi-sites, only one credit card is used to purchase the campsites. It is the responsibility of the cardholder who made the original reservation to collect outstanding payments from their group. Elevated Experience Camping will collect full payment from the original credit card used to make the reservation.

For the 2024 season, campers can now cancel their reservation online. For a REFUND on your reservation, cancellations need to follow Elevated Experiences Camping’s refund policy of providing a minimum of 72 hours’ notice (THIS IS A 24hr CLOCK THAT STARTS AT MIDNIGHT AND IS AUTOMATIC)All refunds automatically go into Camp Guest Credit. For a refund to it is the camper’s responsibility to email us at info@eecwilleywest.com for all credit card refunds. Cancellations will not be accepted over the phone. All refunds exclude the non- refundable reservation Fees of $12.00 plus GST. If you need to change a reservation, there is a $10.00 administration fee. Change reservation fees cannot be waived.

New for 2024–Sasquatch Smokehouse Eatery

New for 2024 –RV Rental

New for 2024 – One new full-Service Campsite and one new tenting only campsite


Check-in 3:00 pm, check-out noon; unfortunately, early check-in is not available Fridays for the 2024 camping season.

Check-out is 12 noon 7 days a week.

Campsites include 8 guests max., one R.V. or one tent, and two vehicles per site.

Additional tents are $15.00 per night per site (immediate children excluded) to a maximum of 2 tents.

Additional R.V. units are $20.00 per night per site.

Parking is limited: please inquire if parking for more than two vehicles is required.

Well-behaved pets are welcome and must always be on a leash. We ask that your pet not be left alone at your Campsite and clean up after your pets. Dog waste stations with bags are provided throughout the campground for your convenience. There is a maximum of two pets per site. Contact Elevated Experience Camping directly at info@eecwilleywest.com if you travel with more than two pets.

There is a $100 automatic fee to the credit card of file for the campsite for the following but not limited to:

  • Unkept Campsites
  • Nails, staples, or other debris found in the firepit that would indicate unclean wood was burned
  • The dropping of an ATV, recreation vehicle in the campground
  • Cut or burned trees/ wild brush from inside the campground 
  • Burning garbage in a provincial park fire pit
  • Leaving a campfire unattended will result in a $600 fee as per Alberta Parks and Wildlife 

Washrooms -The bathroom access code is 2/4 for the woman and 3/5 for the men. Once the code is entered, turn the knob to the right. Only flush human waste and toilet paper. Please do not flush feminine products, applicators, paper towels, disposable wipes etc.

Household garbage only.

Do not store garbage at your site or beside the dumpster as it attacks unwanted wildlife: no Cardboard, TVs, Coolers, Tents, Chairs, or any other Large Items.


Check-in 4:00 PM, check-out 11:00 AM. Unfortunately, early check-in is not available for the 2024 season.

Rates for all Glamping are NON-REFUNDABLE unless we can re-rent the glamping site for the EXACT same dates. Please check our website for specific details on each Glamping site

A $100.00 Cleaning fee will be charged to the Credit Card provided if the Glamping site is left dirty or unkempt or any item(s) are identified as stolen or broken (we understand accidents, please just let us know if you break something). These units are like an AIR BNB rental, not a hotel. It is your responsibility to leave them as you found them when you arrived.

Portable Potty’s are strictly prohibited in the glamping sites. Glampers will be automatically charged the $100 cleaning fee.

Pet-friendly Glamping sites are subject to availability. Please inquire directly with Elevated Experience Camping Directly at info@eecwilleywest.com.


To help elevate your experience in the Glamping sites, you are responsible for bringing the following:

  • Pillows
  • Towels
  • Propane if using the BBQ (we rent bottles for $30
  • Additional bedding if required
  • Additional cooling for hot days
  • Dishware and cookware

****Cots can be rented for an additional $10.00 per night***


**Please note there is no WASHROOM OR RUNNING WATER in the Glamping sites**

 RV Rental at Elevated Experience Camping Willey West


Check-in 4:00 PM, check-out 11:00 AM. Unfortunately, early check-in is not available for the 2024 season.


Rates for RV Rental are NON-REFUNDABLE unless we can re-rent the RV for the EXACT same dates.

Basic Rate for the RV Rental is $135.00 a night. All confirmed reservations will be charged a cleaning/ Sani-dump removal fee of $120.00 per each reservation. There are 2 RV Rental packages offered at Elevated Experience Camping.

The Basic Rental as outlined above includes the RV Rental for the duration of the reservation. The camper assumes all responsibility of the RV once checked into the RV until the checkout of the reservation. Any concerns, damages, faulty equipment over use of product provided (toilet paper/ propane etc.) etc. Will be the responsibility of the RV rental Camper. At time of checkout, the camper can email info@eecwilletwest.com to address any questions/ concerns and Elevated Experi8ence Camping will address all matters once the cleaning and rental checklist has been completed with 72 hours of the completed reservation.

The Elevated Experience Rental package is an additional $60.00 per night which includes:

· Free refill of all paper products

· 1 Free Propane Refill

· On-site trouble shooting from EEC Staff Member(s) if required.

An additional $100.00 Cleaning Fee will be charged to the Credit Card provided if the RV is left dirty or unkempt or any item(s) are identified as stolen or broken (we understand accidents, please just let us know if you break something). These units are like an AIR BNB rental, not a hotel. It is your responsibility to leave them as you found them when you arrived.


***Maximum of 8 guest***


To help elevate your experience in the RV Rental, you are responsible for bringing the following:

· Pillows

· Towels

· Bedding

· Propane if using the propane burners (we rent bottles for $40)



Check-in 3:00 PM, check-out 12:00 PM. Unfortunately, early check-in is not available for the 2024 season.

Rate includes up to the following for the 2024 season

  • Group site #1 – 8 units
  • Group site #2 – 16 units

The fee is $240.00 per night. This is a non-refundable purchase unless we can re-rent the group site for the exact same dates. Group site #1 has a cookhouse and 1 power hook-up for 30amp; Group Site 2 has no amenities.


Reservations – All reservations are made on-line 24/7 at Elevatedexperiencecamping.com. – Have you checked in online? If yes, you do not need to stop at the office.

Check-In/Check-Out: Check-in 3pm; check-out 12pm daily. All campers must pay in full before proceeding to their campsite.

Bathroom Code: Woman’s is 2/4 to the right and Men’s is 3/5 to right. Only human waste & toilet paper to be flushed. Please do not flush feminine products, paper towel or other products down the toilets.

Visitors: Day use & site visitors are always welcome. Campground quiet time is at 11 pm. All visitors must be gone by quiet time.

Campsites: Our campers are responsible for their campsite. This includes cleanliness, wilderness preservation & guest conduct. Campsites that are not left clean will be subjected to a $100 cleaning fee.

Campfires: Campfires are only allowed in designated fire rings. Campers can no longer bring their own firewood. Clean, cut-up firewood “only”, can be used in our firepits.
No pallets, pressure treated wood, wood containing nails, screws, chemicals from adhesives and paint may be burned in the campground. This is an automatic $100 additional charge.
Firewood can be purchased from our store and delivered directly to your site.
$ 12.00 a bundle or buy 2 get the 3rd Free
Under no circumstances can you leave a campfire burning unattended and depart the campground. This is an automatic $600 additional charge through Alberta Parks.
Please make sure your fire is out before you leave, and that campfire ashes & wood debris only

Note: Some of the big trees in our forested areas are older than 75 years old. Damage to trees in the campground, part of the Eagle Point Provincial Park, is an offence which can lead to fines of up to $10K. This includes cutting down trees, stripping of birch bark, damaging trees by hanging items around them or drilling, nailing items into them.
Natural and forested wood on the ground between the trails, roads and campsites must not be removed and cannot be used as firewood. Forested trees must only be removed by qualified staff.
Speed Limit: Limited speed in the park is 20km an hour. Kids are playing in the park.

Fireworks: No Fireworks or Firearms (Bylaw 680-09); no chainsaws, motorized tools & no ATV, dirt bikes or horses.

Generators: Use between 10:00am – 7:00pm, daily.

Alcohol: Prohibited outside of designated sites.

Marijuana: Prohibited use in common areas.

Pets: Pets must be tied up & on leash at all times & campers need to clean up after their pets each time. Failure to clean-up may result in a fine up to $100.00. There are ‘poop bag’ stations throughout the campground.

Garbage: Only household garbage to be left at the campground. No electronics, chairs, coolers, small appliances etc.

Management is not responsible for personal injury, damage to property, lost or stolen items.


A minimum reservation for long weekends is 3 nights


Reservations can be paid by Visa, Mastercard or American Express. We cannot guarantee a Visa/ Mastercard Debit will work within our system. All sites must be paid in full before proceeding to your site.


Convenience Store: Our one-stop shop convenience stores offers everything from groceries to cravings. We’re always stocked with the camping essentials & goodies. Don’t want to leave your campsite? We will delivery right to your campsite.



Full-Service Campsite (POWER/WATER/SEWER)

$59.00 per night

Power Only

$49.00 per night

Non-Power and tenting only campsites

$32.00 per night

Rustic Glamping Campsite

$110 per night

Small Glamping Campsites

$180.00 per night

Large Family Glamping sites

$225.00 per night

Group Sites

$240.00 per night

RV Basic Rental

$135.00 + sani dump fee $120 per reservation

The Elevated Experience RV Rental

$195.00 + sani dump fee $120 per reservation


$12.00 a bundle or buy 2 get the 3rd Free

Bag of Ice


Coin operated showers

$1.00 for 2 minutes

Outdoor Cookhouse

$38.00 per day

9-hole mini golf

$10.00 per person/ $40.00 per family

Daily board games

$10 per day/ interchangeable

Discovery kits

$10 per day

Large Yard Games

$15.00 per day

Daily manual bike rentals

$33.35 per day

Daily Electric bike rentals

$42.85 per day

Sunday pancake breakfast


On-site Sani- Dump


Pet Fee


This property is privately managed by Elevated Experience Camping. We reserve the right to evict/refuse service to any guests who do not adhere to the policies of Elevated Experience Camping, Brazeau County, Alberta Parks, and Recreation and Tourism Alberta.

Information, policies, and prices of Elevated Experience Camping and Willey West Campground are subject to change without notice.


Rates currently posted may be subject to change. Charges are for the use of the assigned site and campground facilities only. The Campsite is for vacation purposes only. Brazeau County and Elevated Experience Camping Inc operators of Willey West Campground assume no responsibility for the loss through fire, theft, collision, natural disaster (“Act of God” events) or otherwise to the trailer, tent, vehicle and or their contents, whether due to negligence or otherwise. Use of the Willey West Campground and equipment for yourself, your family, and your guest is solely at your own risk and subject to Elevated Experience Camping Inc rules, receipt of a true copy of which is hereby acknowledged as well as any applicable municipal, provincial, or federal laws and regulation. Brazeau County and Elevated Experience Camping Inc operators of Willey West Campground and its employees, servants, contractors, or agents shall be saved harmless from any claim, whether in contract or tort, by or on behalf of all those admitted to the campground according to or because of this agreement. In addition to the set charges, any taxes levied in the trailer, any ancillary structures, or the rates charged shall be paid on registrations as may be otherwise required. The signatory, by clicking the accept button or signature on paper, represents and warrants that he/she is responsible for the signing on behalf of his/her permissions or knowledge. Any violation of this agreement, the determination of which shall be in the sole discretion of Brazeau County and Elevated Experience Camping Inc operators of Willey West Campground, shall result in termination of this.

Camping Season Hours of Operation

April 26, 2024 – October 14, 2024

Admin Office/Store:

Non-Peak Hours

Sunday- Saturday 11-7pm

Peak Season (May Long weekend until September long weekend)
Sunday – Thursday: 9:00 am – 8:00 pm

Friday and Saturday:
9:00 am – 10:00 pm 

Annual Camping Not Available:
November – April

All prices subject to GST and may change without notice.