Terms of Service


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Lock Site Fee: Locking your site means you are guaranteed the specific site number you selected during booking. If you choose to not lock your site you will be guaranteed your specific site type (i.e. Standard RV, Lakeside RV Motorhome Only, 2 Bedroom Cottage, Etc.) , but NOT your specific site. Our reservation system may move unlocked sites, prior to check in, in order to optimize the number of guests that are able to stay in the resort at any specific time. 

If you did not choose to lock your site during booking but would now like to do so, please call the office at toll free 866-207-2267 or 843-756-4334 Monday - Saturday 9am - 5pm. This Lock Site Fee is broken out at the bottom of your invoice if you are unsure about your site's status. The fee is $20 for RV sites or Cottages. 

Cancellation Policy: 

RV Site cancellation policy: Reservations cancelled more than 14 days in advance of arrival will incur a $25 cancellation fee. Reservations cancelled 14 days or less in advance of arrival will incur a cancellation fee of $50.

Cancellation for Monthly Reservations: Reservations cancelled more than 14 days in advance will incur a $50 cancellation fee. Reservations cancelled 14 or less in advance of arrival will incur a fee $100.

Cottage cancellation fee: Cancellations made 30 days or more in advance will incur a fee of $100. Cancellations made less than 30 days in advance will incur a fee of $200.

Photographs:  Entrance onto the property constitutes permission to WillowTree to photograph the guest or visitor while on premises and to use any resulting pictures for any lawful purpose without payment to guest or visitor.

Check In/Registration:  1:00 PM is check-in time for RV sites. 3:00 PM is check-in time for Cottages.

Check-Out/Departure:  11:00 AM is check-out time for both RV sites and Cottages.  Amenity privileges end at 11:00 AM.  

Early Departure:  Fees are not refunded for early departure. Guests are expected to occupy the registered site.   

Registration/Passes:   All guests, visitors, pets, watercraft, vehicles, golf carts and motorcycles, must be registered at the office and obtain the appropriate pass. Any vehicle without the required pass may be towed at the owner’s expense.

Vehicle & Utility Trailer Parking:   All vehicles must be registered with the office and parked in the appropriate parking areas. Vehicle passes must be displayed at all times in the park.  Parking on asphalt only. 

Campfires:  Supervised campfires are permitted in site fire rings only.  Do not use fire rings to burn trash.

Tents, Rugs, Canopies, Clotheslines, etc:  Tent camping is not permitted on property.  Rugs or screen canopies on the lawn will smother and destroy the grass and are not permitted. Hammocks and clothlines are not permitted as they strip and damage the trees.

Bagged Household Garbage and Recyclables:  Place secured bags at the end of the driveway between 8:00 a.m. and 12:00 noon.

Smoking:  Smoking is prohibited from all common areas and buildings including the pool enclosure and beach.

Quiet Time:  Quiet hours are 10:30 pm. to 8:00 am.   Golf Carts must be back at site no later than 10:30PM

Turn on Lights:  All bicycles and golf carts operated after dark must have lights turned on.

Firearms: Display of firearms is not permitted.

Fireworks:   Discharging of fireworks or fire crackers prohibited. 

Fishing:  No license is required and fishing is catch and release. Fishing is not permitted from the bridge or the beach. No cast net fishing.

Alcoholic Beverages:  Display of alcoholic beverages is not permitted.    

Pets: WillowTree reserves the right to refuse any pet access to the park, not registered as a certified service pet.  Guests are responsible for the safety of their pets and held liable for their actions. Pets must be accompanied by the owner or keeper, and kept under physical control by leash. Pets are prohibited from the beach, pool enclosure, bath house, fitness room, banquet facility, cottages and laundry room.  Registered certified service dogs are permitted through-out the park. Certain breed are restricted within the resort (Pit Bull, Doberman, Rottweiler, Mastiff, and Chow), if in doubt feel free to call the office to inquire about your pet. Additionally, all dogs aggressive in nature or prone to excessive barking are not permitted on resort grounds. Pets are not allowed in the cottages due to cottages being rented out to other families where allergies may be present.

Personal Golf Carts: Only electric carts are allowed.  Owner must register cart with the office, provide proof of current liability insurance, and visibly display the cart pass. Operators must be at least 16 years of age with a valid driver’s license.  The registered owner of the cart is responsible for the safety and actions of the operator, and for any and all damage caused by the operator. Golf cart violations are subject to loss of use privilege without refund.

Watercraft:   Kayaks, canoes, and Jon boats (electric motor only) permitted. The owner must register the watercraft with the office and  is responsible for the safety and actions of the operator and for any and all damage caused by the operator.

Life Guards: there is no lifeguard at the swimming pool or lake; staff members are not life guards

Pool Enclosure: Hours are posted. No glass is allowed in the pool or on the deck.  Eating while in the pool or spa is prohibited.    

Summer Lake Activities:  Hours are posted. Use of lake is from Memorial Day through Labor Day.  Children under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult. Glass containers prohibited. Appropriate swimwear required. Diapered bottoms must wear swimpants. Signage: Please note signs are posted throughout the park to provide reminders and additional policy information for the safety and benefit of all our guests. 

Entrance/Exit Gates: The gates are moving barrier arm gates and close daily. Once closed, a gate code is required to enter.  All vehicles must exercise caution and stop before entering and exiting.   

Liability:  WillowTree reserves the right to add to or change these rules, and reserves the right to refuse anyone and to require the departure of anyone, without refund, who fails to abide by park policies.   Guests/Occupants are expected to behave in a reasonable manner so as not to cause annoyance to others.  Any person creating a public disturbance will be deemed a threat to themselves or others.  Using profane or obscene languages, behaving in a drunk or disorderly manner, or displaying immoral or lewd behavior will not be tolerated. Camping has inherent risks associated with outside activities. WillowTree is not responsible for injuries or damage, which occur during activities, including but not limited to, use of the pool, lake, spa and/or campground sites or common areas.    

Waiver and Release: WillowTree is privately owned.  Guest accepts camping privileges with the understanding that he/she does hereby agree to indemnify and release WillowTree, its owners, officers, employees, volunteers, guests or fellow campers for all liability for loss and/or damage to property and/or injury to his/her person and/or any person(s) staying or visiting on site, arising out of guest’s use of WillowTree camping facilities.

 SMS Text Messages: By providing my phone number to WillowTree RV Resort, I agree and acknowledge that WillowTree RV Resort may use artificial and/or pre-recorded SMS text messages to this number for informational purposes. I acknowledge that this consent may be removed at my request but that until such consent is revoked, I may receive SMS text messages from WillowTree RV Resort.  

By signing below, you acknowledge receipt of the rules & regulations and understand you are the responsible party for the safety and actions of your pets, children, guests and visitors, and their pets, if any.    Responsibility includes payment upon demand for the cost of any damage as a result of their actions.  Furthermore, you agree to adhere to the rules & regulations, the posted signs, and any additional policies provided, and you accept the responsibility to explain the same to your family members, guests and visitors. 

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