Terms of Service

Check-in time is 2pm. Check-out time is 12pm. 

Communicable Disease
We have taken enhanced health and safety measures for our guests and our staff. A risk of exposure to COVID-19 and other communicable diseases exists in any public place where people are present. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, senior citizens and people with underlying medical conditions are especially vulnerable. By visiting Woodchip Campground you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19 and other communicable diseases.

Current Safety Guidelines 

We want to announce several safety guidelines we have put in place to help ensure that everyone who camps has a healthy, happy, and safe time enjoying the Michigan outdoors at Woodchip Campground. They are as follows:
*Contact-free check in is available. *If you feel more comfortable wearing a mask please bring them with you from home. We do offer masks for sale in the office but we have a limited supply. Masks are currently recommended by the CDC and required if you are not vaccinated.  If you are not wearing a mask we will assume you have a medical condition or are exempt due to one of the other exemptions. Your 4th amendment rights and HIPPA prohibit us from asking you about any medical condition you may have or your vaccination history. We respect the rights and freedoms of everyone. *Use common sense when entering the office/camp store. If it is busy please wait out on the covered porch until it clears. The office has an additional exit out to the back to help with spacing during busier times. *Please respect other people’s space. Do not crowd walkways or common areas. Please use common sense to help keep everyone safe. When lining up for activities please leave room between you and the person in front of you. The CDC is currently recommending 6 feet of separation. *Hand sanitizer is available in our office, laundry room, common areas and at activities.*Please do not come to the campground if you are sick or have a fever. If you get sick while you are here please refrain from using our amenities and the common areas and notify the office. These guidelines are subject to change as needed. We are striving to offer a safe, relaxing and fun experience when visiting Woodchip Campground. We appreciate your support and we are glad you are here!

Every vehicle must have a parking pass to be in the park. Vehicles without parking passes will be towed at the vehicle owner’s expense. No parking on empty sites. Speed limit is 5 MPH throughout park. Obey stop signs on pave­ment. It is possible, every time! Limit of two vehicles per site. Keep entire vehicle inside your lot (between the yellow markers). Overflow and guest parking is located next to the bathrooms, gravel and grass as well as by the exit. Traffic by the office is one way; please do not exit past the office.


There is a limit of 8 people per site - registered campers + visitors. All exceptions need to be approved by the office prior to your arrival. All visitors in the park must be registered in person so we can review our rules with them and give them a parking pass for their vehicle. Vehicles without a parking pass will be towed at the vehicle owner’s expense. The visitor fee is $5 per person.  Overnight visitors are $7 per night. If visitors are found to be in the park without registering, a $10 per visitor fine will be assessed in addition to the applicable visitor fee.  For insurance purposes, everyone that is on Woodchip Campground property is required to be registered.

Quiet Time
Quiet time is 10 P.M. to 8 A.M. All visitors must leave by 10 P.M. The playground is to be cleared during quiet time. All children must be on their site during quiet time unless accompanied by an adult. Please respect your neighbors with your noise level. 

All bicycles and non-motorized wheeled modes of transportation must be back at your site by dusk. Please have children adhere to proper bicycle safety regulations. When off the site, bicycles, scooters, etc. must be parked in designated areas – look for the provided bike racks. No bicycles, scooters, etc. are allowed in any building or fenced area.

Jumping Pillow
The jumping pillow is open 9 A.M. to dusk. We do close the jumping pillow while it inflates, deflates and when wet. When the gate is locked the bounce pillow is closed. Do not jump when the pillow is wet or not fully inflated. Children must be supervised while in the jumping pillow area. No shoes or objects may be brought into the bounce pillow area. Shoes can be put in the shoe bins outside of the fenced area. Keep your head up at all times – no cartwheels or flips permitted. Keep your hands and body to yourself while on the jumping pillow. Leave a little space between you and others so you do not accidentally hurt them while jumping. No running and chasing games.

All fires are to be contained within the fire pit. No fire should be left unattended and must be extinguished before retiring or leaving the site. Dumping of charcoal or ashes is prohibited; please call the office if your fire pit needs to be emptied during your stay.

The pool is open from 9 A.M. to Dusk. There is no lifeguard on duty. Children (14 and under) must always be supervised by an adult while in the pool area. An emergency phone is located in the laundry room next to the men’s room – after calling 911 please alert our office of any issues. No running, chasing or pushing in the pool area. No breath holding games or activities are allowed. Be considerate with your noise level. Be considerate with floats, rafts or other toys you bring into the pool area. They are allowed if they do not interfere with the enjoyment of others. All babies, toddlers or non-toilet trained individuals must wear swim diapers while in the pool area. We have these for sale in various sizes for $1 in our camp store if needed. No food or beverages allowed by the pool. Anything that goes in the water can throw off the levels and cause the pool to be closed. No glass bottles, cups or containers of any kind are allowed in the pool area. Broken glass will shut the pool area down.

Restrooms & Showers
To avoid accident or injury in these areas, an adult must accompany children 8 and under. Please help us keep the restrooms clean by toweling off if you are using the pool and then going into the bathroom. Clean bathrooms are a top priority -  if you notice any issues, please report them to the office so we can address them.

Trash dumpsters are provided for daily trash only. They are located East of the pool. Please have all trash bagged and break down all boxes. Do not throw your daily trash into bathroom or laundry room trash bins. Do not throw diapers, dog bags or cigarette butts away in the bathroom or laundry room trash bins.

Gray Water
Discharge of gray water or black water on the ground is not permitted. Any fines incurred will be the responsibility of the camper.

Coin operated washers and dryers are located at the bathhouse. The entrance is on the East side of the building next to the men’s bathroom. Change machine and laundry soap dispenser are provided. Please do not leave laundry unattended. Only use the recommended amount of detergent.

Password is ten lowercase a’s “aaaaaaaaaa”

Honey Wagon & Dump Station
Our honey wagon service is available for $10 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 10am. Please call the office to get on the schedule. This service is included for weekly and monthly guests. Emergency honey wagon service is $25 and subject to availability. Use of our dump station is free to our guests. Please use care with the equipment.

Firearms / Drugs
The use, display, and possession of firearms, air arms, paint ball guns, fireworks, explosives, weapons and illegal drugs or substances is strictly prohibited. Violation of this rule will result in immediate eviction and we will notify the authorities. The tossing, throwing, etc. of rocks, stones or other objects is prohibited.

All pets must be leashed when outside. Always clean up after your pet. You will be required to remove your pet from the park if he/she shows any aggression towards any human or animal. Your pet may not be a nuisance to others. No Pit Bulls, Rottweilers or Aggressive dogs – The safety and comfort of ALL campers – especially children – is our first responsibility. Leaving a barking dog at your campsite while you are not on the property is not tolerated. If your dog is being a noise nuisance and you cannot be quickly located in the park a fee of $25 per hour will be assessed and /or the occupant will be escorted from the park immediately upon returning to the campground with No Refund. We have a dog park for our campers to use and the rules are as follows:  Watch your dog at all times, discourage barking and digging - if your dog digs a hole please fill it. Please clean up after your dog. No spike, pinch, or prong collars - your dog must wear a collar or harness in the dog park at all times. No not bring a dog in heat or an aggressive dog into the dog park. You are responsible for any injury to another dog or person caused by yuor dog. Dogs must be immunized and licensed to use the dog park. Must be 13 or older to bring a dog to the dog park. No glass containers in the dog park and no littering. I agree to abide by the rules set forth and take full responsibility for my dog and his/her actions.  I also agree to hold Woodchip Campground harmless in the event of injury to me or my dog.

Office & Camp Store

Please accompany younger children to the store to assist them in any purchases. Firewood $6 and Ice $4 can be purchased outside of office hours by putting cash in the mail slot on the office door. Subject to change.

Our mowing service is scheduled this season for Thursday mornings - weather dependent.

Alcohol, Cigarettes, Vaping & Cannabis
Use of alcohol is permitted on your camp site only. We have a zero-tolerance policy for any alcohol or drug related issues, (including but not limited to) any kind of confrontation, excessive noise, odor, etc. *Do not throw any containers, trash or cigarette butts on the ground. The discarding of such items can be done in the trash at your campsite or bag it and dispose of it in our dumpsters - NOT the bathroom or laundry room trash bins. No chewing Tobacco or snuff shall be used if it involves spitting on the ground. No smoking of any kind is allowed in the common areas such as pool, playground, jumping pillow, or by any building or gathering where children are present. Please be considerate when smoking on your campsite.

Site & RV Appearance and Maintenance
Camping site cannot be loaned or rented to another individual or group. Sites C21-27 have a limit of one vehicle and must park on site. Site C30 parks in parking lot or on site – not parallel to the road. Sites C31-42 should park in the grass across the street from their site, within the site markers. It is our express intent to keep each site looking like a campground – not a mobile home park. No permanent lattice work, screen porches must be simple canvas RV type, etc. All campers are responsible for maintaining the appearance of their site. Appliances (ex. Refrigerators and freezers) are not permitted outside the RV/camper. Wood pallets are not permitted in the campground. You may have one portable drying rack on your site, preferably kept out of sight when not in use. Any outdoor structures (decks, sheds, plants, etc.) must be approved by Woodchip Management. Campers staying onsite monthly are responsible to keep their trailer exterior clean and in good repair. The space behind each perimeter site is not part of the site. Woodchip is required to maintain a visual barrier for our neighbors. Nothing is to be stored in this area. *For stays of longer than two weeks a 10 years or newer rule applies. All RV’s outside of this must be approved bi-annually.

Mail and Packages
We will accept mail and packages and put them inside the bench on the front porch. If they do not fit in the bench or at your request, we will keep them in the office. Please do not call about mail outside of office hours. Outgoing mail may be placed directly in the large Woodchip mailbox by the road. Include a site number when you order things to be delivered so they can be delivered directly to your site. Please do not have your mailing address changed to ours, this is a business address. Because we are business, the post office will not allow you to do a change of address when you leave. You will need to contact each entity that sends you mail and change it personally. We suggest you rent a post office box or use a mail service as it allows a much smoother transition when you leave the park.

Site and Electric Payments
*It is the camper’s responsibility to make sure their payments are made on time. Payments are to be made at least 2 days in advance if you have not authorized the office to auto withdraw your payment. *Stays of a month or more in May, June, July, August and September require a $100 electric deposit. Stays of a month or more in October, November, December, January, February, March and April require a $200 electric deposit. This deposit will be held during the camper’s stay and applied to the last electric payment with any balance being refunded to the camper at check out.

Golf Carts
Golf carts are not permitted unless medically necessary for the camper’s mobility. Licensed operators only.

We ask that you download our new app so that while you are camping you can receive announcements on any issues affecting the campground during your stay. The app also has all the information and times for the activities and events that will be happening during your stay. Add favorite to any activity to get a reminder 15 minutes before the activity takes place. You can also check out activities planned for later in the camping season. Be sure push notifications and location services are turned on. Available for free on google play or the apple store. 

Indemnity & Personal Property
The use of any equipment or facilities of the campground by any persons is at that person’s risk and the registered Camper agrees to indemnify and hold the campground owners harmless for any loss, cost or damage incurred as a result of the activities of the registered Camper, family members and guests. All personal property brought into the campground is at the registered Camper’s risk and the campground owners shall bear no responsibility for the damage, loss or theft of such property. All campers assume the responsibility of maintaining proper insurance on their RV and personal property. The campground is not responsible for any damage to the RV or personal property for any reason including an act of God (i.e. wind, lighting, hail, fallen branches, trees, embers that drift onto property, etc.) accident, fire or vandalism.

We thank you for agreeing to abide by all the above rules and regulations. We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave (without a refund) for inappropriate behavior:  excessive noise, disrespect of property, failure to follow above policies, etc. If you have a prob­lem or concern, please bring it to us so we can assist you.                     

Clayton & Michelle Bretschneider - Owners & Operators

Richard & Jan Alcumbrack - Owners

Woodchip Campground 616.878.9050 admin@woodchipcampground.com

CANCELLATION & REFUND POLICY. Our intent is to treat others as we would like to be treated. We know unexpected situations arise. Your reservation payment guarantees your site even though we have to turn away others. 


FOR A RESERVATION OF LESS THAN ONE WEEK:  We are not able to issue refunds for reservations of less than a week. If the office is notified at least two weeks prior to the start date of the reservation we can move the reservation date for you one time free of charge. No refunds can be given for arriving late or leaving early. 

FOR A RESERVATION OF ONE WEEK TO LESS THAN ONE MONTH:  If the office is notified at least two weeks prior to the start date of the reservation a cancellation fee will apply equal to two weekend nights for reservations of 7 to 13 nights, and three weekend nights for reservations over 13 nights. Site lock fees and online reservation fees are non refundable. We are not able to issue refunds for cancellations made less than two weeks in advance. No refunds can be given for arriving late or leaving early. 

MONTHLY RESERVATION:  If the office is notified at least two weeks prior to the start of your reservation a cancellation fee of $350 will apply. Site lock fees and online reservation fees are non refundable.  We are not able to issue refunds for cancellations made less than two weeks in advance. No refunds can be given for arriving late or leaving early. 

If you have not notified the office of a delayed arrival, your reservation will be cancelled if you do not call or arrive by the second day of your reservation.