Terms of Service


  • November 15 - April 1 our bathroom and laundry facilities will be closed due to winter conditions and to prevent freezing pipes. Please make sure you are self contained in your RV if you are staying between those dates.
  • All of our RV sites are type and length specific. If you inserted your RV information incorrectly and your RV does not fit into your selected site, the campground will not be held responsible for this and no refunds will be issued.
  • 30 AMP electric ONLY
    • Woody Mountain Campground is not responsible for damage to the individual’s camping unit for failure to use the appropriate electrical amperage.
  • Please be conservative with water 
    • Turn off spigots and make certain you do not leave showers, toilets or faucets running.  
    • NO washing of vehicles or campers in the campground
  • The campground has trees throughout the facility
    • The campground is not responsible for damage due to tree limbs, pinecones, pine needles or other objects, falling on camper units or individuals
  • Do not harm the trees
    • Clotheslines are not allowed to be attached to trees. We have an onsite laundry for washing and drying of laundry or other appropriate articles.  
    • Do not cut, carve, chop or damage any trees or bushes.  
    • Leave natural areas the way you found them.
  • The campground is not responsible for camper damages due to inclement weather.​
  • November 1 - April 1 our bathroom and laundry facilities will be closed due to winter conditions and to prevent freezing pipes. Please make sure you are self contained in your RV if you are staying between those dates.

Reservation Modifications:

  • Early Check-ins:
    • Must request at office
    • Available at the descretion of the campground
    • $20 early check in fee
  • Late Check-outs:
    • Must request at office before 10am
    • Available at the descretion of the campground
    • $25 an hour late check-out fee
  • Moving Sites
    • Moving from your assigned space must be approved by the office
    • The ability to move sites will be determined by the campground
    • $20 site change fee
  • Campers leaving earlier than their original departure date will NOT receive a refund, this includes but is not limited to weather conditions, change of plans, or emergencies.
  • Reservation Extensions
    • Please check with the office for reservatin extension availability before 10 AM


  • RV sites are allowed a max of 4 adults (an adult is anyone over the age of 13) with a max of 6 people total per site. 
  • Tent sites are allowed a max of 3 adults, with a max of 5 people total per site.


  • Check In: 1 PM, Check Out: 11 AM
  • Quiet Hours: 10 PM-8 AM
    • Please operate radios, televisions, musical instruments, etc. in a responsible manner, as they may be a source of irritation to other visitors in the campground.
    • Fighting, loud or irritating behavior is prohibited.  Please keep noise at a reasonable level.  Be considerate of your fellow visitor.
  • Vehicle speed limit is 5 MPH
  • Full reservation balance is due 2 weeks before arrival (holidays are due 3 weeks in advance)
  • Minimum deposit of 3 days rent is taken at the time of booking reservation
  • Site prices include 2 adults and 2 pets. Any additional adult or pet over the included 2 is a $5 a day charge each.
  • 2 day minimum on weekends (Fri-Sun)
  • 3 day minimum on holidays
  • 3 night maximum for tent sites


  • Charcoal or propane ONLY
    • Charcoal or propane grills and fire rings allowed
    • Charcoal only permitted during certain times of the year
  • NO wood campfires


  • Visitors and/or guests are allowed as a courtesy but may not stay overnight without registering at the office and paying a fee.
  • Visitors must park in designated areas.  
  • Campers are responsible for their visitor’s and/or guests and ensure the visitor/guest are familiar with the campground rules and regulations.


  • Parents/grandparents/guardians are responsible for the conduct of their children at all times
  • Children must be supervised and accompanied by an adult when at the office, store, playground, restroom, shower facility and laundry
  • Do not let children build forts of any kind, or remove/move tree branches or rocks, etc., on the property


  • All pets must be registered at the office and kept on a leash at all times
  • Pets are restricted from the playground area, restrooms, showers, store, office, laundry room and on the picnic tables
  • Please pick up after your pets and properly dispose of the waste in the receptacles provided
  • Pets must be refrained from disturbing other visitors especially during quiet hours
  • There is a dog park area for your dogs
  • Please clean up after your pets and dispose of the waste in the receptacles provided.


  • $30 management site cleaning fee
  • $10 a day extra car fee
  • $10 per person overnight guest fee
  • $20 site change fee
  • $30 site lock fee
  • $20 early check in fee
  • $25 per hour late check out fee
  • $250 seasonal (monthly) deposit (held until departure)

Cancelation Policy:

Nightly Reservations:

  • If cancelation occurs 48 hours before day of your arrival
    • $15 cancelation fee
  • If cancelation occurs less than 48 hours before the day of your arrival
    •  A 1 night deposit will be kept as the cancelation fee and the remainder of the 3 night deposit will be sent to camp credit to use on a  future reservation
  • Campers leaving earlier than their original departure date will NOT receive a refund, this includes but is not limited to weather conditions, change of plans, or emergencies

Holiday/High Volume Weekend Reservations:

  • If cancelation occurs more than 15 days before the day of your arrival
    • A 1 night deposit is kept as the cancelation fee
  • If cancelation occurs less than 15 days before the day of your arrival
    • Full reservation deposit (3 night deposit) is non-refundable 
  • Campers leaving earlier than their original departure date will NOT receive a refund, this includes but is not limited to weather conditions, change of plans, or emergencies.
  • Holidays/High Volume Weekends Include:
    • May 11th -13th (NAU Spring Graduation)
    • May 18th – 20th (Overland Expo)
    • May 26th – 29th (Memorial Day)
    • June 30th – July 4th (Independence Day)
    • August 25th –  26th (NAU Fall Move-In)
    • September 1st – 4th (Labor Day)
    • September 14th – 16th (Pickin’ The Pines)
    • September 29th – 30th (Oktoberfest)

Seasonal/Monthly Reservations:

  • $250 cancellation fee
  • $250 early departure fee
  • Campers leaving earlier than their original departure date will NOT receive a refund, this includes but is not limited to weather conditions, change of plans, or emergencies.

Hold Harmless and Renter Responsibility: Fire Pit Rentals

Propane fire pits may be rented from Woody Mountain campground for this use if the Renter (undersigned and all members of their party) agree to the following terms:


Coconino County is currently under Stage I fire restrictions as of 5/14/2021 including: Building, maintaining, attending, or using a fire, campfire, charcoal, coal, or wood stove other than in a developed campsite or picnic area is prohibited. Exemptions include persons using a device solely fueled by liquid petroleum or LPG fuels that can be turned on and off.


Renter acknowledges that the fire pits involve risks including but not limited to personal injury, death, burns, property damage and the like. 


Renter hereby waives and releases Woody Mountain Campground, and its directors, officers, employees, agents, vendors/contractors and representatives and agree to hold the Woody Mountain Campground harmless as to any and all claims, demands, causes of action, lawsuit, losses, injuries and liabilities arising out of or in any manner related to or in connection with the fire pits, except where solely due to the gross negligence and/or willful act or omission of the Woody Mountain Campground and it’s employees. This Waiver and Release includes, but is not limited to, claims such as for

personal/bodily injury, death and damage to or destruction of property. 


Renter shall be responsible for the conduct of all persons associated with their Unit in connection with the fire pits, and assumes any and all risks associated with the fire pits, including risks associated with the use of fire pits by other persons on the premises, including those persons’ negligent and/or intentional acts or omissions.

The Renter and all responsible parties agree to pay a fine of $50 if property is returned broken or in any way damaged. 


Renter will follow these guidelines when using the fire pit:


  • Renter will utilize proper fire safety when igniting and using fire pit

  • Renter will place fire pit outside of a 3 foot proximity of any vehicle, trailer, tree, or other structure

  • Renter will place fire pit in open air area, not under any awnings, umbrellas, etc

  • Renter will not place fire pit near any other propane or flammable sources

  • Renter will not burn any trash, food, materials, etc in fire pit

  • Renter will only have fire pit lite when present, and will shut off propane and flame when not present or pit is not visible

  • Renter will not light fire pit when high winds are present

  • Renter will supervise children around fire pit

  • Renter will not allow any kind of horseplay around fire pit


All terms, including rent and other charges are subject to change upon 30 days prior writ­ten notice to Occupant. Continued occu­pancy after the effective date of any change constitutes Occupant’s agreement to be bound by the change.
1. TERM: This Lease creates a month-to- month tenancy beginning on the Lease Start Date and renewing each Rent Due Date after that until terminated.
2. RENT: The Monthly Rent must be received by Operator by the Rent Due Date, without notice or in­voice to Occupant. If rent has been prepaid and the Monthly Rent amount is increased, the new rate will be charged against such prepayment.
3. SECURITY DEPOSIT: If required, it will be refunded to Occupant without interest within 90 days after termination of the Lease, provided that 1) all prop­erty has been remov­ed from the Leas­ed Space, 2) the Leased Space is in good con­dition, 3) Occupant does not owe any debt to Oper­ator, and 4) Occupant has given the required termination notice. Operator may use the Security Deposit to re­pair, restore and clean the Leased Space, and to satisfy any debt Occu­pant owes Operator, returning the remainder, if any, to the Occupant.
4. DISHONORED PAYMENT FEE: Occupant agrees to pay this fee if any form of non-cash pay­ment is defective or dishonored.
5. LATE FEE: Operator may charge a Late Fee for each month that the Occupant does not pay rent when due. The Rent Due Date and the date on which the Late Fee accrues are as stated above.
6. OTHER FEES: If one or more Other Fees are specified, each such fee is a one-time, non-re­fundable fee unless otherwise specified.
7. PAYMENTS: Operator reserves the right to demand payment of rent or other charges by cash, money order or cashier's check. Payments by check will not be accep­ted on the day of move-out. If Occu­pant occupies multiple spaces, Operator will apply any rent payment equally among all spaces for which rent is owed.  Operator may accept or reject partial payments at its sole discretion. Operator's acceptance of a par­tial payment is not a waiver of its right to full payment and does not: limit the exercise of Oper­ator's rights and remedies for lack of full pay­ment, nor restart the period of a nonpayment default, nor stop or impede any of Operator's default remedies then in process.
8. USE OF SPACE: No bailment is created under this Lease, even if Operator is in possession of a key or access code to Oc­cu­pant's lock. Occu­pant acknowledges that neith­er the Leas­ed Space nor the Facility are suitable for the storage of collectibles, heir­looms, jewelry, works of art or any pro­p­erty having spe­cial or sentimental value to Occupant, and agrees not to store any such property in the Leas­ed Space. Occupant agrees to not: use the Leas­ed Space as work-space or for gatherings; modify or dam­age the Leased Space, attach anything to its walls or hang any­thing from pipes or ducts; use electricity or utilities in it (other than standard lighting), and to return it in the same condition as delivered, reasonable wear and tear excepted. Occupant agrees to com­ply with all applicable laws, or­din­ances and regu­lations and not to disturb the peace. Occupant ag­rees not to store any food; per­ishables; fer­til­izers; pesticides; ex­plo­sives; fuels; am­mu­­nition; oxygen cylinders; con­tra­band; bat­teries; in­fec­tious, flam­mable or odorous ma­terials; haz­ardous or toxic materials (as defined by law); or living things or organisms in the Leas­ed Space (“Pro­hibited Materials”). Occupant shall be liable for all costs arising from the pre­sence of Prohibited Materials in the Leased Space, in­clud­ing the costs of removal and dispo­s­al. Oc­cu­pant may only secure the Leased Space with one lock. Operator may cut any additional lock and charge Occupant for the lock's removal. Loitering at the Facility is prohibited. Use of the Leased Space as living quarters is banned by Arizona Statute §33-1702.
9. ACCESS: Unless in default, Occupant and any person having Occupant's access code and lock key shall have access to the Leased Space during Operator's normal hours of oper­ation, except that Operator may place reasonable restrictions on Occupant's access for health, safety, security, mainten­ance and other good rea­sons. The person(s) identified as an Alternate Contact shall have the same access to the Leased Space as the Occupant if the Occupant dies, becomes le­gal­ly incapacitated (as determined by a court), is incarcerated or is on active military duty. If the “full access” box on the front of the Lease is initialed, then such person(s) shall have the same full access to the Leased Space as the Occupant. Any access to the Leas­ed Space granted to persons other than Occupant shall be deemed to be for the use and benefit of Occupant, and such persons are not deemed tenants,  users or beneficiaries hereunder.
10. OPERATOR INSPECTION: Occupant hereby grants Operator the right to inspect the Leased Space and anything contained in it at any time and without prior notice for the purpose of repair, maintenance, im­prove­ments, to supply necessary or ag­reed services, to determine compliance with the terms of this Lease or for any other reasonable purpose. Operator reserves the right to remove property from the Leas­ed Space as necessary for any of the above purposes.
11. INSURANCE: Any insurance protecting the personal property stored within the Leased Space against fire, theft or damage must be pro­vided by the Occupant. Operator carries no insurance protecting property stored in the Leased Space. Occupant agrees that any insurance company shall not be subrogated to any claim of Occupant against Operator or its agents, guests, em­ployees, principals and other representatives.
12. RELEASE OF LIABILITY FOR PROP­ER­TY DAMAGE: Property stored in the Leas­ed Space shall be at Occupant's sole risk. Operator and its agents, guests, em­ploy­ees, principals and other representatives shall not be liable, even if they are negligent, for any loss or damage to Occupant's property from fire, flood, mold, vermin, insects, theft, vandalism, defects in the premises or any other cause whatsoever. If an employee of Operator handles Occupant’s property as an accommodation to Occupant, neither the employ­ee nor Oper­ator shall have any liability for loss or damage to such property. Without the prior written permission of Operator, Occupant shall not store property with a total value exceeding $5,000, which amount shall be the maximum amount of Operator's liability, if any. Operator shall have no liability for the emotional or sentimental value of any property.
13. RELEASE OF LIABILITY FOR PERSONAL IN­JURY: Operator and its agents, guests, employees, principals and other rep­re­sentatives shall not be liable, even if they are negligent, for any personal injuries aris­ing out of Occupant's use, access and occupancy of the Leased Space.
14. INDEMNITY AND LIABILITY: Occupant agrees to defend, in­dem­nify and hold harmless Operator and Op­erator’s agents, guests, em­ploy­ees, principals and other representatives, even if any of them are negligent, against all claims and demands, including ones for per­son­al injury or property damage, arising out of Occu­pant's use of and access to the Leased Space and facil­ity, and that of Occupant's agents, guests, em­ployees, prin­cipals and other representatives. Occupant acknowledges that Oper­ator does not rep­re­sent or war­rant the safety or security of the Leased Space and facility. Security devices and/or access control devices, if present, may be nonoperational or unmon­itored.
15. OPERATOR'S LIEN: A lien accrues in favor of the Operator on all property stored in the Leased Space as of the date the rent is unpaid and due. The property stored in the Leased Space may be sold or otherwise disposed of to satisfy the lien if the Occupant is in default. Operator shall not be liable for identity theft or other harm resulting from mis­use of information contained in a document or elec­tronic media that are a part of Occupant’s stored pro­perty that is sold or otherwise disposed of.
16. DEFAULT: Occupant is in default if (s)he fails to meet any obli­ga­tion in the Lease, including the timely payment of rent and other charges, or made any mis­representation in the Lease. If Oc­cupant has multiple leases with Operator, a default under any one of them constitutes a debt owed and a default under all of them. Upon a default by Occupant, Operator may 1) deny Occupant access to the Leased Space, 2) sell the con­tents of the Leased Space, or if the contents are Pro­tected Property, destroy such property, in accordance with Operator’s rights under Arizona law, the cost of which removal and destruction being charg­ed to Occupant, and/or 3) pursue any other rights and rem­e­dies legally available. Any costs of collection will be added to Occupant's outstanding balance.  Operator may report its experience with Oc­cu­pant to consumer credit reporting agen­cies.
17. TERMINATION: Either party may cause this Lease not to renew for the next 30-day term by giving written notice to the other at least 10 days prior to the end of the current 30-day term, except that Operator may also immediately terminate this Lease if Occupant is in default. Upon termination, no refund of pre­paid rent is available. Occupant’s termination is only effective if Occupant’s lock is removed and the Leased Space is vacated. Any property left in the Leased Space or at the facility after a lien sale or after Occupant has mov­ed out shall be deemed abandoned by Occupant, and Operator may dis­card, destroy or otherwise dispose of such property as it sees fit.
18. RULES: Occupant agrees to comply with all rules published by Operator related to the use, access and occupancy of the Leased Space and facility, which rules constitute a part of this Lease.
19. NO SUBLETTING: Occupant shall not assign or sublet any portion of the Leased Space without written permission from the Operator.
20. CHANGE OF INFORMATION: Occupant shall notify Operator in writing of any change to Occupant’s personal information in a document created expressly for the purpose of such not­ification. Occupant must notify Operator in writing if Occupant is now, or later be­comes, an actively serving member of the military.
21. NOTICES. To the fullest extent permit­ted by law, any notice or communication re­garding this Lease or Occupant's use of the Leased Space ("Notices"), may be pro­vided to Occupant electronically, and Oc­cupant agrees to receive Notices in electronic form delivered to the electronic addresses provided by Oc­cu­pant. Occupant authorizes and con­sents to Operator contacting Occupant at Occupant's residence, email box, cell phone and/or through social media, including by automated telephone calls or texts. Auto­mat­ed calls or messages may be used for convey­ing facil­ity information, marketing or col­lection purposes. Elec­tronic No­tices will be considered to be "in writing," and will be considered to have been received by Oc­cupant no later than five business days after transmission, whether or not Occupant has open­ed or retrieved them. Operator may reasonably assume that any No­tice sent by Operator to the electronic address provided by Occupant will be received by Occupant.
22. ENTIRE AGREEMENT: This Lease, in­cluding any written addenda, constitutes the complete and entire agreement between the parties. There are no separate oral agreements between the parties, and Oc­cu­pant acknowledges that (s)he is not rely­ing on any oral rep­re­sentations by Oper­a­tor purporting to modify or add to this Lease.
23. NON-WAIVER: No term or condition of this Lease shall be deem­ed waived except by writ­ten consent of the party against whom the waiv­er is claimed. The effect of any waiver of a term that is granted shall have no effect in the future nor upon any other provision of the Lease.
24. LITIGATION: Any controversy or claim relating to this lease or its breach shall be set­tled by arbitration administered by the American Ar­bitration As­sociation in accordance with its Commercial Arbitration Rules, and judgment on a resulting award may be entered in any court having jurisdiction. This arbitration clause does not apply to a forcible detainer ac­tion brought by the Operator against the Occupant. Class relief shall not be available in such arbitration. The arbitration shall be conducted in the county where the facility is locat­ed. Oc­cu­pant shall initiate ar­bitration within 12 months after the event(s) giving rise to it. The parties waive any right to punitive damages, and they shall not be recoverable in arbitration. Operator may deny access to the Leased Space by Occupant pending the outcome of any judi­cial proceeding respecting rights to the contents of the Leased Space. Occupant shall indemnify Operator for any litigation expenses, including reasonable attor­neys' fees, incurred in defending or otherwise appearing in or responding to any legal action involving a third-party arising out of or related to Occupant's occu­pancy and use of the Leased Space.
25. LEASED SPACE. All space sizes are approximate. The size of the Leased Space may vary from the size advertised. Occu­pancy of the Leased Space con­firms that its size is satisfactory to Occupant. Cli­mate control, if provided, is limited solely to avoidance of ex­treme temperatures. Climate control systems are sub­ject to malfunction, in which event Operator’s sole duty is to use commercially reasonable efforts to re­store ser­vice. Operator makes no representations re­garding humidity nor as to the effects of climate control on stor­ed contents.
26. OTHER: Taxes will be added to any amount owed under the Lease subject to tax­a­­tion at the then applicable tax rate. Occupant shall give any notice or de­mand to Operator in writing. Time is of the essence as to all of Occupant's duties under this Lease. This Lease shall be subordinate to any other lien or encumbrance now or hereafter placed on the facility by Oper­ator. Any lease provision found to be un­enforceable or in violation of applicable law is severable. No party shall be deem­ed the drafter of this Agreement. Oper­a­tor may as­sign this Lease, in which event Operator shall no lon­ger be liable under it and the assignee shall be liable. If there are multiple occupants for the Leased Space, they shall be jointly and severally liable under this Lease. This Lease shall be governed by Arizona law.
Occupant and any guest, invitee or other person authorized by Occupant shall not en­gage in, fa­cil­itate or permit the Leas­ed Space or facility to be used in connec­tion with any criminal activity.
Residing in the Leased Space constitutes crim­inal tres­pass under Arizona Statute §13-1503.
The door must remain open at all times that Occupant is present and utilizing the Leased Space. Occupant agrees only to use the type of lock authorized by Operator. Vio­la­tion of this provision is grounds for immediate termi­n­ation of the Lease, regardless of whether Occupant is criminally prose­cut­ed. Occupant auth­or­izes Operator to release ren­tal infor­ma­tion in the event of a police investigation.


For your own security, all stored units MUST be secured with a substantial hitch lock. The storage area is not gated and does not have any video surveillance, so the required lock is your security.



Monthly rates for the Summer 2022 Season:

Main Season Rates June-September:

  • Standard Seasonal Site: $1,500 (per month)

  • Premium Seasonal Site: $1,600 (per month)

Off Season Rates April-May & October:

  • Standard Seasonal Site: $1,200 (per month)

  • Premium Seasonal Site: $1,300 (per month)

*Rates include water, electric, sewer, and limited free WIFI utilities. Rates are calculated to include 2 adults and 2 pets only.

**Rates begin on the 1st of each month and end on the last day of that month. Rates will not apply to reservations that do not begin on the 1st of the month or end on the last day of the month. Any nights reserved outside of the formal month will be charged the nightly rate for that site.

Reservation Deposit:

  • $250 Deposit

    • Processed at the time of reservation booking

    • Deposit has the option to be applied to the last reserved months rent


  • 4+ Month Stay Discount: $200 off each month 

    • Applies only if the camper is staying more than 4 months at the Campground. If the camper departs early from their stay and does not stay more than 4 months, the discount will be removed and the difference in rate will be applied to the remaining balance owed.

  • Pay in Full Cash Discount: 5% of entire amount owed

    • Applies to any seasonal reservation 2+ months that is paid in full with cash or check at the time of check in. 

    • Funds will not be eligible for refund if customer departs early from reservation

Additional Fees:

  • 3+ Pets

    •  $50 per month, per pet

  • Overnight Guest: $10 per night, per guest 

    • Maximum of 3 overnight guests at one time

    • Maximum of 5 consecutive nights

    • Guests must check in at front office upon arrival

  • 3% Credit Card Fee

    • Automatically applied to every reservation 

    • If the 5% cash discount listed above is selected, this discount will cancel out the 3% credit card fee. Credit Card Fee will not be removed from the invoice.

  • $30 Late Fee

    • Applied if monthly rent is not paid before the 6th of each month

  • Early Departure Fee: $250

    • Applied when a camper departs their planned reservation early

  • Cancelation Fee: $250

    • Applied when a camper cancels their reservation, regardless of time period

Monthly rent is due on the 1st of each month. A late fee of $30 will be applied on the 6th of the month to any reservation with an outstanding balance.



The Woody Mountain Campground is privately owned.  Camping has inherent risks associated with outside activities.  The camper accepts camping privileges with the understanding that he/she does release the Woody Mountain Campground, its officers and employees of all liability for loss or damage to property and injury to person arising out of his use of camping facilities, and agrees to indemnify the Campground, its officers and employees, against claims resulting from loss or damage or injury to the person of any member of the family or guest of the registered camper arising out of the use of its camping facilities and any activities, games, or events sponsored by Woody Mountain Campground, including but not limited to, use of the walking trails, use of the playground, or participating in various campground activities.

I agree to pay for any damages to campground property, sites, buildings, facilities, equipment, or loss of equipment, which may occur.  I also agree to immediately report any accident, injury or property damage to the manager or staff.  If a hazard or dangerous situation exists on the premise, the said camper will notify the management or staff immediately.  I also agree to take full responsibility for myself and all the people in my party, including minors or visitors, and will request them to read and comply with all campground rules and regulations as posted in the office or on the grounds, as well as the terms and conditions as set forth in this registration form.