COVID-19 Policy

Zooland RV Park, LLC.   DBA Zooland Family Campground

COVID-19   Added 4-20-20
I understand that by signing a Seasonal Campground Admission Agreement, I assume all risks associated with camping, especially during this time associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. I understand that it is my responsibility to exercise safe “social distancing” (meaning at least six
(6) feet) during all interactions with Campground Staff, vendors, and other campers. I further understand it is my responsibility to exercise other healthy practices such as washing hands frequently and covering any cough or sneeze. I am agreeing to abide by any Executive Orders
issued by the Governor. To the extent that I fail to abide by those orders or any rules issued by the Campground, I understand that the Campground can ask me to leave the Campground as set forth in the Seasonal Campground Admission Agreement. By my signature, I hereby agree to hold the Campground (Zooland Family Campground) harmless in the event that I or any of my guests contract the COVID-19 virus during or after any stay at the Campground. I understand the risks posed by COVID-19 and assume full and total responsibility in the event, my family and/or visitors to (Zooland Family Campground) contract the disease.