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Software Developer

Denver, CO or Chicago, IL

Campspot is looking for talented Software Developers to join our team in either our Denver or Chicago office!

Campspot created a reservation, management, and payment system for clients managing resorts and tourist destinations. Our management system stands out for its ease of use and powerful optimization engine, which ensure our clients get the maximum return while delivering the best booking experience for their customers.

At Campspot, you will work on small agile teams that impact the multi-billion dollar camping and RV industries by crafting revolutionary software. We value initiative, collaboration, and creativity to solve tough problems and build tested products. We also celebrate our successes and promote employee flexibility.

Primary responsibilities

Software developers at Campspot work on small agile teams to build our products. Campspot developers are truly full stack, working on both front and back end code, as well as managing the whole lifecycle of a feature from planning through delivery.

Campspot is built on a modern tech stack using the latest versions of Java and Kotlin on our backend with the Dropwizard framework, and TypeScript on our frontend using Angular. Our products are SAAS applications that run on AWS cloud infrastructure and we use modern tools like Terraform to manage that. We believe that skilled developers can be successful in any tech stack and set our expectations for ramp up time accordingly, but having experience in any of the technology above is a big plus.

Development at Campspot is heavy on collaboration. Developers are expected to collaborate with each other via technical design meetings, pair programming, and code reviews. Developers also collaborate directly with our product owners to scope, refine, and test features. Lastly, developers need to collaborate with our designers to create solid UX for new features in our app.

Automated testing is another key skill for developers at Campspot. All new code coming into our application is expected to have unit and integration tests written for it. We utilize automated CI builds to constantly make sure that our app builds correctly and all of our tests pass.

Key skills for this role

Things that will help you stand out

Our interview process

How to apply

If you meet the above qualifications and are interested in this position, we would love to hear from you. Follow the appropriate link below to begin the application process.

About Campspot

Campspot crafts reservation software for resort owners that delivers their customers the perfect camping experience. We are a team of motivated people who use our talents to solve tough problems and build tested software.

Founded in early 2015, Campspot is looking to grow with people who embody our culture of continuous learning, innovation, and respectful collaboration. We’re made up of smart and innovative individuals who work together. Each of us adds value to our product with proven skills, ingenuity, and creativity, and we expand these qualities in a cycle of teaching and learning.

We value employee flexibility—from work schedule to dress code. This looser management style is paired with our expectation that employees hold themselves accountable for doing what needs to be done and to pitch in when a coworker needs help. On our small, self-managed team, initiative is a must.

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