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  • Snowbird and Winter Texan Basics and Destinations

    If you’re not a fan of the cold, let us introduce you to the basics of the Snowbird & Winter Texan lifestyle of heading south for the winter.

  • September: New Campgrounds added on Campspot

    From mom-and-pop campgrounds to Jellystone Parks, we’ve rounded up the campgrounds that were added to in September!

  • Campgrounds for a Long Weekend Getaway 

    Step out of the city and into your next outdoor adventure. We’ve rounded up campgrounds near 15 large metropolitan areas.

  • Fall Family Camping Near NYC Itinerary

    Camping in Maine is on every camper’s bucket list. Use this long weekend travel itinerary to make those dreams a reality.

  • Long Weekend Travel Itinerary for Camping in Maine

    Camping in Maine is on every camper’s bucket list. Use this long weekend travel itinerary to make those dreams a reality.

  • 10 Best Campgrounds in Northern California 

    Northern California offers many attractions and natural beauty. If you plan to visit, these are the 10 Northern California campgrounds we recommend.

  • The Complete Guide to Coffee While Camping

    Getting away from the day-to-day is one of the biggest reasons why many of us get out and unplug. But, that doesn’t mean you should leave your coffee behind. Quite the contrary, my friend.

  • Ultimate Winter Texan Destination Guide by Region

    We’ve gathered the highest-rated campgrounds and parks in Texas and organized them by region to help plan your Winter Texan adventures!

  • Ultimate Arizona Snowbird Destination Guide by Region

    We’ve gathered the highest-rated campgrounds and parks in Arizona and organized them by region to help plan your snowbird winter adventures!

  • How to Recreate Outside Sustainably and Keep Nature Wild!

    While planning late-summer adventures and beyond, don’t forget to think about how we can lessen our impact and recreate sustainably and responsibly while getting outside!

  • August: New Campgrounds added on Campspot

    We’re still adding campgrounds weekly to, see the new campgrounds that were added in August!

  • 40 Spooktacular Campgrounds with Halloween Activities 

    We’ve rounded up 40 campgrounds to booOOOoook your stay at, for a unique way to enjoy candy, costumes, and Halloween activities!

  • Ultimate Florida Snowbird Destination Guide by Region

    We’ve gathered the highest-rated campgrounds and parks in Florida and organized them by region to help plan your snowbird winter adventures!

  • FAQ about RV Camping

    New to the camping world? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about RV and the RV camping lifestyle.

  • 5 Cookout Recipes to Try this Labor Day

    With Labor Day weekend fast approaching, we’re sharing some of our favorite camping recipes to help you meal plan!

  • Campfire Pizza: Camping for Foodies

    Nothing beats pizza around the campfire. Here are our tips sand tricks on how to make the perfect campfire pizza.

  • Campfire Roasted Tomato Pasta with Burrata & Broccolini: Camping for Foodies

    Take advantage of the season’s tomatoes with this camping recipe of campfire roasted tomato pasta with burrata and broccolini. Smokey, sweet, tangy, creamy tossed with the comfort of carbs, this dish has it all.

  • Where to Camp this Labor Day Weekend

    Don’t sign off on summer yet! There’s still time to lock in an unforgettable Labor Day Weekend camping trip.

  • Top 10 Camping Destinations for Fall 2021

    Looking to do some leaf peeping while camping this fall but unsure of where to go? Here are the top 10 trending fall camping destinations to help you start planning your camping trip.

  • S’more Sundae: Camping for Foodies

    Switch up your traditional s’more routine with a s’more sundae! This cool camping treat is perfect for the end of summer.

  • 10 Best Campgrounds Near Asheville

    Looking for a weekend getaway? Here are 10 of the best campgrounds near Asheville.

  • What Your Marshmallow Says About You

    From raw to charred, how you roast your marshmallow over the campfire says a lot about you. Which one are you?

  • July: New Campgrounds added on Campspot

    We were busy in July adding campgrounds all across North America to Campspot, and hope this list inspires you to visit a new destination.

  • RVing: the Best Way to Experience National Parks

    Kendra Clapp Olguín & Tyler Way revisit parks they’ve explored while RVing sharing Campspot destinations along the way.

  • Campspot’s Cape May and Southern Jersey Shore Adventure Guide

    When it comes to camping of all kinds, the southern New Jersey shore is an absolute gem for tent campers, glampers, and RV owners.

  • Places to Beat The Summer Heat

    Whether you’re enjoying the water view from a scenic beach, tubing down the river, or making waves at one of the themed water parks, there’s plenty of ways to beat the summer heat while camping! From the East Coast to the Pacific Ocean, we’ve compiled a list of campgrounds with unique water amenities we know […]

  • 5 Hacks for Camping with a Group

    Are you and the crew looking to go on a camping getaway and not sure where to start? Here are five hacks for camping in a group.

  • 10 Best Campgrounds in Maine

    Are you planning an epic camping trip to the wilderness of Maine or a family road trip to Acadia National Park? We’ve rounded up the 10 best campgrounds in Maine to help you with your planning!

  • 10 Best Campgrounds for a Weekend Trip from Washington, D.C.

    Step out of the city, and into your next outdoor adventure! We’ve rounded up a list of campgrounds that are near Washington, D.C.

  • 10 Best Campgrounds Near Grand Rapids

    Whether you’re from Grand Rapids and are looking for a nearby getaway or are exploring West Michigan for the first time, we’ve got a campground that fits your needs.

  • 10 Best Campgrounds in New York

    Looking for a weekend getaway? Here are 10 of the best campgrounds in New York.

  • Campspot’s CEO Experiences the RV Lifestyle Firsthand

    Campspot’s CEO recently took his first RVing trip alongside Campspot ambassadors and full-time RVers Kendra and Tyler, renting an RV from RVshare.

  • Camp Fimfo Park Spotlight 

    Camp Fimfo is getting back to basics to remind campers and glampers of the simple joys of the great outdoors.

  • Happy National Forest Week!

    This week we’re celebrating National Forest Week! The enormity of the National Forest Land provides outdoor enthusiasts the peace and refuge they seek.

  • Under Construction No More – The Story Behind 3 New Campgrounds

    Campers are heading out in full force this summer to reconnect with the outdoors. But luckily as demand increases, we’ve also seen an increase in new campgrounds!

  • 10 Best Campgrounds Near Austin, Texas

    Looking for a weekend getaway? Here are 10 of the best campgrounds near Austin, Texas.

  • June: New Campgrounds added on Campspot

    We’ve been busy adding new campgrounds to Read today’s Camp Guide entry to see the new destinations added in June!

  • Santa Cruz Redwoods RV Resort: Park Spotlight

    Take a virtual tour with us through the Santa Cruz Redwoods RV Resort, an ideal Bay Area campground for all your California adventures.

  • Top 11 Rookie RV Mistakes

    Before heading out to your next Campspot, read through the Top 11 RV Rookie Mistakes to get you rollin’ on the right path!

  • My 8 Favorite Family-Friendly Campgrounds on Campspot!

    Summer is officially here and if you haven’t booked your next great family camping adventure then now is the time to do so!

  • 10 Campgrounds with Yurts on Campspot

    Looking for a quick and easy getaway without the hassle of packing all your camping gear? A yurt may be your perfect solution.

  • Guide for Fully Vaccinated Campers

    Campspot Ambassador Kendra gives a first-hand account of what the new CDC guidelines for fully vaccinated individuals mean for campers.

  • Campspot and happyly Partner to Share Their Favorite Unique Colorado Destinations

    It’s always fun to explore a new area while camping. It’s even better to get recommendations from someone who really knows the area and can recommend unique destinations – that’s why we’ve partnered with happyly!

  • Introducing The Campspot App

    We’re excited to announce that the Campspot app is here! Booking a camping trip has never been easier with 1000,000+ campsites at your fingertips.

  • What Does Camping Mean?

    June 1st marks the beginning of Camping Month, and to celebrate we’ll be sharing stories from our community of what camping means to them.

  • May: New Campgrounds Added on

    We’ve been busy adding new campgrounds to See all the new May additions here!

  • Top 10 Camping Destinations For Summer 2021

    With outdoor vacations on the rise for the second year in a row, it’s looking to be another summer filled with fun, family, and of course – camping.

  • 5 Food-and-Wine Pairings for Camping

    Celebrate May’s National Wine Day by trying these five food-and-wine parings on your next camping trip.

  • Campgrounds in Wine Country

    In preparation for National Wine Day, here are campgrounds on Campspot in or near the eight most popular wine country destinations

  • Moonshine Acres RV Park: Park Spotlight featuring the Hambrick Family

    If you’re seeking a unique adventure, look no further than Moonshine Acres RV Park in Fort White, Florida. We’re sharing tips from the Hambrick Family to make the most out of your stay! 

  • Jordan Kahana’s California Road Trip

    This April we decided to take a California road trip in our 1980 VW campervan, Sunni, with the help of Campspot.

  • What the Updated CDC Guidelines Mean for Summer Camping (April 2021)

    The CDC updated its guidelines for vaccinated travelers. What do these guidelines mean for summer camping? We’ll break it down for you.

  • 5 Companies Doing Good for the Planet

    Earth day is every day. Check out our 5 favorite companies that are committed to keeping the planet healthy every day of the year.

  • 10 Most Instagrammable Campspot Destinations

    We’ve rounded up 10 campgrounds that our Instagram community can’t get enough of, and are sharing tips from Campspot Ambassador and photographer, Tyler D. Way, on how to capture the best photos while camping.

  • A Case for Greener Camping

    To celebrate Earth Day, here are 6 easy ways to camp greener at your next Campspot.

  • National Park Week: Campspot Partners with Keymaster Games for Giveaway

    To celebrate National Park Week, Campspot partnered with Keymaster Games to give away $250 off a booking, the PARKS board game, expansion pack, and the PARKS Memories game to one lucky winner!

  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Flying to your Next Camping Destination

    If you’re flying to your destination, the constraints on space may cause some to fret. It doesn’t have to be so difficult! Check out our tips for an easy, stress-free packing plan.

  • Unique Treehouse Stays on Campspot

    Ready to go out on a limb for your next outdoor getaway? There’s something undeniably magical about sleeping and waking up in a treehouse.

  • Seen in the Wild: Women in the Outdoors

    This Women’s History Month, we wanted to feature how a group of women in Michigan get together every summer for “Lady Camping.”

  • The Campspot Guide to Moab

    Looking to experience Utah’s adventure-land? The town and area of Moab is a wonderful place to begin. Here’s our Campspot Guide what to do in Moab, Utah.

  • The Campspot Guide to Arches National Park

    Just 5 miles from Moab, Arches National Park is open year-round with plenty of activities for the ultimate Utah camping trip. With so much to do in the park, here is our Arches National Park guide to help plan your trip to one of the most famous National Parks in North America.

  • 8 Reasons Why Your Family Should Rent a Cabin This Summer

    A cabin rental is the perfect choice for a classic camping experience with all of the comfort and none of the fuss.

  • 10 Most Saved Campgrounds on Campspot

    Campspot has over 100,000 stays on our site – to keep track of your favorites, you’re now able to “save” your dream destinations to your profile. We’ve compiled a list of the most saved locations on our site.

  • 2021 Celestial Events

    Check out what’s happening in the sky in 2021.

  • Spring Break 2021 Camping Trends

    This Spring Break, people are heading to campgrounds and RV resorts instead of hotels. Here are this year’s Spring 2021 camping trends and top destinations to help get you started with those travel plans.

  • How to Have Date Night in the RV

    Looking for ideas on how to have a romantic RV date night? Here’s a quick DIY to keep the romance alive even when you’re camping.

  • 14 Campspot Destinations for Couples

    Whether you prefer a gorgeous cabin in the woods, a unique glamping stay, or a remote escape to the desert – we’ve got you covered with 14 destinations perfect for you and your significant other.

  • What to Know Before You Go

    Here is what you need to know before you go camping for this year’s spring break.

  • 8 Tips for Taking Your Kids on Their First Camping Trip

    Written by Campspot Ambassador, Jeremy Puglisi. Co-host of The RV Atlas podcast and the co-author of See You at the Campground.

  • RV Terms & Slang: It’s All Greek To Me

    Are you new to the RV world? Here’s a list of RV terms & slang that will get from newbie to RVer in no time.

  • River Run RV Resort: Park Spotlight

    Nestled in the breathtaking Rocky Mountain Valley, River Run RV Resort offers an elevated resort experience in the charming town of Granby, CO.

  • Tips For Nutritious Healthy Living While On The Road

    Journeying on the road can lead to great destinations, but having frequent food stops along the way can be expensive and unhealthy.

  • Find Your Winter Camping Getaway

    To some, camping is exclusively a summer pastime but many know otherwise: that a winter camping getaway can be just as fun as its summer sibling.

  • 15 Most Picturesque Experiences

    From the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee to the calming shores along the Oregon Coast, we’ve gathered the 15 most picturesque experiences on Campspot with breathtaking views you’ll have to see to believe.

  • Why Your Family Should Go Camping

    Why do so many families love to go camping? Because it’s good for you! It turns out that camping has a positive effect on your family’s relationships, spirituality, and appreciation of nature.

  • Decorating your Campsite for the Holidays

    Here are some ideas on how to decorate your campsite for the holidays.

  • Gifting a Camping Experience

    Why you should gift a camping experience this holiday season.

  • Why We Chose to RV Full-time

    Living in an RV full-time once felt like an option only awarded to retirees, but in the last decade, the remote & RVing lifestyle has been on the rise.

  • Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Golden Valley: Park Spotlight

    Tucked away at the base of the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains, and conveniently located between Asheville and Charlotte, Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Golden Valley has been renovated into a picturesque campground with unique accommodations.

  • Campspot’s 2020 Gift Guide

    Happy Holidays, everyone! Tyler and I wish to share some of our favorite items from full-time living and camping on the road to help you shop for the campers and RVers in your life. Whether you’re aiming to get something handy or just merely recreational, something big or small, there is sure to be something […]

  • We are Thankful

    Happy Thanksgiving, Campspotters! During this holiday focused on gratitude, we wanted to share what we’re most thankful for. We are thankful for our partners and clients, the campgrounds and resorts across North America who chose to work with us. We’re aware of the heart and sweat that goes into building and maintaining their businesses, and […]

  • Carolina Pines RV Resort: Park Spotlight

    This family-friendly and amenity-packed resort has gorgeous landscaped grounds, luxury cottages, upscale RV sites, and a lengthy list of activities to make your stay unforgettable.

  • How to Host a Campsgiving

    Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and although it may look a little different this year, we’ve decided to spice up this year’s tradition with a “Campsgiving” dinner. That’s right, we’re bringing our favorite feast to the great outdoors and you can too. What better way to enjoy turkey day’s goodness than with some fresh […]

  • Thanksgiving Camping Recipes

    Campspot and Cherry Republic have teamed up to create Thanksgiving recipes for those celebrating this year by camping.

  • Camping for Foodies: Bourbon Apple Pancakes

    Perfect for fall camping and accompanied with a cup of coffee, bourbon apple pancakes will warm you you right up.

  • Top Fall Fishing Destinations

    With beautiful golden colors and crisp autumn air, the fall season is the perfect time to head to your favorite fishing destinations. So gear up and grab your fishing poles because it’s the anglers’ time to shine.

  • Black Beans & Rice with Fried Plantains on the Campfire

    A quick and easy camping meal to add to your repertoire, this Cuban-inspired dish is the perfect combination of creamy black beans, starchy rice, and sweet fried plantains that can be made on the campfire.

  • Find Your Campspot Tour Update

    We’re checking in with Campspot ambassadors Tyler & Kendra who have been on the Find Your Campspot Tour of the east coast for three months.

  • 10 Unique Ways to Camp on Campspot

    From the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina all the way to Lake Elsinore in California, campers can enjoy the freedom to roam from the comfort of their very own covered wagon, bohemian treehouse, authentic caboose, treetop cabin, or tiny home – among many other unique options.

  • Decorating Your Campspot for Halloween

    Campgrounds celebrate Halloween how your one friend celebrates their birthday month: a bit extra, but absolutely fun. If you read the Camp Guide’s post on 10 Reasons to Love Fall Camping, you know that Halloween is one of the reasons why campers might refrain from putting the trailer in storage for just a bit longer. […]

  • Go Outside On World Mental Health Day

    Research shows that spending time outdoors improves your mental health so this upcoming World Mental Health Day on October 11, spend some time outside!

  • 10 Things to Love About Fall Camping

    Move over, summer! From fall foliage to daytime campfires, here are ten reasons to love fall camping.

  • Cheese & Charcuterie Campsite Picnic

    A campsite cheese and charcuterie picnic is a quick and easy meal that requires minimal work but packs a lot of flavors!

  • 24 Spook-tacular Campgrounds & Activities This Fall

    Temperatures may be dropping, but it’s not time to put away your camping gear just yet! Halloween is just around the corner and we’ve rounded up 24 campgrounds to booOOOoook your stay at, for a safe and socially distant way to enjoy candy, costumes, and more.

  • Top Camping Destinations For Fall 2020

    The leaves are starting to turn and the air is getting crisp as we welcome autumn. Though there’s no doubt we saw an increase in people wanting to get out and camp this summer, the fall camping season also provides a great opportunity for those looking to get outside and enjoy the changing leaves and […]

  • How to Build a Campfire

    Learn how to safely and successfully build a campfire for your next camping trip.

  • Campspot’s Camping Checklist

    We’re here to help you get organized for your next camping outing with our packing checklist. While you’re getting ready to hit the road to go to your next Campspot, use this checklist to help you prepare and pack!

  • Educational Midwest Roadschool Route

    Take the opportunity to hit the open road on a family learning experience that your kids will never forget. Whether you’re considering roadschooling for the entire school year or just a week, this Midwest route is a great option for all families.

  • Camping in the New York Finger Lakes Region

    Here are a variety of activities to do while camping in the Finger Lakes Region of Upstate New York.

  • 5 Great Campgrounds for Stargazing

    Looking for a remote getaway where you can relax, unwind, and kick back to enjoy a clear night sky? There are plenty of opportunities to escape the city lights to take in the stars. Stargazers know that the skies above are always active, with shooting stars, planetary cameos, and the orbiting ISS. Anytime is the […]

  • Campfire Nachos, Mexican Street Corn, & Quick Black Beans

    Cook this entire Mexican feast over the campfire! Here’s our recipe for Campfire nachos, Mexican Street corn, and quick black beans.

  • 10 Pet-Friendly Campgrounds on Campspot

    Many Campspot destinations allow canine camping and have tons of fun amenities specifically for your pet – all it takes is a little planning.

  • Roadschooling: What, Why, Where?

    With questions regarding the safety of non-distanced learning, the effectiveness of online classes, and much more, many parents are wondering: Should I consider roadschooling as an option?

  • How to Safely Camp During the COVID-19 Pandemic

    Want to know how to camp during COVID? Use these seven tips to keep you and your family happy and healthy at your next Campspot.

  • Educational Mid-Atlantic Roadschool Route and Where to Camp

    There’s a lot of uncertainty about the upcoming school year, and all types of questions are weighing heavily on parents and their children. Will there be school? What will it look like? Do I want my kids to go or not to go? The questions are endless – but so are the opportunities to help […]

  • Educational Texas Roadschool Route and Where to Camp

    There’s a lot of uncertainty about the upcoming school year, and all types of questions are weighing heavily on parents and their children. Will there be school? What will it look like? Do I want my kids to go or not to go? The questions are endless – but so are the opportunities to help […]

  • Announcing the “Find Your Campspot” Tour

    You didn’t think we were going to sit back during this “Summer of the Roadtrip,” did you? We’re joining in on the fun and giving Campspotters a behind-the-scenes look to an epic road trip through the North East by traveling with Campspot ambassadors Tyler Way & Kendra Clapp Olguín. The couple, who hit the road […]

  • 55 Glamping Destinations on Campspot

    Travel is looking different for most, but with many wanting to get out of the house and get outdoors, we’ve seen an increased interest in camping and glamping. When compared to other forms of recreation and leisure travel, both can be accomplished entirely through responsible means of social distancing and self-isolation. For those looking for […]

  • 6 Tips For Creating a Camping Experience in Your Backyard

    We’ve seen a lot of creativity come from months of staying home. From bread making to TikTok dances – our favorite trend has to be camping at home. After all, the healthy perspective gained from reconnecting with open, outdoor spaces can provide a nice break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  Even as […]

  • Educational Tri-State Roadschool Route and Where to Camp

    There’s a lot of uncertainty about the upcoming school year, and all types of questions are weighing heavily on parents and their children. Will there be school? What will it look like? Do I want my kids to go or not to go? The questions are endless – but so are the opportunities to help […]

  • Top 10 Camping Destinations for Summer 2020

    Looking to camp this summer, but don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered with a list of the top 10 camping destinations for summer 2020. From the Rocky Mountains to the East Coast, each campground has unique features and amenities for every adventurer.  Rocky Mountains Vacation where the sky meets the land, where […]

  • A Beginner’s Guide to Essential RV Equipment

    If you are purchasing an RV and aren’t sure what equipment you need, don’t fret! These are the essentials you need to get rollin’.

  • Camping Near Assateague Island

    Enjoy playing on the beach and seeing wild horses on Assateague Island. Here are the best places to camp near the National Seashore.

  • A Beginner’s Guide to Buying an RV

    Buying an RV can be overwhelming so we did the research for you. Use this guide to help you choose the right RV for your family.

  • 5 Fun Things to do in Maine

    We get it, Maine is huge. So, we’re here to help! Here are 5 fun things to do during your first trip to Maine.