Terms & Conditions

Coronado Campground

Notice: Coronado camground does not accept reservations longer than 7 months in advance.  


Please Observe the following rules to make your stay safe and pleasant:   If the police are called out to your site for any reason other then medical or fire you will be asked to vacate with no refunds. We reserve the right to evict any person(s) who does not comply with the rules and policies.  All guests and visitors must register in the office upon arrival.

The Town of Bernalillo's Coronado Campground is not set up for long term stays therefore Maximum allowed stay in our RV section is 14 nights.  In our Dry camp or Tent section maximum stay is 7 nights. After the 14th or 7th night you will have to vacate the campground for 3 nights in order to come back for another stay. If we find reservations abusing this rule we can and will cancel your reservation and your reservation privileges my be revoked.

 The Coronado Campground is not responsible for personal injuries or damage, loss or theft of any personal property or vehicles.

Check in times are between the hours of 12pm to 8pm. Check out is always before 12pm. If Arriving after 8pm please call for instructions.

Passport America is accepted Starting November 1st and ending March 1 of each year.  Passport America holders receive up to 4 nights at half price when PPA is accepted.

There will be a 5 dollar change fee added to any reservation change.

Cancellation Policy:   Any Cacellations with more then 30 day advance notice will be charged a $25 dollar Cancellation fee.   Any cancellations less then 30 days will be charged one night of stay. Lock fee is at your discretion and is non-refundable.


  • Obey Speed limit: in campground always 10MPH
  • Pay each and every required Fee
  • Park any and all vehicles (including Rv's) in officially designated parking areas or parking turn-outs ONLY. Do not park ay vehicle in such a manner as to block access, Restrict traffic, or inhibit the gree movement of other vehicles.
  • Place any and all tents in officially designated tent camping areas ONLY. Tents are not allowed in the RV section of the Campground
  • Any and all vehicles must be in a road worthy condition. There is no vehicle maintance allowed on the campground.
  • Owners of RVs and or tents are soley responsible for the maintenance, safety, and security of their own property. Coronado Campground assumes no liability related to personal property.
  • Discharge any and all sewage ONLY IN DUMPSTATION PROVIDED. If spillage occures, please remove any mess created, immediately and in a sanitary manner.
  • Keep all campsites clean and sanitary. Pick-up any litter daily (including Cigarette Butts, and Animal Droppings) wrap securely, and place in Dumpsters Provided. $25 dollar fine will be assessed for every pet dropping witnessed and picked up by Coronado Campground Staff.
  • Keep all belongings in your designated area Do NOT overrun into other campsites.
  • Keep any and all dogs, cats , or other domestic pets under the direct supervision of a responsible adult at all times.  Owners or guardians of animals are Solely Responsible for their health, cleanliness, safety and good discipline. Keep all animals out of buildings, and restrained on leashes of no more then 10 feet in length. Prevent animals from becoming a nuisance. Animals cannot be left unattended, agressive animals are not allowed, ALL ANIMALS MUST HAVE A CURRENT VACCINATIONS, TAGS AND LICENSES.
  • Keep any and all campfires or cooking grilles under the direct supervision of a responsible adult. Campers are solely responsible to ensure that campfires and cooking grilles are used only at officially designated locations, are tended to safely and securely, and are quenched completely when no longer in use. DO NOT!!! Bring wood from river bed or burn wood that will not fit in a desginated fire ring.
  • Keep any and all children under the direct supervision of a responsible adult at all times in order to avoid potential hazards and dangers on site. Parents or guardians of children are soley responsible for their safety and good discipline at all times. 
  • Maintain and comply wiht designated "quiet Hours" between 10:00 PM and 7:00 AM. Loud activities or the use of generators, outdoor readios or Tv's, unmuffled vehicles or other loud equipment, are not allowed during these times. Children and animals should be also kept at their own campsites during these hours.
  • Treat your fellow campers and Campground Staff with civility and respect.
  • Report any park facilities which are unclean or which are not in good operation order to the Manager or Camphost.
  • Notify the Manager or Camphost if your property shall be left unattended for more then 24 hours. 
  • In winter months, at night remove your hose from the water hydrant open splitter valve and shut off water. This will allow water to drain and the hydrant will not freeze.  Failure to do so can result in additional charges for the replacement of our water hydrant.


  • Engage in loud, obnoxious, dangerous, disorderly, destructive, drunken, or antagonistic behavior.
  • Consume alcoholic beverages in public.  Alcoholic beverages may be comsumed inside RV's camper, or tents as long as no other rules are violated by such use.
  • Bring or use any firearm, other weapon, or dangerous device within the Campground.
  • Use Fireworks of any kind within the Campground.
  • Attach, nail, or otherwise adhere anything to any Campground structures or trees, including laundry, tents, lights, etc.
  • Move picnic tables outside of shelter.  If moved put back before you checkout.
  • Operate any off-road vehicles within the Campground
  • Wash or work/maintain any vehicles ( including RV's, tow vehicles, Motorcycles, Atv's etc) at the Campground. Commercial Carwashes and auto maintenance shops are available in the Town of Bernalillo for your convenience.
  • Have more then the maximum allowed number of vehicles per site.  No more then one sleeping vehicle and one additional vehicle are allowed.  Rv's towing a vehicle, or vehicles towing a camper, will be considered a single vehicle.  Additional vehicles will require the payment of an additional parking fee.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations more then 30 days in advance will be charged a $25.00 Cancellation fee.   Any Cancellation less then 30 days will be charged one night of stay.  Lock fee is at your discretion and is non-refundable.

Refund Policy


Departures earlier then stated at check in will be refunded in the form of a credit, good for up to one year after departure.


All other transactions are non-refundable. 

COVID-19 Policy

  • Curently opened at 100%
  • Bathroom Facilities are limited to campground guests only.  We ask that a maximum of 2 guest occupy facilities at any given time.
  • Masks are no longer required for our guests at this time
  • We ask that all guests practice social distancing practices, and respect other guests in these unprecedented times.
  • Coronado Campground will continue to practice health and safety and sanitize offices and bathrooms accordingly.
  • We ask that our guests familiarize themselves with New Mexico's current stance on COVID-19 By visiting the NM Department of Health Website at https://www.nmhealth.org/.