Cancellation Policy

Buckeye Estates & RV Park

If you are unable to honor your reservation, call and cancel before the deadline. Daily/Weekly RV-Notify Buckeye Estates & RV Park by 1pm three days prior to your arrival date. Monthly RV-Notify Buckeye Estates & RV Park at least two weeks prior to your arrival date. A cancellation fee of $5/night per campsite is charged for cancellations made prior to deadline. Cancellations after the deadline will result in forfeiture of reservation cost.

It is Buckeye Estates & RV Park’s discretion to reserve the right to revoke your camping privileges should you, your children or visitors fail to comply with any of these rules. By utilizing the campground and its services you consent to the same. We also reserve the right to take any action at equity and/or law that we deem appropriate to enforce the rules and regulations of Buckeye Estates & RV Park and/or to satisfy any claims we may have.

Buckeye Estates & RV Park and Crystal Investment Group LLC, all management and employees reserve the right to refuse service to anyone noncompliant with campground rules and regulations. We also reserve the right to change Rules and Regulations at any time to protect the safety of all campers. All activities in the campground are done at the individuals free will and Buckeye Estates & RV Park and Border Lane Investment Group LLC will not be responsible for accidents or injury to campers or guests or for loss of money/valuables of any kind.